What did thomas jefferson parents do for a living

what did thomas jefferson parents do for a living

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson's father was a gentleman farmer, or planter, and a surveyor. His mother was from a wealthy family and would have been referred to as See full answer below. What Is Known About Thomas Jefferson's Family?

Asked by Wiki User. Peter Jefferson was a very wealthy man. Thomas jeffersons used powerful words to fight for independence. Thomas Jefferson he did not have a middle name. Peter Jefferson. He died when Thomas was fourteen. Thomas Jefferson did not livign a middle name. When Thomas was 14 years old. Iefferson Jeffersons mom. Martha Jefferson. He had a successful Presidency. Aaron Burr. Ask Question. Thomas Jefferson. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered His father was Peter Jefferson, a planter and surveyor his mother looked after 10 children.

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His father was Peter Jefferson. Information concerning his background is unknown. Peter became executor of the estate of his friend Colonel William Randolph when he died in Peter got charge of his Tuckahoe Estate and Randolph's baby son, Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr. Thomas Jefferson's family included nine siblings plus his adopted sibling Thomas. Jane Randolph Jefferson (February 9, - March 31, ) was the mother of Thomas Jefferson. According to the Jefferson family bible, she was born February 9, , in Shadwell parish, Tower Hamlets, London. The parish register of St. Paul's, Upper Shadwell, notes her baptism on February 20, , as the daughter of Isham Randolph (), "mariner" of Shakespeare's Walk (literally . Jefferson's mother was Jane Randolph Jefferson. She was of the Randolph clan who were considered to be among the first families of the Virginia Colony. The Randolph's had long been squires in .

Studying Thomas Jefferson's family gives some context to his life and allows us to see a different side to him that did not necessarily appear in the political atmosphere.

He was born into a family that was closely related to some of the most prominent and wealthy people living in Virginia at that time. His mother was Jane Randolph. Her father was a ship captain named Isham Randolph of Dungeness. Jane was also a cousin of Peyton Randolph. Furthermore, she was the granddaughter of members of the English and Scottish gentry. His father was Peter Jefferson. Information concerning his background is unknown.

Peter became executor of the estate of his friend Colonel William Randolph when he died in Thomas Jefferson's family included nine siblings plus his adopted sibling Thomas. Two of his siblings died when they were children. When he was two years old, Thomas Mann came into his life.

When this event occurred, the family moved to Tuckahoe. They lived there until Thomas was nine years old, and then they returned to their hometown of Albemarle. At this time Peter Jefferson was appointed to the Colonelcy of the County. Thomas' father passed away when he was 14 years old and he inherited the Jefferson family's land land as well as his father's slaves.

She was the daughter of a prominent Virginia lawyer named John Wayles. She was also the widow of one of Jefferson's classmates from William and Mary. They got to know each other and dated for much of and They were married on New Year's Day in Martha had some significant problems with childbirth.

First of all, she gave birth six times in 10 years. All of the babies were very weak when they were first born. Only two of them lived. One of the surviving children was named Martha, who also went by the name of Patsy; she was born in , almost exactly nine months after the wedding of Thomas and Martha.

The other surviving child was named Polly. She was born in As the years progressed, Martha continued to grow weaker and weaker due to the pregnancies.

Jefferson spent a lot of time with her, and often turned down opportunities in the public life since he was so devoted to his wife. She passed away on September 6, , forty years before her husband would pass on. On her deathbed, she made him promise to never marry again. He held to his promise and never remarried. Post a comment.


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