What is the yellow light of death on ps3

what is the yellow light of death on ps3

How to fix Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) PS3. FULL GUIDE

Jun 27,  · The PS3 YLOD (or yellow light of death) is when your beloved console shines or blinks a yellow light on its front end, indicating that something serious is wrong. There are two lights that sit beside each other, but the one closest to the edge is the one we're talking about. When you see the yellow light (which may also flash red), you know something is wrong. The yellow light indicates a general hardware failure. Many times the PS3 yellow light of death is caused by excessive heat. As the PS3 it generates a lot of heat. Over time this heat can damage connections and other components in the PS3, giving you that light.

The Yellow Light of Death often abbreviated as YLoD is a common problem which affects all models of the PlayStation 3, more so the original fats models and early slim models chechxxA and chechxxB to be exact. The degradation of these capacitors are greatly sped up when they operate in hot conditions.

For a typical case of a YLoD, is caused by a motherboard failure, the following happens when you touch the power button:. If the problem is related to the power supply, the fan will not turn on and the green light will last only about a half a second. YLoD's often occur suddenly. Usually what happens is that the console shuts itself off during gameplay, resulting in a blinking red light. Attempts to turn the system back on result in a YLoD, although sometimes the system will come back on.

This is worsened by the fact that Sony used very low quality thermal paste on both the CPU and GPU which in turn, increases internal operating temperatures. The YLoD indicates a general hardware failure and could be related to anything on the motherboard, the power supply, or even the blu-ray drive unconfirmed.

This wiki. This how to go to macritchie reservoir All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The yellow light of death. The light is only yellow for a brief moment. Description [ edit edit source ] For a typical case of a YLoD, is caused by a motherboard failure, the following happens when you touch the power button: 1.

The green and or blue lights come on for around 1. The fan and blue light turn off and the green light turns yellow for about a half-second. The PS3 how to mix flesh colour 3 times and the yellow light turns blinking red. The light will remain blinking red until you touch the power button again, returning the console to a steady red standby light or you can hit the main power switch. Fan blowing louder than normal: Sony designed the PlayStation 3 to prioritize quietness during operation.

If you notice that the fans inside of your console run louder than usual, especially when the system isn't playing anything, then your system is most likely running at dangerous temperatures. While the PS3 does automatically turn itself off if ran hot enough, it's worth noting that this does not happen until the operating temperature of the CPU or GPU reaches over 90 degrees Celcius which is not safe at all.

If your system has shut itself off in the past, then your system is definitely over heating and the only way to fix this is by replacing the thermal paste both under and over the heat spreaders that sit between the processors and heatsink.

Causes [ edit edit source ] The YLoD indicates a general hardware failure and could be related to anything on the motherboard, the power supply, or even the blu-ray drive unconfirmed. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Yellow or Red Light Blinking on my PS3: What's the Problem?

Nov 09,  · Well, some of the main reason which causes PS3 Yellow Light Of Death are electronic components, temperature, dust issues, loose soldering connections or some component damage. Nothing more than this. Nothing more than this. PS3 Yellow Light of Death If the power status light on your console flashes or blinks from green to yellow and back to green, this is known as the “yellow light of death”. Jun 26,  · This video shows how to repair your ps3 if it has the dreaded yellow light of death, without opening it up!Please let me know if this video helped and if it.

There is an extremely high chance the only reason you are reading this guide is because your PS3 has died and you are looking for any way possible to fix it. You will know you have a major problem when you press the ON button, but all that happens is the red light flashes and nothing else. This is called yellow light of death or YLOD because the red light actually flashes yellow quickly before it starts flashing red. Just to save you some time instead of reading all this leave it unplugged for at least two hours then come back and see if it turns on.

If it did, sweet! Hardest way is only if you absolutely have to, meaning opening it. Not only that, but the game that was stuck was Gran Turismo 6 which is by far the most important game I own since I use it to make this site. I tried everything, but it was stuck so bad I was forced to open it myself to get it out. I also made some critical mistakes and broke some pieces which I will be giving tips on how to fix if that happens to you. It was basically a worst case scenario, but I was determined to fix it.

Ideally in the cheapest way possible of course. This guide is for the old school fat PS3 mine was 80GB , but some techniques can be applied to later versions such as backups, fan test etc. I strongly suggest you bookmark, save, share with others , and whatever other ways you can think of to get this guide out to everyone. Trust me the last thing you want to be doing is searching all over the internet on what to do when it happens. I decided to make this guide as a lot of the problems I had were all over the internet and not easily found in one place.

I had to read multiple guides and watch many videos before I understood exactly what to do. This guide is going to be a one stop shop. For legal reasons if you follow any part in this guide and break something or hurt yourself etc that is your own fault and I take no responsibility for it.

Before I list the tools you will need you need to ask yourself a few simple questions. Have you ever taken apart an electrical device? Do you have any experience with repairs on small electronics? Do you have any idea what you are doing at all? If you answered no to one or all of those questions you are qualified! Hard to say exactly the reason why your system has decided to die. Usually it is because the system is very old or you play a lot which equals years of abuse.

The cleaner the environment the PS3 is in the longer it should last since there will be less dust getting sucked inside, but eventually it can still die. The most common reason for YLOD is because it has overheated. The parts inside only last so long and years of heavy game playing puts a lot of stress on them.

What I find very ironic is the reason the PS3 has died is because it overheated and the way to fix it is with extreme heat. You would think that would be the worst thing for it, but you would be wrong. Browse the categories below quickly before you buy anything. No matter what choice you made everyone needs a blow dryer to bring it back to life.

Even if you plan on doing a full repair of the system the heat trick step 10 with the blow dryer should be done first to get your saves off. Number 1 is, is your PS3 still under warranty? If it is I highly suggest you contact Sony for repairs and let them do it. No point in risking possibly ruining your system forever when they will repair it for free. Since you are probably out of warranty continue to read on.

Do realize however if you have a disk stuck inside or important game saves there is an extremely high chance Sony will NOT return them. Before you do anything ideally getting the disk out first is best. Even if you are under warranty getting the game out allows you to keep the game. No point in buying a game you already own again when its just sitting right in front of you. The first thing to try is called the fan test.

Turn the system off from the back switch, hold the eject button, then keep holding while you turn the system on from the back. This should set the fans into max speed and also eject your disk. If this works, awesome! As far as I understand only newer fat PS3 systems this is built into. Video shows a PS3 Slim which has no back button.

For Fat versions use the back button instead of unplugging like I said above. I had old saves backed up, but they were days old. Meaning pretty much the past year of saves would be gone. This is really important question to ask because even if you buy a brand new PS3 you can NOT simply put the old hard drive into the new system and still have everything the way it was.

The new system will tell you to format the hard drive losing ALL your data. Years of work playing these games and now it will all be gone. If you picked the second option please note we will be using extreme heat which may or may not melt your stuck disk and ruin your hard drive. The next few steps will explain how to take everything apart which is the least risk to game and hard drive. I suggest everyone take out the hard drive first. Why risk the possibility of heat destroying it when taking out just one screw can save it?

To take the hard drive out look on the side opposite of the vents for the little piece of plastic and pop it off. You can use your nail to pop it or a knife, screwdriver etc. Just unscrew it with the Philips 1 Screwdriver , then slide the hard drive over in order to use the tab to pull it out. Just set it aside for now and obviously make sure not to drop it or destroy it.

You do not need to take the hard drive out of the hard drive case just yet like their guide shows. Video shows how to replace the hard drive with a new drive, but stop at for just taking it out.

On one hand you can move on to the heat step step 10 which will bring your PS3 back to life and just press eject button to get the game out. However the risk is melting the game inside the system ruining the system forever.

If the game is super important like GT6 was to me risking melting it in the system was not worth it. Blu ray disk are supposed to be super strong and not melt very easily plus the game is inside the Blu ray drive which acts as a metal enclosure so the chance of it melting should be extremely low. However there is still a small chance something goes wrong. I had many problems when I did it, but I have listed all the tips to avoid any problems you may run into in the rest of this article.

I recommend trying the heat test step 10 with hard drive removed first. If the game is super important opening it is your only option. There are only two wires you need to unplug, but one is much easier to destroy, ruining the system forever. I found out the hard way by breaking this wire connection like an idiot, BUT found a way to repair it and still have everything work perfectly fine.

Before I get into opening it up and all the hard stuff I have been getting comments asking what is the point since PS4 and newer systems are out? Other than of course getting the saves off and fixing your system the whole point is the PS3 is an excellent media player.

It is by far the best media player you can buy for the price that makes any home theater setup much better. As you will read later in this guide I bought a new PS3 and use that as my main one now, but my old PS3 that broke is now moved to a different TV to give it all the benefits the PS3 provides.

First step to this is realize this has to be done. No need to cry and complain about it anymore. This system is meant to be built and repaired and everything should come apart fairly easily. Some sections may need a little more effort, but before you do this always double check you got all the screws out. Behind it is a piece of rubber that you remove then the first screw which unlocks everything.

The first screw you use the T10 Torx Screwdriver while all the others inside you use the Philips 1 Screwdriver. I also have a easy to follow video below showing you exactly what to do. They know exactly what they are doing and make it easy to make sure you get the correct screws. I suggest reading the tips below first just to give you an idea of what you may run into while reading their guide. Do this for all screws in this guide. Not all screws are the same and need to be placed back exactly where they came from.

The easiest way is unscrew one and place it right beside the hole it came from like shown in the picture. Be extremely careful undoing and putting back the ribbon cable. Watch this video for a view of how it works. Follow along ONLY until If you have the repair kit for full repair watch it all. I talk about that in step The good news is you are so close to getting the game out!

You will notice there is lots of computer chips and wires hanging off the drive which I just left on mine. Just follow the video below as he makes it simple, but the next two paragraphs are important. You do not want to screw this up and have to take everything apart again to fix your mistakes like what happened to me…. The screws are different lengths and colors and must be put back the same way.


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