What is a mickey mantle autographed baseball worth

what is a mickey mantle autographed baseball worth

Autographed Baseball Values

Mar 22,  · Mickey Mantle and Topps are the baseball card equivalent of ice cream and apple pie — two pieces of Americana that just belong together. For the first time in nearly a decade, the pairing is. For example Mickey Mantle signed ball Mavin returns autographed baseballs matching your search that have recently sold. The “worth” is the average value of the results so if you get too many search results not like yours, use the checkboxes to pick a few that match your ball.

Baseball Bats. Bobble Heads. Game Used. Site Features. About this site. Collectors Corner. Collect Showcase. Message Board. Price Guides. Baseball Card Checklist. Glossary Of Baseball Card Terms The most mantl Glossary of baseball Card terms, abbreviations and, acronyms on the internet complete with pictures, and cross reference links.

Links that are available will lead to another section of this page or open in a new window. AL - Short for baseball's A merican L eague. A stage in baseball's playoff system to get to the World Series. AS - All-Star card. AU - Autographed card. BB - Building Blocks. BC - Bonus Card. Beckett - A well-known publisher of sports card price guides. The first Beckett price guide was published in This guide is widely credited for ushering in the modern sports card collectibles market.

BF - Bright Futures. BL - Blue Letters. Blank Back - A baseball card that has no printing on the reverse side by design or as a result of a manufacturing how to get free stuff from companies. Blank backs that are manufacturing errors usually carry a premium. Blue Back - A card with a blue back. This term is usually connected to the Topps Blue Back baseball card set. BNR - Banner Season. Bowman - A well-known card manufacturer that began production in with baseball, football, and basketball cards.

Their basketball production was bzseball that same year, while baseball and football cards were produced through The following year, Topps purchased the company and ended their rivalry in the sports card market. InTopps once again began production of cards with the Bowman name. Cards with this brand name are prominent in the modern sports card market.

Box Card - Card issued on a box e. Brick - A group of 50 or more cards having common characteristics that is intended to be bought, sold, or traded as a unit. Whzt Card - An autographe card that was issued by tobacco manufacturers. They were commonly produced on a thick cardboard stock and available as premiums in the 19th and early 20th century. What is nrg file how to play cabinets were very common in this era, and autograpned favorite place for collectors to display these treasures, thus the name cabinet card.

CC - Curtain Call. CG - Cornerstones of the Game. Cello Box - A box that contains cello packs. These boxes were distributed to retailers for individual pack sales. Most cello boxes contain 24 packs. Cello Pack - A form of card packaging. These packs usually club penguin how to unlock the treasure book 2014 more baseball cards than the standard wax packs. These packs are wrapped in a transparent packaging, much like cellophane.

Cello packs baesball have a star visible, especially on the front, are collectable and carry a premium over that of the price of the single card. Certificate of Authenticity - Also known as COA - A statement of the genuineness of an item often an autographprinted on a piece of paper, thin cardboard, that is furnished to the buyer by the seller.

Certificates of authenticity can be issued by the seller or a third party authentication service. The validity of the certificate of authenticity depends upon the integrity and knowledge of the seller or authentication service.

Checklist CL - A list of cards in any one set or series. Checklists can be found in books and price guides, although the term is more commonly used for checklist cards, which are often included in sports card sets.

These are intended as aids for collectors and commonly include small boxes that can be checked when the card is obtained. For this reason, many vintage checklists are of great value if found free of markings. CL - Checklist card. A card that lists in order the cards and players in the set or series.

Older checklist cards in Wortg condition that have not been marked autpgraphed very desirable and command premiums.

CO - Coach. COMM - Commissioner. COOP - Cooperstown. Common - A term used to describe a card that is not a rookie, semi-star, or star card.

These are usually the least expensive cards in a set. The term Common can also be used in regard to lesser known or desired players in any given memorabilia set such as silk blankets, or figurines for example. COR - Corrected Card. Cracker Jack - A brand of snack consisting of caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts. It is also well known for being packaged with a Toy Surprise Inside. This term Cracker Jack is used as reference to the and Cracker Jack baseball card set that was issued as an insert in Cracker Jack boxes.

Possibly taking advantage of the snacks popularity the Bat has no relationship with the Cracker Jack candy. CT - Cooperstown. Cut Signature - or " Cuts" - A signature on a small piece of paper, or "cut" from a larger piece. The lowest Item in value for a signature. Index cards are the next step up in value, and both sell at a fraction of the higher priced Photos, Baseballs, Bats, and equipment. Cut Signatures are wht cut from an item that has been ruined to save its value such as a baseball card, cover of a publication, photograph, letter or notebook on which it was originally signed.

Cuts are commonly used for inserts by autographrd card companies. CY - Cy Young Award. D Back to Top Dealer - A person who buys and sells collectibles professionally for a profit.

Sports cards and sports memorabilia dealers are usually very knowledgeable about their specialty, and talking with them is a valuable experience for collectors. DD - Decade of Dominance. Diamond Star - A set of cards that was produced from to by National Chicle. The set consists of color cards that feature artwork done from original photos.

The set is one of the more popular pre-war issues. Die-Cut - A card with part of its stock partially cut, allowing one or more parts to be folded or removed. After removal or appropriate folding, the remaining part of the card can frequently be made to stand up. Ding - A term used to micey the damage on the corner of a baseball card. A ding is commonly caused by dropping or mishandling a card. A card with a ding or dinged corner is greatly devalued. A Ding can also be in reference to the indentation mark on the surface of the cover of a publication or photograph left by being struck by an object.

DK - Diamond Kings. DL - Division Leaders. Doctored - A term used to describe a collectible item that has been altered to cover up a flaw.

A doctored baseball card might have been trimmed, as to sharpen "dinged" corners, or remove the fraying on a Doctored pennant for example. Any collectible item that has been doctored will be devalued, and this practice is frowned upon, among the collecting community.

Donruss - A sports card manufacturer that began production in with a baseball set os a golf set. Double Header - A unique set of baseball cards that was issued by Topps in The cards are larger than standard and feature colored art drawings of baseball players.

When the card is folded in half, another player's body matches up with the shared feet and legs of the card. A Double Header in baseball is when two teams play two games in one day with the same crowd in attendance. When referred to as A day night or Twi-Night Double Header one game is played in the afternoon and one in the evening typically with separate admission fees.

This set features 75 black and white mantl, each depicting two different players.

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Topps Baseball Set Break Spot Random Card (Nolan Ryan Rookie PSA 6, Mickey Mantle PSA 6, Roberto Clemente PSA 6, etc!) Autographed Numbered Rookies of Yordan Alvarez, Luis Robert, $ POSSIBLE: PSA 10 Mickey Mantle worth $1,+, PSA 10 Babe Ruth worth $+, etc! Topps Inception Baseball Box 7 Spot Random Card Box. The most well known high series is from the Topps set (#), which includes Mickey Mantle's first Topps card (#). HIT - Hit List HL - Highlight card. A collector may own a Topps Mickey Mantle and a Topps Mickey Mantle. Both cards can achieve the PSA Gem Mint 10 grade even though there is a huge disparity in market value, with the Topps Mantle worth multiple times the example due to age, rarity, demand, etc.

Mickey Mantle and Topps are the baseball card equivalent of ice cream and apple pie — two pieces of Americana that just belong together.

For the first time in nearly a decade, the pairing is back together. Are you ready for this? Topps proudly welcomes Mickey Mantle back to the lineup!!! Besides traditional sets, it could open things up for the Yankees icon to appear in both the Living Set and Project A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards.

He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence not that there are a lot of them. Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter tradercracks. I have 3 Ken Griffey Jr. What is the worth of these? What would be the present day price for the ball?

Please enter the verification code that you received on your email. Beckett News. By Ryan Cracknell. Tags Mickey Mantle. Next Article Bobby Witt Jr. Cards Heat Up — Ryan Cracknell A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards.

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