What type of beer is spotted cow

what type of beer is spotted cow

Spotted Cow

The famous Spotted Cow beer is a farmhouse ale inspired by what the early German settlers used to brew when they first arrived to America. It is the flagship beer from New Glarus Brewing Co. The beer is a blend of PIlsner malt, white wheat and caramel malt. The water comes from the well at the brewery property and has a hard character to it. Spotted Cow is a Farmhouse Ale - Saison style beer brewed by New Glarus Brewing Company in New Glarus, WI. Score: 85 with 3, ratings and reviews. Last update:

John Holl Apr 27, - 8 min read. Spotted Cow is ubiquitous in Wisconsin and the stuff of legend for beer fans who live out of state. Immediately recognizable by its friendly green-trimmed label with a jumping cow, the flagship beer from New Glarus Brewing Co. But, what is it exactly? We never imagined it as a category, and I know that homebrew judges have an issue with that. As a brewer, Carey spent time working for larger breweries. The farmhouse plays a role in the overall history of the beer.

It got him thinking about the s and the immigrants who came from Germany and their likely desire for beer. At the time, he says, lagers and Pilsners were becoming vogue, but it was more likely those immigrants were making ale. And even if it was top-fermented, it was almost certainly unfiltered. If they were savvy farmers, they might have been able to get shipments of Saaz hops.

So he went to work to create something that those farmers would have enjoyed. He never imagined that it would become a flagship beer. But they started making it, and people started drinking it, so they made more and people drank more. That continues to today.

Still, a few years back, when worries about GMOs started creeping up, Carey re-evaluated the recipe. The only thing they did to alert people was take a reference what is the best salt corn off the label copy. Very few people noticed. This may be due in part to the fact that the brewery moved to a low-protein malt, since corn, overall, dilutes the protein of the mash.

So, making this swap kept the beer within its existing parameters. The water comes from a well on the brewery property what to eat on low residue diet has a hard character to it. And, of course, it has to have a mild haze. Not too much haze, but a good consistent one.

Most Americans are not comfortable with haze, you know. As the beer caught on, he still had to fight stereotypes, both because of the haze and the style. One customer, Carey says, would drink the beer when he was in the mood for something dark. They like it. Maybe customers are pulled by it in part because it reminds them of where they are and what once was.

The name for the beer came after the Careys were traveling in England and noticed fields and fields of sheep in the farmlands they were visiting. The rest, as they say, is history. This gentleman had worked for a major beer company and was hopping mad.

The history books have already been written, and this beer, no matter what people want to call it, is firmly in the memory of all beer drinkersóall thanks to a creative brewer who looked to the past for inspiration and then forward in search of customers. The History of Spotted Cow How a trip to a museum inspired a modern classic and the best-selling beer in Wisconsin.

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Spotted Cow. Cask conditioned ale has been the popular choice among brews since long before prohibition. We continue this pioneer spirit with our Wisconsin farmhouse ale. Brewed with the finest American malts. We even give a nod to our farmers. Apr 27, †∑ As for what makes up Spotted Cow, itís a blend of Pilsner malt, white wheat, and caramel malt. The water comes from a well on the brewery property and has a hard character to it. Hops are the finest Saaz he can get during selection each year in Europe, and itís fermented with a German ale yeast. Itís not hard to understand why people ask what brewery makes spotted cow beer. Made from the rich and creamy heady flavor of a mix of black and porter malts, this beer is made by a company that is based out of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Brewed with an exclusive blend of Wisconsin two row barley that balances seamlessly with our special European hops. FAQs If you cannot find an answer to your question in the frequently asked questions listed below please ask the question and we will get you the answer.

Wanna see more FAQs, just check the category below. Sorry about the limited distribution, non-Wisconsinites. There are only so many hours in the day to make beer and we can only keep up with the local demand. However, we would love it if you would stop by our little gift shop and pick some up.

We have, and always will, strive to make pure and honest beers for our friends in Wisconsin. Spotted Cow is brewed to the standards of the German Purity Law ó that is with only malted barley, malted wheat, hops, yeast and water. We do NOT use high fructose corn syrup. That is used in soda pop not beer. When you get home store it in the refrigerator or any clean, dry, cool place.

Beer stored in a cool dry place will stay fresh longer than beer stored warm. A well made beer can go from warm to cool many times and still taste great. Fresh beer has that crisp, refreshing character we all know and love. Do you have a question or concern about your New Glarus beer experience? Please tell us about your experience on our product feedback page. Spotted Cow is one of our unfiltered brews, which simply means that the brewer's yeast is still in it.

Brewer's yeast is full of wonderful vitamins and minerals, and adds the final layer of character that is intended for this brew. It is full of Vitamin B and potassium, and also contributes to a smooth mouth feel and great bready notes!

The brewer's yeast will sometimes settle at the bottom of bottles that have stood upright and stationary for a time while waiting to get to you either during transportation or while waiting for you at your local establishment , and it is always a good idea to reincorporate the brewer's yeast for the vitamins and flavor layers that it adds. To do so, carefully set the bottle on it's side on a flat surface and gently roll the bottle back and forth with the palm of your hand.

This should reincorporate all those wonderful flavors! All of our wheat beers, including Dancing Man, go through a secondary fermentation in the bottle like champagne.

Bavarian Style Wheat Beers are by definition highly carbonated and effervescent. They are known for their effusive foam.

To minimize foaming when opening a bottle, Dancing Man should be at refrigeration temperature and opened very gently. Then be sure to pour this brew down the side of the glass. Sit back and enjoy the rising bubbles and sparkling taste!

Beer, like most foods, is best consumed fresh. However the answer to your very good question depends on what you are really asking: Is this beer safe to drink. Will it harm me? This beer is safe to drink. Nothing harmful will grow in beer. Will it taste bad? What is the Published shelf life for our beer? As a well made beer ages, like bread, it loses is fine, crisp flavor and aroma.

It will become sweeter, bready, like sherry or imported beer. Some people like this flavor. However, drinkability will suffer. Old beer, especially craft beers, will develop a sediment like old red wine. This is protein and not harmful. Is natural and healthy like the pulp in orange juice. The trick for any good brewer is to brew for as long a shelf life as possible. Wine is made with added sulfites and other chemicals for this reason. American craft beers are not. These beers should be fine.

Give it a taste test and let me know what you think. You are the customer and your opinion is worth more than mine! Sincerely, Daniel Carey Brewmaster. He replied, "I did intend to make this beer taste as it does. Our Berliner Weisse is true to style ó a light, cloudy, highly carbonated sour wheat beer. We do not use animal products in the normal production for our beers.

These beers are prominently labeled. Fill out the form below and we will contact you with the answer. Only In Wisconsin!


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