What does stroke it mean

what does stroke it mean

Choosing the right motorbike oil: What does JASO and JASO MA2 mean?

Mar 23,  · A stroke occurs when the supply of blood in the brain is compromised either by a clogged artery (called an ischemic stroke) or burst artery (called a hemorrhagic stroke). When this happens, the affected area of the brain does not receive enough oxygen-rich blood. We’ve heard of rollin’ coal, but rollin’ snow? Not a good sign. Blowing white smoke is a red flag for your diesel engine, yet we see this happen all the time to our customers.

You use it every single day. In English it's called the "at sign. On May 4,Francesco Stfoke Florentine merchant who at the time was in Seville, Spain—used the symbol in ih letter, the first ever known instance of a document containing it. It didn't had mena domain name after it, however. Back then, he was referring to the number of "amphoras" that were shipped in three vessels which departed Spain on their way to Rome, Italy.

An "amphora" was a commercial volume measure of those lt. The document you can see above says:. There, an amphora of wine, which is one thirtieth of what is a decongestant found in nasal sprays barrel, is worth 70 or 80 ducats.

In Spanish, the word for that measure was called "arroba," which wat the name the symbol still receives today in that language. Later, the symbol was conserved in dpes keyboards: People kept using the at sign through the centuries, and it was common in commercial accounting where it meant "at the price of. It was in when Ray Tomlinson saw the symbol and thought it could be good to append the mail server host to the name of the person receiving an email:. I chose to append an at sign and the host name to the user's login name.

I am frequently asked why Kean chose the at sign, but the at sign just makes sense. I used the at sign to indicate that the user was "at" some other host rather than being local. And the rest, as they say, it's history. I don't know about you, but from now on I would be saying jesus amphora gizmodo dot com every time I have to tell my mail address.

It just sounds so much better. Or better yet, jesus monkey gizmodo dot com. Definitely this one. Interesting read. Ampersand was a shortcut single-stroke of "et all" and is attributed to Cicero's scribe.

Can't remember the source. The A. Jesus Diaz. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe. Broken Machine.

Factors That Impact Your Unique Stroke Recovery Time

But what did @ really mean years ago? Advertisement On May 4, , Francesco Lapi—a Florentine merchant who at the time was in Seville, Spain—used the symbol @ in a letter, the first ever. Apr 21,  · A CPK blood test checks for levels of creatine phosphokinase (or, creatine kinase) in the blood. Creatine enzymes are released from muscles or tissues if they are injured, damaged, or die off. High CPK levels can mean that a tissue has been damaged due to a person suffering a heart attack, stroke, or head injury. Aug 18,  · Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that helps the body fight infections and heal injured tissues. A host of conditions can cause elevated white blood cell counts, so the test must be done in conjunction with other diagnostic measures to determine the patient's specific condition.

The grading system measured among other things an oils ability to resist clutch friction or slippage , protection offered against engine wear and pitting in the gear box. Up to car oils had been used as the base for many motorcycle oils. As well as being a higher standard of oil the JASO-MA2 approval means the oil is suitable for use in bikes with catalytic converts in the exhaust system. JASO also introduced a rating system for 2 stroke oils.

Modern 2 stroke bike and scooter engines have much finer tolerances and low ash burn which means less smoke and need a higher specification 2T oil. JASO FA — This is the lowest 2 stroke oil spec that tests lubricating capability, detergents, initial torque and exhaust smoke.

But it has much higher standards for detergents and exhaust smoke. Engine oil is an amazingly complex subject and unsurprisingly! When buying oil with only a few exceptions!

Which Repsol Sinteico 10w40 oil did you get I think it comes as semi-synthetic, synthetic or fully synthetic? Because of that I accidently mixed those oil in my motorcycle. However, Rock Oil do have their own, in house testing facilities to make sure the oil meets the spec and, after a recent email from them, they are in the process of having some of their Guardian Motorcycle, XRP and Synthesis Motorcycle ranges tested and approved. Hi there, it is wrong info.

Is this a good oil for my rouser ls? I think the Rouser should use a 10w40 oil, 20w50 might be a bit thick if you use it make sure you warm the bike up thoroughly before riding? You would be better off checking with the bikes manufacturer or an official dealer to make sure. Sir i have gearless scoter 4 strok which is the best oil api sl jaso mb 10w30 4at or jaso ma sae 10w I had a z50 in that i rode for 10 years… back then , we had can oil, quarker state 10 w I did a rebuild in …It showed normal wear.

I thick that this rating system , and oils being made cheaper like gas,,, is why you need to pay 9. Yes, back in the day there was normally only 1 oil available for both cars and bikes. Modern oils are generally! Modern oils are more expensive, yes, but part of the price is due to inflation nothing stays at 65 cents forever!

Also, the actual cost of the oil has very little bearing on the price of modern oils, most of the cost of the oil is made up of processing, additive and packaging costs which is why retail oil prices tend to stay the same whether oil is going up or down in price. In short, modern oils are more expensive by comparison, yes, but they are much better quality….. It should be ok to use a 10w You might want to check in your handbook or with a dealer though as it may depend on the temperatures where you are?

Most scooters are dry clutch and thats what the different rating is about clutch slippage. Others like Harley,s have seperate engine and gearbox oils. My scooter manufacturer admitted that MA oil is 2nd best for scooters compared to MB. They then said use Mobile Some use 15w 40 diesel oil full synthetic. Conclusion: Ma will work but Mb would have longest engine life.

BTW MB scoot oil is available overseas. If your unsure what to use, ask your local motorbike shop what they recommend as they should have good knowledge about oils and stock a good quality 2 stroke oil. If the oil meets or exceeds the specs needed for the bike the oil specs are normally on the back of the bottle it should be fine.

Just as tiring to convince that fully synthetics are best. You agree? They have there uses, and they are fine when used in the correct engines, the problems come when people try to cut costs by using mineral oils in engines that need a fully synthetic oil! I haVe a suzuki address scooter I have been using semi sin oil jaso mb rated because the manual said so. But every time ride it the first 30min was. I am guessing it needs fully sin oil. Since this oil do not have friction modifiers that dry clutch scooters need for fuel efficiency.

What are your recommendations? Prior to this i did use various oils from various labels there were noticeable differences in ride quality. I know scooters and air cooled bikes need fully synthetics. Just when it comes to scooters they mention always molybdenum disulfite as a key substance to scooter fuel economy.

But maxi scooters require jaso ma , so you were right about the oil standards. Jaso mb is not a different kind of oil its just A lower grade oil with lower performance for less demanding invironment. I also found out that the oil filter was warped out. After swap to new originals the bike improved dramatically smoothe spirited ride has been restored.

You are very skilfull mechanic, i commend you highly! Do you know any steel oil filter for my bike? Recommendations on good brands? I will not risk another collapse filter again. Because most scooters are wrapped in fairings, they can run a bit hot. Recently i have modified it to 4 clutch older was 3 clutch. Currently i am using Castrol 20w Hi there, i have a scooter that has overheating issues. I have tried using better oils such as jaso ma oils but to no effect.

Atleast scooter specific oil gets me k before any issues accour. I also tried better petrol grades but little gain. Do i need to use thicker oils? Please help. Are you sure the oil is causing the overheating problems? Although oils can help to transfer heat away from the engine and can help to cool the engine if an oil cooler or similar is used.

Done some trials with synthetic oil and it did not last even km before it starts riding sluggishly because of heat. The farthest i have done is with a scooter specific oil, km to note.

I did the same routine ,stop every 30min ride to cool the engine before resuming riding. The worst was motorcycle oil and it quickly becomes hot and unstable. This is rated api sn , jaso ma2.

My belief now is scooter specific oils are better for scooters. Its air cooled, fan assisted scooter engine. Just bought it, about 8 thousand km. Idont believe heavy viscosity oil flows badly. Its recommended for hot climate with air cooled motors. You were right again about the heat issues. Recommended a friend who is also a fellow scooter rider to try premium unleaded fuel togather with fully synthetic oil jaso ma2 motorcycle oil.

The results were so much more better ride quality, and almost eliminated the heat problems. The fuel was directly the cause of the heat and vibration. Thanks for educating me about better oils. Cheers mate! Right now past km, its riding better now. And one detail about the oils, you were right , fully synthetic does help alot in air cooled scooters. They cool down the engine while in stoplights and i never get that advantage with semi or regular, you have to switch off the bike for 20min.

Even then , it would heat up again quickly. Going synthetic fully with jaso ma2 rated is a good advice. White dog dude , you there? Why do oil companies like motul continue to make jaso mb oils when we know its a low grade low performing oil?

Please do tell your thoughts on this. Why do they make Jaso MB oils? Cost and profit! I dont get it? I know a guy who uses car engine oils in his motorcycle. Convince him to switch to 4t oils until its too late. White dog dude, i have a question. My oil pan dip stick is giving a confusing reading oil level. On one side of the stick its all full and the other side it reads half.


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