What is a piggy back ecu

what is a piggy back ecu

Pros and cons of the Piggyback ECU

Oct 18,  · What a piggyback does is splice itself between the sensors and ECU and basically changes the value that the ECU reads from the sensor. This means that the ECU then tries to “correct” the values so that the engine is back to optimum, when . If the answer is Yes, than you have a piggyback. There are two types of logics when it comes to piggy back ECU’s: 1. Intercept the signal from the sensors before the factory ECU, and modify those signals so the stock ECU is “tricked” into making the vehicle behave the way you want.

You find a ton of adverts about ECU tuning all over the Internet; boasting more power, torque and sometimes even better economy! More speed, less fuel and sometimes for not even very much cash. Sign me the heck up! You need to ask the few questions to better understand what is going on, before you can make the best and most informed choice.

What are how to become a lvn nurse in california different types of tunes? How does tuning really affect your car? Can you get better economy? What are the differences between a good and bad tune? And most important of all — will it damage piygy engine? These computers control many parameters e. The Piiggy controls the fuel and spark; to get the best from the engine, there is a need to optimize the amount of fuel mixed with the air, within an optimum value or range, for performance and economy.

There is also pigggy need to control the ignition timing when the spark occurs to achieve the optimum burn time for power, economy and for safety mainly detonation. Other factors, like weatherfuel quality and that lump of meat behind the steering wheel, also play a role in this process. The ECU gets hundreds of how to write poster in english which help it to adjust and correct the fuelling and ignition timing to keep the engine safe and optimized in a variance of conditions.

This is what manufacturers do during testing and development; they try to cover hundreds of thousands of kilometres in a multitude of conditions to simulate worst case scenarios, in an effort to program the ECU so that it knows how to react. How does what is a piggy back ecu help us with tuning? Well, this means that the manufacturer has left certain safety margins to keep the engine as reliable in as many situations as possible, so that there is no need to deal with as many warranty cases, etc.

This gives a tuner some room to tailor the performance of our cars to where we live and maybe eke out some extra performance. However, it is important to remember that how much extra power we can reliably obtain is dependant on our local climate.

Generally, a cool and dry climate is better than hot and humid. Unfortunately, Malaysia falls in the latter category. To simply break it down, there are piggybacks also what is a life sentence in maryland as tuning boxes as well as flash tuning. With piggybacks, a tuning box bypasses the engine sensors and ECU while flash tuning are modifications flashed directly onto the Pgigy. If you ask my opinion, this is one of the dumbest things you can do to your car.

Allow me to explain myself. What a piggyback does is splice itself between the sensors and ECU and basically changes the value that the ECU reads from the sensor.

However, the standard is that they only splice between 2 and 4 sensors on the engine, usually MAP Manifold Air Pressure or boost pressurewhqt rail pressurelambda. Several piggybacks also offer features such as warm up protection. So, if the piggyback offers some sort of cold start protection, it is simply a timer pre-programmed into the box before it starts fudging values, and this is simply not a reliable way of protecting the engine. The same applies at the other end of the spectrum; if an engine gets too hot, there are many strategies within the ECU to reduce things like boost, ignition timing and add fuel to help cool and protect the ecj from damage.

The ECU is no longer able to do this effectively if there is a box in the middle sending it bogus values. An older variant of the piggyback was commonly used with the mids JDM cars.

They effectively did the same thing as your standard tuning box, but took into account more sensors and you had full control of them by way of self programming, or at least sections of it with complete 3D tables. Stay tuned next week as I dive into the world of flash tuning, and what to look out for.

German fella who left his heart in Malaysia. Truthfully, we don't understand half the things he says. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by bavk. So what types of tunes are there? Kyle Geekie Website German fella who left his heart in Malaysia. October 9, 0. October 8, 0. October 7, 0. Russell on November 23, AM.

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The piggyback works exactly what its name tells you: it will not neglect the company’s ECU but rather it will work it and work with it. How to realize you have a piggyback tuning? You just need to check whether the brand’s own ECU is still responsible for some of the functionalities. Aug 07,  · Since your asking "best", IMO the Greddy EMU is what your looking for. It can control your open loop a/fs, use wideband feedback, great data-logging and even better for N/A raise the redline and advance timing. Better yet if you transition into boost, the EMU is a very capable piggyback for boost.

There are many different ways to increase power through ECU tuning. The simplified explanation is that most manufacturers will leave some room in their tune. Sometimes this is because of not wanting to encroach the mechanical limitations of the engine. ECU tuning involves modifying the fuel and spark maps of an engine. Many modern engines also have controls for camshaft timing and many other items that can affect power output.

RRT has partnered with the premier tuners in the country to deliver to you an increase in horse power and torque. There are many different methods required to tune a vehicle properly.

Older cars used chips. With these, a computer chip is literally loaded with data and physically installed in your engines computer. The next generation of controls can be as simple as a software flash. Your vehicles diagnostic port is connected to a laptop and the software is uploaded to the car. But as vehicles get more complicated, most current vehicles require some type of outboard ECU in addition the factory one to handle the processing needs of the engine. We will try to explain what is involved in these methods and the benefits of them below.

Dyno graphs can be good indicators of a good tune. However, there are many things to look out for when looking at one. Scaling can be adjusted to make the graph appear to ramp up faster than it really does. One thing that is easy to see is the basic curve of the graph. If the graph shows huge ramp up in power, then the gas pedal can act more like a switch than and adjustment unit and you may find it difficult to drive the vehicle in traffic or other slow conditions.

We can help show you the differences and explain where you can make the most benefits. We will begin with chip tunes and flash tunes. It is easy to put them together because they are very similar in design. Both involved a tune being created on a computer based on the needs of your car.

This software file is then loaded into the car. Simply drive the car and you will experience the increase in power. Dinan Engineering and VF Engineering both are excellent examples of reliable and safe flash tunes that are available on the market right now. These system entirely replace your factory computer and most time the entire wire harness. These systems have great capabilities, but are very labor intensive to install and setup.

Generally these are only used for highly modified vehicles and full out race cars. The newest generation of cars have vastly more complicated computer systems. On top of that, many manufacturers have encrypted their software making very difficult to modify.

We actually heard from one of our customers who was attending an IT security conference that one of the speakers was using a BMW DME as an example for what they should strive for. The number of items that need to be controlled have also increased. Multiple camshafts with variable control, turbos, direct injectors and coil on plug systems all increase the need for computing power. They do this by installing an interceptor harness that splits some of the signals from your engines sensors and directs them to the new ECU.

They information is then processed and directed back into the factory system to the components that need controlling. The base process is the same as a chip or a flash tune, but the data needs to go through many more steps to reach the same goal. There are also different methodologies when creating the new maps to control an engine. What this means is that they can put out some very big horsepower numbers but are otherwise undriveable.

But many tuners only focus on the peak gains and squeezing every last pony out of the engine. But a proper tune will take into consideration mid-range power which is where most of us live while driving about our daily lives.

Not too many of us live at redline as one would on the track. By creating a smooth mid-range and power band, the car can be a much smoother and better driving vehicle than with a peak power tune. Of course RRT is known for racing and our race cars get their own special tune.

By getting the proper software for you application RRT will deliver a more satisfying result. But when you look at both of these products with a critical eye, the differences can be astounding. The inferior brands trick the factory programming into performing tasks it was not originally meant to. They do this by bypassing factory safeguards without providing their own. A Dinan harness, utilizes factory weather sealed connectors wrapped in factory style loom, made for specific vehicle, not a universal-cut-to-fit version.

Some of the cheaper brands utilize wire nuts to connect wiring. Wire nuts are for home construction, at RRT we build performance driving machines and we believe they have no place in a car.

The Dinan Dtronics unit is shock tested against any vibration that a vehicle can transfer to it. Its processor is just as powerful as the factory unit. Because they have taken the time to rewrite all the needed software to properly tune a vehicle anything less would be a compromise. As far as power is concerned, much of the additional power obtained by some companies is done so at the expense of reliability.

Maintenance is generally increased and related drive train components fail more often. That is because, when the envelope is pushed to reach that HP number other systems need tuning. That is where most companies do not want to spend the money. Dinan tests vehicle after vehicle in a variety of torture tests that are designed to mimic not only all of the possible circumstances a vehicle might encounter, but also to analyze all the ancillary items in a vehicle and tune the system as a whole.

These extra steps in the development process do cost a more money, and thereby adding to the cost of the product released. But they also ensure that as a whole your vehicle will function as well as a factory vehicle for many years and many tens of thousands of miles saving you frustration and money in the future. We offer a commitment to personalized service for our clients.

If you have further questions or need help with a case, please contact us and a team member will return your message as soon as possible. Let us know how we can help you! Call Us Now Make an Appointment. ECU Upgrades. Chips and Flashes We will begin with chip tunes and flash tunes. Whose tune should you pick? What to look for in a piggyback. Facebook Rating. Last week i made an appointment for my car to have 4 tires mounted and balanced and aligned for my Honda Civic SI.

I am unable to remember the person that took care of from making the appointment to walking in and handing my keys to the person, but i will have to say. Very professional and i told them it would be ok if i had waited in the their waiting room and they said yeah no problem, but i first went to get breakfast being that i made the appointment first thing in the morning.

I was there for about hours as expected and to be honest it felt like i did not wait that long. Checking out was a breeze and they didn't give the typical shop feel of oh you need X-Y-Z, it was straight to the point and my car checked out fine. I took my '01 M5 in a few weeks ago to have new front tires mounted and an alignment. I had a slight vibration at highway speeds and thought maybe the new tires would solve that problem as well. The spec sheet for the new alignment appeared perfect and was just what I was looking for, however, the car did not feel right and the steering wheel was slightly crooked.

After a couple busy weeks I contacted them about it and they had me bring it back. After a few tries realigning the front, and balancing the rear tires at my request, the car feels brand new again. Steering wheel is straight ahead again and it is smooth as silk on the highway. Thank you to everyone at RRT that made me a happy customer again!

I don't know where I'm taking my Audi for my upgrades!! Love your website. They did a custom x pipe and race cats as well as some suspension and cleanup on my LS swapped z. Amazing guys, Billy is a great mechanic there and Wayne is easy to work with. Will be back. If you own any performance car, this is the place to go. I've had them work exclusively on my M4, my GT-R and now my turbo.

They are no nonsense and will not give you a run around on anything. Don't take your Euro car anywhere else. These guys run a great business and go beyond the extra mile. They are the only people I truly trust with my car. Fair and honest. Very professional. The only difference between RRT's and other shops is that they listened to me and willing to try my solution to fix the delay before replacing the transmission even though they have never heard of the solution.

They listen and willing to try different things even though they know more about BMW than me. They even try to sort out an issue for me that was not on the list. The estimate was very accurate and their price is market price.


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