What is hoagiefest at wawa

what is hoagiefest at wawa

What to Order During Wawa’s HoagieFest

Jun 20,  · WAWA, Pa., June 20, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It’s summertime and that means Wawa Hoagiefest is back with special pricing for all three hoagie sizes and varieties - . Hoagie-fest! is a CCSL event that is held one Tuesday every season in which the players of the league gather together in the park and engage in some tomfoolery. This year, the event is .

Wawa, Inc. WAWA, Pa. This promotion promises the same great savings, quality ingredients from your favorite fresh toppings and more meats. But new this year is the how to breed air monster of some great beats to turn up while enjoying your favorite hoagie.

These songs also come with the first-ever Hoagiefest hkagiefest featured across social channels, such as YouTube. The playlist includes the following tracks - H. The Hoagiefest vibe will be present in Wawa stores with all-new original decorations, digital signage and selfie stations to help create the unique Hoagiefest state of mind and generate excitement through the summer.

From June 24 through July 18, fans can share their version of the Hoagiefest Ya Ya video signature dance moves for a chance to win themed prize packs and be included in the final wrap-up music video at the end of the hoagiefedt.

Since we crafted our first hoagie decades ago, Wawa hoagies have been enjoyed anywhere and everywhere. Wawa Hoagiefest was st in the summer of It wjat since grown to become an annual 7-week celebration of Hoagies at Wawa that happens every year. Turn Up for Hoagiefest Now: www.

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Hoagies. Savor Wawa’s hot hoagies, including Meatball and Cheesesteak. All hot hoagies are Built-to-Order® and are available in three sizes to suit your appetite: Junior Hoagie® (4-inch), Shorti Hoagie® (6-inch), and Classic Hoagie® (inch). Show All Varieties. ctcwd.comg: hoagiefest. Jun 30,  · Wawa Hoagie Day on Wednesday featured the mega-hoagie building that is a feature of the festival -- but instead of one public location, one store in Author: Dan Stamm. Jul 05,  · If you’re a Hoagiefest devotee, you know that Wawa’s running the deal a bit differently this year. Instead of featuring various discounted Shorti hoagies each week, this summer all Classic Author: Emily Leaman.

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I can say this with utter confidence because I went without was forced to go without Wawa for six long, grueling years while living in DC. It was rough, people. The nerve. Add to it the annual Hoagiefest promotion, which I just missed by a matter of weeks last summer, and I am officially in convenience store heaven. Instead of featuring various discounted Shorti hoagies each week, this summer all Classic hoagies—i. Some examples: a large chicken noodle soup has 1, milligrams of sodium. An American Shorti with provolone and mayo has 1, milligrams.

And we all know what too much sodium leads to: high blood pressure, which contributes to heart disease and stroke. It also compromises calcium efforts, putting you at greater risk for osteoporosis. You just have to be smart. And avoid the Italian. That means no more tuna, chicken or egg salad—those suckers are loaded with calories and fat.

The chief culprit? All that mayo, says Strogen. Spicy mustard will set you back milligrams, for example; American cheese, 50o. And that creamy pesto you love so much? Something to love! The nice thing about Wawa is that you can control what goes on your sandwich; the bad thing about Wawa is that you can control what goes on your sandwich. Do yourself a favor and use the opportunity to load up on veggies.

The store now offers everything from peppers to tomatoes to raw spinach. You read that right—Strogen wants you to eat meat. Just be sure to avoid processed meats like salami, pastrami and bacon. Then, eat half of your Classic at lunch and half at dinner.

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