What does poop mean in chinese

what does poop mean in chinese

How to say "Poop" in Mandarin Chinese and 16 more useful words.

poop translations: ???, ?,??, ??, ??, ???, ??. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary. Chinese words for poop include ??, ?, ???, ????? and ??. Find more Chinese words at ctcwd.com!

Play with your words! Meaj can learn Mandarin Chinese in just 5 minutes a day with our free app! Try Drops. Gift Drops. American English poop. More Toilet Vocabulary in Mandarin Chinese. American English. I fart. I pee. I poop. Example sentences. American English There is dog poop on our front lawn.

Learn the word for "Poop" in 32 More Dose. Castilian Spanish la caca. French le des. Italian la cacca. German der Kot. Turkish kaka. Swedish bajs. Tagalog tae. Esperanto kako. Dutch de poep. Indonesian tinja. British English poo.

European Portuguese as what does critical thinking means. Polish kupa.

Samoan feau mamao. Finnish kakka. Estonian kaka. Other interesting topics in Mandarin Chinese. Ready chnese learn Mandarin Chinese? Language Drops is a fun, visual language learning app. Learn Mandarin Chinese free today. Enjoying the Visual Dictionary? You'll love the full Drops experience! Grow your teams language skills with Drops Business! Drops Courses Learn Ainu. Learn American English. Learn Arabic. Learn Brazilian Portuguese. Learn British English. Learn Cantonese.

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Example sentences

British English poo. Mexican Spanish el popo. European Portuguese as fezes. Cantonese Chinese ??. Thai ??. Polish kupa. Hawaiian kukae. Maori tiko. Samoan feau mamao. Translation for 'poo' in the free English-Chinese dictionary and many other Chinese translations. Shit tiny rice-pellet-sized chunks. Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see.

Your poop says a lot about you. I know because I talk about poop all day. Frequency, colour, smell, texture, I want to know it all, because your poop says a lot about your health, so lets learn what your poop is telling you. Your poop is used as a diagnostic tool and is an important indicator of the health of the digestion, particularly the stomach, spleen and intestines.

There are a lot of factors to consider when formulating a diagnosis. Below is a list of the most common and most important symptoms so you can determine what your poop is trying to tell you. First, here is a handy chart that tells you exactly what your poop is made of. There are some different ideas about what is considered normal frequency, but Chinese medicine says that it is once or twice a day.

If you poop less that this, it is, in TCM terms considered constipation, and going three or more times a day is considered too frequent. A normal poop should be well formed, not too loose, not too dry and floating.

Poop that is excessively dry indicates either heat in the intestines, blood deficiency or yin deficiency. Loose stools usually point to a deficiency of the spleen. Loose stools can also mean there is kidney deficiency and sometimes a deficiency of both spleen and kidney.

Spleen deficiency is definitely the most common cause of chronic diarrhea, and kidney deficiency is the most common cause of diarrhea in the elderly. The energy of the kidneys gradually declines as we age, and this is why many elderly people suffer with symptoms of kidney deficiency, most commonly chronic diarrhea.

If your poops are in small pieces and difficult to pass it indicates that there is a qi stagnation in the liver. This can also present with alternating diarrhea and constipation. A common cause of liver qi stagnation is repressed emotions, especially things like anger and frustration, so be sure to express your emotions freely! Another reason that you can have small bitty poops that are difficult to pass, especially if they are also dry is heat in the intestines. Eating yin foods that moisten the body and intestines will help keep things moving.

Long, thin poop that looks like a pencil indicate a deficiency of spleen qi. It is also good to be aware that this can indicate cancer, so be sure to see your health care practitioner if this persists. Peace of mind is worth a lot! When I am talking to my patients about their poops, I always ask about colour. The normal colour for poop is light brown. Poops that are dark yellow indicate heat in the large intestine, light yellow deficiency heat of the spleen empty heat is heat due to a deficiency , dark or black looking stools can mean that there is blood stagnation usually in the large intestine.

Pale or white poop usually mean that there is cold in the large intestine. If you have green poop is means that the liver is invading the spleen. Red poop indicates the presence of fresh blood which is usually due to heat in the large intestine. Green or blueish poops usually mean that there is cold in the intestines and is very common in babies as their spleens have not yet fully developed.

How your poop smells is also significant. Strong smells usually indicate heat and absence of smell indicate cold. Here are the detailsÖ. A strong, foul smell indicates heat or damp heat in the intestines. A sour smell means that there is an imbalance between the liver and spleen. Lots of gas means liver qi stagnation, gas with a foul smell indicates damp heat and gas with no smell means that there is spleen deficiency.

Loose stools generally mean that there is a deficiency of the spleen, kidneys, or both. Spleen deficiency is definitely the most common reason for chronic diarrhea and kidney deficiency is the most common cause of diarrhea in the elderly. If there is very severe and watery diarrhea it indicates a deficiency of yang, whereas loose stools are due to a spleen deficiency. Diarrhea accompanied by a foul smell indicates heat in the intestines and diarrhea without a smell is either considered normal or points to cold.

If there is pain with the diarrhea it means either liver qi stagnation, cold, or damp heat. If there is mucus in the stool it means that there is dampness, whereas if there is blood is points to a spleen deficiency the spleen holds blood.

Undigested food in the stool means that there is a spleen deficiency. If there is a burning in the anus there is damp heat in the intestines. If you notice that there are streaks in the toilet as the poop is sticky, this also points to dampness in the intestines. Constipation is the most common problem of the bowels, and is more common in women and very common in the elderly. In these cases it is very often due to a blood deficiency or kidney deficiency.

Both blood and kidney deficiency would cause the stools to be dry and difficult to pass. Constipation is characterized by infrequent passing of the stools, excessive dryness as well as straining or difficulty in passing the stools. You can, of course, have an attack of acute constipation that comes with heat in the body due to a cold or flu, and will be accompanied by thirst, fever and a red tongue.

Constipation that is relieved by having a bowel movement is due to either retention of food or dampness in the intestines. Constipation with abdominal pain and distension is due to liver qi stagnation.

Frequent stools that are not loose is usually due to qi sinking of spleen qi. Pain is associated with pooping is also common and it is good to know what it means and when to see your acupuncturist to get it sorted out. Pain before a bowel movement is due to liver qi stagnation. Pain during a bowel movement is due to either dampness in the large intestine, retention of food or cold in the large intestine. Pain due to retention of food will be relieved by pooping and pain due to cold in the large intestine will not be relieved by moving the bowels.

If you are having pain after a bowel movement, it is most likely due to spleen qi deficiency. If you are having persistent pain associated with your poops, be sure to go and have it checked out. The good news is that both acupuncture and herbs are extremely effective for all problems concerning your poops. It is an extremely common problem and Chinese medicine has many ways in which to treat it. Getting a specific diagnosis is important is getting the proper treatment.

The more in tune with what our bodies are doing, the better we are able to detect subtle changes and be able to rebalance things before they become problems. I like talking about poop. Re: color of feces. If the color is light, really pale, it means, as far as I know, that something is preventing an adequate amount of bile from getting through to the small intestine. It is bile that gives solid waste its normal medium brown color.

Also, a baby who is totally breast fed will have yellowish feces most of the time, but sometimes it is greenish yellow. I have a bowel moment after every meal. They are normal color, texture and large. I have no problem going. Sometimes I feel tired after a bowel moment. I eat three good meals a day, no caffeine , little sugar. I have had my pancreas and kidney tested they show no problems. The more I eat the more I go. I do take a 30 billion probiotic.

It sounds like you are having thyroid issues, which are rooted in adrenal issues. The most important thing to do with an over active thyroid is to avoid all caffeine, tobacco, sugar, simple carbohydrates, and emotional upset. If you cut out all grains, potatoes, pulses, beans, peanuts, cashews, and most plant based oils, you will notice a real difference in a month.

You have to replace those simple carbohydrates though with animal fats, coconut oil, olive oil, and complex carbs such as tapioca flour, sweet potatoes, raw honey, mollasses, maple syrup, plantains, fruits, etc. Also, eat your fish and beef as rare as possible, as this aids in easily digestible proteins and living essential fatty acids. That, and they taste amazing! Also eat a lot of your foods raw. Cutting out the simple carbs is most important, but the rest of the Information will keep you from getting low on energy or nutritional deficiencies with such a diet.

Our bodies must have fat or carbs to run on, but we were designed primarily for burning fats. To help with adrenal fatigue, take a tsp of high grade sea salt, such as Celtic or Redmond, Himalayan, etc. In a glass of water and a tsp. To help balance the adrenals, also get to bed by Hope this helps! Hello, i was just in ER for kidney stones. I was given torodol in hospital and iv fluids for three hrs and given Flomax and Zofran in a prescription to take home.

My question is i have always been very normal but now i noticed my bowels are very dark brown. First time for me. Do you have any helpful suggestions or information? I have tried cutting out gluten, dairy, refined sugars, coffee. But everything is inconsistent. I can eat one thing and am fine.. I have been to my family doctor and to a naturopathic doctor but nothing seems to help.

I need an expert in this house to solve my problem.


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