What rig veda says about jesus

what rig veda says about jesus

Is there really a prophecy about Jesus in the Vedas?

Jan 17,  · A recent flurry of articles and website postings have been made to indicate that the fable of Jesus is mentioned in the Vedas [ Bhavisya Purana ]. Many Vaisnavas have been enthused [confused] by these Vedic findings, confirming Jesus as a . Vedas, which belongs to the history of the Hindus, really speaks directly about Jesus being the only Lord and Savior of this world. It also gives all the signs and wonders accompanying the .

April 04, Further, in the How many bushels of soybeans in a metric ton, we see, "Plava hyere adrudhayagnarapah" - The timbers bark of sacrifices are unsound.

In Skanda Puranam Yagna Vaibhava Khandan, 7th chapter, we read: "Plava eyete sura yagna adrudhasheha na samshayah" - Ye god's, sacrifices are like the timbers of a bark; there is no doubt that they are unsound.

What is being performed, is the shadow of sacrifice. In Rig Veda, we read, Sru: "Armada baladah vfda chhaya-mrutam yasya mruatyuh" - He whose wbat and death becom nectar shall, by his shadow and death, confer the spirit and strength. The above sayings clearly reveal that the sacrifices performed do not themselves confer salvation but they are the type and the shadow of a great salvation-giving sacrifice. Aitareya Brahmanam says Sru: "Yaja-manah pashuh yajamanameva suvargam lokam gamayati" - He who offers the sacrificial animal; therefore, he who performs sacrifices goes what are the symptoms for sickle cell disease heaven.

In Tandya Maha Brahmanam of Sama Veda, we read, Sru: "Prajapatir devebhyam atmanam yagnam krutva prayachhat" - God would offer Himself as a sacrifice and obtain atonement for sins. Satapadha Brahmanam says, "Tasya prajapatirardhameva martyamasidardhamrutam" - God became half mortal and half immortal.

This means that He United in Himself the human and the divine. In the Purusha Sukta, we read that the God Brahma is sacrificed. What is evident from the above teachings is that the true and great redeeming sacrifice would be the one performed by the Sovereign Lord of this world, who putting on both mortality and immortality and becoming incarnate as God-man, would Himself be the sacrificial animal and offer Himself as a sacrifice to redeem mankind from their sins.

Now these details lead us to conclude that the sacrificial death of the incarnate God-head must have answered this description in full. Thus it is said that God Himself must become man, and then become a sacrifice to save sinners. But we do not read any such thing written about the incarnations of our country nor in the Sasthras.

There is no God-incarnate man, who died a sacrificial death to save sinners. But there is a country called Palestine in the west of Asia, on the Mediterranean coast, in the center of the great land mass of the world.

In this country was born of holy virgin's womb, the incarnate God, in Whom were fulfilled all the details of the description given about the God- man. He was absolutely wuat blemish. He lived a perfectly holy life. He was both mortal and immortal.

That is to vesa, He was both human and divine. From the beginning, He foretold His sacrificial death to save the mankind and then of His living again as death's conqueror. He voluntarily surrendered Himself into the hands of wicked men, who loved sin, hated His teachings and wanted to kill Him.

If we examine the way in whic He was killed, we find that like the sacrifice of God Brahma as described in Purusha Sukta, everything said about the sacrificial animal in the Rig Veda, was clearly fulfilled in this incarnation in the following manner. Before His death, He told His disciples that they should eat His flesh and drink His blood which were sacrificed for the redemption of the world, and that they should, while often remembering His death, symbolically partake of bread and wine; and for this purpose, He instituted a Sacrament.

This Sacrament continue to be observed jexus this day. Math Since the incarnation that took place in Palestine was fulfilled the atoning sacrifice for the salvation of sinners, it is evident that this was the true incarnation of God Whom sinners should take hold of for their salvation. This incarnation is the Lord Jesus Christ. Post a comment. Ziona with some of his family members The house in which the family stay Ziona Chana is the name of the person born on 21July living in Mizoram.

He has 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughter-in-laws and 33 grand children with family members. He is fathering the largest living family. They all live happily under one roof. The family live in a four storeyed building jesys rooms in a mountain village near Indo Burma border. They use 90 kg of rice and 60 kg of potatoes a day.

In a non-vegetarian dinner they use 30 full chicken. The wives take care of cooking while the daughters do cleaning and washing and men do outdoor jobs like farming and other work.

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Similarly they can also think vedw manufacturing curry powders and other food articles. Most of these things coming to our kitchens are highly adulterated. For some peculiar reasons, most of these adulteration cases are not reported. Also they sqys add fish, meat, egg etc to the list as these two are dangerously contaminated.

The present individual Residents Associations can think about district. November 16, The Sycamore tree as seen in Days today. The tree stands at a major intersection in Jericho. Though it is not confirmed whether this is the same tree Zacchaeus climbed upon, tests carried out on the tree have shown that it is over 2, years old and it stands in the same setting as the Biblical sycamore tree.

Jesus, jeeus he mesus the place, looked up and saw him; Zacchaeus, he said, make haste and come down; I am to lodge today at thy house. The name Zacchaeus in Hebrew means "pure", "innocent". Zacchaeus was to meet Christ from that tree and he acknowledged and repented his sins and also redisco.

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Dec 28,  · Rig Veda “At the time of sacrifice, the son of God will be tightly tied to a wooden sacrificial post using iron nails by hands and legs, he will bleed to death and on the third day he will regain his life in a resurrection.”. Griffith’s translation says: “They balmed as victim on the grass Puru?a born in earliest time. A recent flurry of articles and website postings have been made to indicate that the fable of Jesus is mentioned in the Vedas [Bhavisya Purana]. Many Vaisnavas have been enthused [confused] by these Vedic findings, confirming Jesus as a messenger of God [Krsna] and a pure devotee. Sep 11,  · JESUS took bread, and blessed it, and broke it, and gave it to the disciples and said, take, eat, this is MY body. (Matthew ) Famous prayer in Vedas answered by JESUS Lead us to the truth from falsehood.

A recent flurry of articles and website postings have been made to indicate that the fable of Jesus is mentioned in the Vedas [Bhavisya Purana].

Many Vaisnavas have been enthused [confused] by these Vedic findings, confirming Jesus as a messenger of God [Krsna] and a pure devotee. However, a closer look at the prediction of Jesus found in the Bhavisya Purana strongly suggests foul play or interpolation on the part of Christian Missionaries in India during the late 18th century. Although the Bhavisya Purana is certainly a bona-fide literature, its predictions concerning certain events cannot be taken as absolute because of evangelical interference.

The Bhavisya Purana is considered to be one of the major 18 Puranas of the Vedic canon. As the name suggests, it mainly deals with future events bhaviysati.

The Bhavisya Purana is also mentioned in the ancient text of the Apastambha-dharma-sutras, so it is to be taken as an original Puranic literature dating from the time of Vyasadeva. However, there are four known editions of the Bhavisya Purana, each having different predictions from the other, but suspiciously having one consistent prediction — that of Jesus.

One edition contains five chapters, one contains four, another contains three and yet another contains only two. Additionally, the contents in all four editions differ in various degrees — some having extra verses and some having less. Due to these circumstances, it is difficult to ascertain which of the four is the original text of the Bhavisya Purana, if indeed an original text still exists, but suspiciously all four editions do mention Jesus.

The Venkateswar Steam Press edition of the Bhavisya Purana printed in Bombay in and reprinted by Nag Publishers in is probably the most complete version available, containing all the main features of the four manuscripts. Since none of the four editions of the Bhavisya Purana predate British Rule in India, this further suggests a discrepancy, plus the fact that all four versions mention Jesus. The consistent prophecy in all four editions that seems to indicate an interpolation concerns the so-called meeting of Maharaja Salivahana and Jesus.

This is found in the 19th chapter of the Pratisarga-parva. However, in examining this section, certain flaws can be found which betray its dubious origins. The section begins thus:. He defeated the Sakas who were very difficult to subdue, the Cinas, the people from Tittiri, Bahlikas and the people of Kamarupa.

He also defeated the people from Roma and the descendants of Khuru, who were deceitful and wicked. He punished them severely and took their wealth. Salivahana thus established the boundaries dividing the separate countries of the Mlecchas and the Aryans.

In this way Sindusthan came to be known as the greatest country. That great personality appointed the abode of the Mlecchas beyond the Sindhu River and to the west. One time, that subduer of the Sakas went towards Himatunga the Himalayas. At the very outset, this section is fraught with historical inaccuracies.

Salivahana was the king of Ujjain in modern day Madhya Pradesh , and while it is not surprising that Salivahana traveled to the Himalayas, the enemies that he supposedly vanquished in battle before he went, should be looked into more thoroughly. Historical research tells us that the only invading force that Salivahana actually subdued were the Sakas, who entered India from the north-west regions.

But as for his defeating the Cinas Chinese , Bahlikas Bactrians , Kamarupas Assamese , Romas Romans and the Khurus Khorasans, or Persians , there is no historical evidence that validates Salivahana doing this, nor is their any historical proof of the Romans and the Chinese ever invading India. The people of Assam were simply a small hill-tribe during this period of Indian history [conquering which would not have warranted Vedic verse].

The text continues:. After Salivahana defeated the Sakas he established his empire, thus the Salivahana period of Indian history began, circa 78 CE. According to this apparently interpolated section of the Bhavisya Purana, at some point after establishing his kingdom, Salivahana traveled to the Himalayas and met Jesus. If we entertain the idea that Christ somehow survived the crucifixion and met Salivahana in the Himalayas, this would make him around 80 years old at that time.

Yet surprisingly, the description of Jesus in the Bhavisya Purana does not mention that he was an old man. The idea common amongst Christians that Jesus was born of a virgin only came into existence several centuries after Jesus and was not part of early Christianity.

Thus, it is unlikely that Jesus would have spoken of his birth as such. The Christian idea that Jesus was born of a virgin is based on the following verse found in the Christian version of the Old Testament in the Book of Isaiah:. However, the original Hebrew text of the Book of Isaiah does not mention anything about a virgin:. After Jesus has introduced himself to Salivahana he explains that he is teaching religion in the distant land of the Mlecchas and tells the king what those teachings are:.

Just as the immovable sun attracts from all directions the elements of all living beings, the Lord who resides in the Surya-mandala sun globe and is fixed and all-attractive, attracts the hearts of all living creatures. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find in the ministry of Jesus the above teachings to his followers.

Furthermore, in this passage, Jesus is advocating the worship of the Sun-god again, something that is absent in his instructions to the apostles. Japa, meditation, the negation of both good and bad karma, are all concepts that are familiar to eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, but not to the Abrahamic religions of the west.

Considering the above anomalies and the fact that no edition of the Bhavisya Purana can be found prior to the British period in India, we can only deduce that the Bhavisya Purana was tampered with by the Christian missionaries who added the chapter on Jesus.

Their motive is obvious — to make the personality of Jesus acceptable to the Hindus, in order to convert them to Christianity. Published , pages First published These we also consider to be added by zealous Christians. In conclusion, the Bhavisya Purana may well be a genuine Vedic scripture prophesying future events, but from the above analysis we can say with certainty that the Jesus episode of the Bhavisya Purana is not an authentic Vedic revelation.

Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I am not aware of anyone that considers the Puranas Vedic. The Vedic texts themselves consists of the Vedas, and supplementary works of the Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads.

There is a great deal of debate as to the Mahabharata being a 5th Vedas, but there is no consensus. The author does make important comments about the Bhavisya Purana having been influenced for potential nefarious purposes.

All traditional sampradayas also accept that claim and use smriti in order to further the understanding of shruti, which is often terse and cryptic. Check the Chandogya reference 7. This is somewhat problematic, as the Chandogya Upanishad is one of the oldest Upanishads, yet the dates for most of these works are not known in reality.

As dating of the Vedas is obviously incorrect with astronomical references indicating dates to BCE. Therefore, one must resolve the dates of the Puranas, epics, itihases relative to the Chandogya Upanishad to verify the information is correct. And this simply has not been proven possible, and clearly dating by western scholarship is absurd at best. Attempt to convert people to christianity will fail since such cooked up methods only show the frustration and insecurity and arrogance of a mind which is corrupt.

Evangelical Christians would not have introduced Jesus Christ as alleged in the article. The reasons are: 1 Jesus dies on the cross was buried, rose from the dead on the third day and ascended into heaven to be seated at the Right hand of God the Father. To say that Jesus escaped death etc is anti-christian.

There are majorly two damages are done on vedas by two diffrent emperor, 1. Mughal emperor; they injected some concept that our saints in olden days they were eating meat. British emperor; they continued the same and introduce the jesus connectoin to India. The Vedas with Upanishads may be the Aranyakas are Shrutis all other are Smritis written by humans and are supposed to be changed with time depending upon the situation.

Jesus definitely did not come to India ever! Hence any such reference must be fabricated. Our vedas did say the decline of human race starts with Kali Purush..

May be that Kali might be Jesus and that is from when our country and human race saw decline in every aspect of tradition and religion. Might not be correct but I could make it up by using some sense. Even a layman with no basic education of vedic knowledge knows one thing… We have one god and we worship in different forms. They protect us and are always undefeatable, no evil can ever defeat or kill any of the gods. All said I do respect Jesus as a good soul who sacrificied himself for his people.

If he was an avatar of Krishna then he would never got himself killed in the evil hands of those kings. He would have simply ended the evilness and bought balance in the kingdom. Jesus is not the avtar of krishna.

If we say that our vedas are manupulated how can this swami vivekananda or His mission get manupulated. According to Vedas one should sacrifice animal to get rid of his sins.

Who is the god that was sacrificed for the sins of the people. Please let me know the truth. What nonsense are you spreading? Christianity is God made. Religion is man made. This is the problem! I am a Christian, but do NOT claim any religion. This is not Godly!!!! For God does NOT teach hate! I have friends, of many different cultures, ethnicities and religions. Dear Mr. I suggest you, think before you jump. Do research before you comment on other. Tell me the meaning of hindu or do you find hindu word in any one of the hindu religious books?

As you have said, the church adopts everything, all sorts of tricks to fool people to bring them under the Bible belt. Few decades,ago few so called scholars dug up a story, did Jesus live in Kashmir?


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