What does shini mean in japanese

what does shini mean in japanese

Lucky and unlucky numbers in Japan

Definition of shini, meaning of shini in Japanese: 10 definitions matched, related definitions, and 0 example sentences;. shini the Japanese word for "death". Hence " shinigami ", where " gami " means "god". which is how "shinigami" translates to " god of death " shinigami and god of death are both commonly used in the .

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In Japan, certain numbers are lucky and unlucky. This is why there are two readings for the number four, shi and yon. Whenever possible, japanewe try to avoid using the deathy one. Similarly to four, there are two readings for nine ku and kyu. Like many countries throughout the world, Japan considers the number seven lucky. Seven is an important number in Buddhism. Do you know your math in Japanese? The number seven whats a url in tumblr makes many appearances in pachinko parlors and scratch tickets.

Although slightly less well-known, eight is also a lucky number. Japanese people tend to be quite superstitious and this is why lucky and unlucky numbers are important.

You should never give someone four or nine of something. Gifts are given in threes and fives shnii. All rights reserved. Sign Up. Lucky and unlucky numbers in Japan. You have to get creative when you have a number that sounds like death.

Lucky seven Shiin many countries throughout the world, Japan considers the number seven lucky. Lucky eight? Try a free lesson with Lingualift today! Free language Tips. Get your weekly dose of language learning tips by email. Receive our free e-book Language Hwat Secrets. You May Also Like. Whag Us. Site Map.

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Feb 18, Contextual translation of "shini" into Japanese. Human translations with examples: ??, shi, shi nisou, shi shini, shini gami. The English for ?? is portrait. Find more Japanese words at ctcwd.com! English words for ?? include die, perish, conk, expire, decease, check out and depart. Find more Japanese words at ctcwd.com!

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