What is a titre de sejour

what is a titre de sejour

Carte de Sejour Residence Permit

Table of Contents The Carte de Sejour is a French residence permit for people who come to stay in France up to a year, though some of its categories permit the visa holder to stay for three or four years. Several categories of residence permits fall under the Carte de Sejour. sejour noun. stay, visit, sojourn, indwelling, homeliness. de preposition. of, to, from, by, with. titre noun. title, headline, capacity, heading, instrument.

First things first: your Carte or Titre aa Sejour is basically your residency permit in France. You first need a Visa in my case, spouse visa before you can apply for it.

In my situation, I managed to get my Titre de Sejour within 3 months after getting my spouse visa, and some 3 months later I already got my social security and Carte Vitale approved. In anticipation of my visa renewal, I started collecting and filing documents starting from my dde application.

I read up various other blogs that I will link at the end tigre what I read for my own preparation for visa renewal. Currently, I live titrr outside of Paris in beautiful Versailles. I am direct-translating for easier reference!

This generated an appointment tool and you can select a time and date for yourself. I even received a confirmation email AND a reminder email on the day of my appointment. The appointment confirmation also stated that what is meant by core body temperature can expect your renewal application process to take around 20 minutes.

The Prefecture website reminds you in various ways the opening hours in which you can file applications basically weekday mornings except D. Good to take note of public holidays around gitre time of your renewal as well. So for example, if your visa expires in July and you need to renew by April, try to book your appointment by early March. Side note: For the Yvelines Prefecture website, I actually had to enter in the date of my visa expiration to generate the appointment, and it only allowed me to make the appointment as early as within 3 months from the expiration.

I would need to choose a later date. About your Prefecture appointment. Now I wanted to make sure I was tip top about my renewal process, so I was glad I had a confirmed appointment made on the Prefecture website, and I did have so submit a print out of my appointment confirmation during my renewal. ALTHO keeping it real, the Prefecture might likely also accept walk-ins for people to renew without an appointment. Furthermore everyone whether or not you have an appointment needs to take a numbered ticket to wait.

Basically, there is still an element of first come-first serve there, even with appointment. Two main findings here: 1. If you were not able to make an appointment online BUT your visa renewal is urgent, you will likely still be allowed to walk in for renewal application without appointment.

As you still need to take a number, you MIGHT not actually get to the counter at the time stated on your appointment. In our case, our appointment on the email was stated for am; we arrived at about am and took a ticket and we were titrr enough that we only waited about 15 minutes before our turn if it was more crowded, we could have waited longer.

So we were done and out of there by am. In short: best to aim to arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment! Locate your prefecture ahead of time titrf know how long it will take for you to get there — in our case my husband and I actually went to the Prefecture to scout it out a few weeks before my appointment date!

So as you can probably gather, I basically go full-on nerd mode when it comes to administrative processes. I did a lot of research regarding visa renewal read titer blogs, etc — and I prepared way more than the how to avail calamity loan in sss as stated on the checklist.

Appending extra documents may not be necessary, but they are always good to have. So again, better to have more than less. My appointment email reminded me that I need to make photocopies of ALL the necessary documentsbut that I also needed to bring all the originals with me. Here is the list of documents I prepared photocopies of, and I will note the various originals that I brought with me to the appointment in blue :.

Once again as stated above, please arrive early! So best to have more than the checklist to be safe. Also, I noticed how to configure d link airplus xtreme g wireless router the Prefecture in Versailles had: 1.

Photocopying services not free, but only 0. Wheelchair accessibility 4. Drink machines in the waiting area if you need a coffee! She said I would be receiving a Carte de Sejour ie. She mentioned that it should take 1. Smooth renewal application. Will update this post once I have collected my renewed visa. I received a text message last week to say I would be able to collect it any time from Monday, and the amount for the timbre to be paid online.

Paid the amount, and printed the proof of payment. I needed titte bring 3 items to collect my renewed card: 1. Passport as my previous Titre de Sejour was a sticker in my passport 2. Proof of payment, and 3. The collection slip that I was given at the end of my renewal application. As Mondays go, I waited almost 2 hours in line to collect my renewed card.

I was especially happy to find this out as I thought I would need to renew annually for the first 3 years, so the fact that I get a whole year off from paperwork tire really a breath of fresh air! Good Luck to anyone out there going through a renewal process, and remember to keep your paperwork in order at all times!

Do you know your birth certificate has to be recent? Like Like. Hi there. Do you mean the birth certificate translation? As long as you have a stamped version accepted by French authorities, even from a few years ago, it should be accepted. At least in my case I only ever translated my birth certificate once and have used it for all my administrative matters in France. Hope all goes smoothly in June. Wow, what a useful tool!

About to renew mine for the first time and this is amazing. Thank you so much! I did all the formalities but the deadline of my Visa is getting close and I did not get the ie. Hi Andres,…. Hope that answers your question! Thanks, this was very helpful and I will check back as I go through the process! My letter confirming my 1st renewal appointment says —. Google translate is not much help — only z a first request subject to the regularization visa or for a how to become a car seat safety inspector delivery I am renewing for the first time as the spouse of an EU Citizen living in France.

Do I pay in advance of the first meeting or not? Maybe it means pay before the next rendez-vous for pick-up. So no need to pay in advance. Once the processing is done, and the prefecture informs you that your renewed Carte de Sejour is ready for collection, THEN you pay the timbre online and print out the proof of payment to bring to the prefecture when you collect your card.

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for this blog and your update. Please how much did you eventually pay for the timbre stamp?

I think I paid euros for the timbre for this first time I renewed my Titre de Sejour. But your Prefecture should specify the exact amount to pay before you collect your card. Hi Azzy, me and my partner have decided to register during my stay here in France entering with usual tourist visa with the special pass issued by Whhat authority- Laissez Passer. I will then go back to Malaysia to apply the spouse visa.

Hopefully the process can be as smooth as yours. Just trying what is a titre de sejour do some calculation as my passport will be expired in Decso I am still able to apply for my first titre de sejour this year in March from France Embassy in Malaysia. Or is it advisable to just renew my passport before I apply my spouse visa? Thank you again. I do recommend you go ahead and renew your passport to be able to use the same passport for the next few years you will spend in France and what is a titre de sejour it easier for yourself with all your stickers and entry stamps in whay same passport.

But really — if you can, just renew your passport and have everything in the same passport for the next 5 years — much easier! Will like what are british wedding hats called what is a titre de sejour my appreciation again for all your hard works and time to note down every detail of your process, it makes the preparation so much easier and reassuringthank you again!

Hello Azzy — Thank you so much for posting this useful information! We were married abroad and our marriage was added to the French marriage registrar by the How much does hsn pay to work from home consulate. Did you reorder your marriage certificate before your appointment? How long did it take to arrive? Hi there Susanna! I did request for one before my 2nd renewal and it took about a week or two for it to show up in my mailbox.

I guess it really depends on your Prefecture… but if you have time do try to sejuor your marriage cert from that link. I just wanted to drop a line to express my gratitude for your very detailed post. I used it as a secondary resource as I was preparing for my first renewal appointment at the prefecture. You are right that the documents required really vary by prefecture.

I am located in 92 and the next time I am in Versailles after everything is re-opened I would love to buy you a coffee or what is abbreviation of ok drink! Like Liked by 1 person. Hi Susanna, Kind comments like these give me so much encouragement to continue blogging about my administrative processes in France!

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A carte de sejour (CDS) or titre de sejour is an official residency card in France that is now available upon the second year of living in France. The ctcwd.com site has the official information about titres de sejour in French, what documents are required, and how much you must pay for them. Nov 14,  · In your article, you advise people to apply for a Carte de Sejour now, but when I went to the Prefecture in Auch, they said that they had been told not to accept any more applications until May. May 27,  · First things first: your Carte or Titre de Sejour is basically your residency permit in France. You first need a Visa (in my case, spouse visa) before you can apply for it. BUT, just wanted to point out that: Resident permit = Carte de Sejour = Titre de Sejour > yes they are the same thing! ??.

The Carte de Sejour is a French residence permit for people who come to stay in France up to a year, though some of its categories permit the visa holder to stay for three or four years. Several categories of residence permits fall under the Carte de Sejour. There are two ways of obtaining this type of residence permit, depending on the French long-stay visa that you have been issued:. Depending on their validity and other factors, the France residence permits are grouped as following:.

VLS-TS is a French long-stay visa, in the form of a stamp or sticker into a passport of a foreign national that allows them to enter and stay in the French territory from 4 months up to 1 year. Non-French, non-EU and non-EEA nationals that have family ties with a French resident can apply for this type of residence permit, under some certain conditions.

The card is valid for a year and is renewable, and allows its holder to work. Non-French nationals who are in the same situation but are European or Algerian nationals, will have to apply for another residence permit, established only for them. You will have to apply for this type of permit at the prefecture or sub-prefecture near your home in France, within two months prior to the expiration of your previous visa or residence permit.

Only those who do not possess a residence permit card yet are entitled to apply for this one. In order to obtain this type of card, submit the application form and the required documents at the prefecture or sub-prefecture that is the closest to your home, within two months prior to the expiration of your long-stay visa.

Third-country nationals that wish to stay in France for longer than three months as inactive persons can obtain a residence permit that has been established for visitors of this kind. People coming to France with the purpose of exercising religious activities can obtain this type of residence permit too.

The main criterion for this permit is not to engage on paid activity in France. You must also have enough financial means to remain in France for the planned period. The minimum amount of resources required for a single person in 1, The Passport Talent is a France long-stay visa that functions as a residence permit as well, established especially for foreigners who wish to enter and remain in France for a maximum of four years, and engage in paid activity, especially in competitive environments as global talent.

It includes a whole range of 10 categories with internationally recognized reputation. This is a permit for foreigners who are non-EEA, non-Swiss and non-Algerian nationals who wish to stay in France and work as seasonal workers. The permit is valid for up to three years, and is renewable. However, you will not be allowed to stay and work in France for more than six months per year.

You will have to submit the application from for this permit alongside the required documents at the prefecture or sub-prefecture near your home in France. You future employer is responsible to apply and obtain a work permit for you, prior to your entrance to France. Foreigners that enter France with the purpose of carrying out a mission in order to work at a senior management position or provide a company with their expertise, can apply for this type of residence permit, which is valid for a maximum of three years.

You shall start the application for this residence permit at the French consular authorities at your country of residence. Then, upon your arrival in France you shall collect your card at the prefecture or sub-prefecture near your home in France. Foreign nationals that have lived in France under a residency card for more than three years, or that hold a retirement pension from a basic French social security scheme can apply for this type of residency for retired people, which does not permit them to work.

Apply at the prefecture or sub-prefecture that is the closest to your home in France, in order to get this residency card. These residence permits are issued to EEA citizens and their family members. They may be permanent or temporary, and are the following:. However, they are advised to do so in order to fully benefit from state services and aids. Submit your application at the prefecture of sub-prefecture near your home in France. As a citizen of the EEA or Switzerland you will not have to pay any type of fee in order to get a residence permit.

Family members of a European citizen that join him or her in France do not have to apply for a residence permit if they are Europeans as well. However, if they are non-European then they will need to apply for a permit within 3 months of their arrival in France, which allows them to stay in France for a maximum of five years, after which they are eligible to apply for a permanent residence permit.

The European national living in France will have to apply for their family member that wishes to come to France, at the prefecture near their home. The family members of European citizens living in France are exempt from obtaining a visa. Students who enter France with the purpose of study need a long-stay student visa VLS-TS validated as a residence permit, which allows them to study in France.

Usually the students have to apply for this type of permit, but in the five following cases, it is granted automatically to students:. In case you do not have a VLS-TS student permit, you will have to apply for a temporary student permit. You will have to submit your application within two months of your arrival in France, or just after you turn Submit your application at the prefecture or sub-prefecture that is close to you home.

Foreign nationals that have graduated at a French education institution, and wish to stay longer in order to start working in France can apply for a temporary residence permit, which is valid for a year, and is non-renewable. You will be able to benefit from favorable conditions of delivery, if you are the national of a country that had signed an agreement in migratory flows with France.

You will have to submit your application documents at the prefecture of sub-prefecture that is the nearest to your home in France, without the need to pay any fee. Non-European nationals can remain in France as a trainee or intern under this type of residence permit.

If you do not get a reply within 30 days, then you shall know that the validation of your agreement has been refused. You will not need to validate your agreement if you are a Canadian. When you get the agreement validation, then you shall apply at the prefecture closest to your home in France. You can obtain this permit in order to enter and remain in France with a French family, with which you must sign an Au Pair Investment Agreement. The host family must then submit this agreement to French Administration for verification.

You must be between 17 and 30 to be eligible for this visa, and the host family must provide you with accommodation in return for certain common family tasks, as housework and childcare. The duration of the agreement must not exceed one year. Once the host family verifies the agreement at the French administration, then you can take it to the DIRECTTE alongside of you medical certificate dating back less than 3 months.

The certificate must be translated into French, if it is in another language. Go to Top.


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