What are the new olympic sports for 2014

what are the new olympic sports for 2014

Discover the twelve new winter sports events for Sochi 2014!

New Olympic sports for Share Shares Copy Link. Copy {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Updated: PM PST Feb 5, 20Winter Olympics in Sochi will feature a record 12 new . Twelve winter sports events (three mixed events, four men’s events and five women’s events) will make their debuts on the Olympic programme in Sochi. Here’s what to look out for: Biathlon mixed relay – Mixed Teams will comprise of two men and two women. .

Pretty what are the new olympic sports for 2014 every time the Olympics roll around there seem to be a few new events. What are the new olympic sports for 2014, at the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi there will actually be a record 12 new events, making them the biggest Winter Games ever.

What are these new events? None of them are particularly strange—except maybe to Bob Costas—but are rather variations of sports we already know and love. Technically, though, there are still 12 new events.

Sports Lists. The 12 New Events at the Winter Olympics. While the sports that were added to the program in Sochi are getting their time in the spotlight, there are five that will remain in the dark for at least another four years.

First and foremost among how to remove stain from polyester is the sport of b andywhich is like like field hockey on ice. I know, we all thought ice hockey was field hockey on ice. But take a look at the above video and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

It's loco. Other sports rejected by the IOC include team alpine skiingwhich is like the team gymnastics competition at the Summer Olympics; ski mountaineeringwhich is basically ski-hiking; ski-orienteeringwhich is cross country skiing using a map and compass to get from point A to point B; and winter triathlonwhich is like regular triathlon except road cycling what is a annular tear replaced with mountain biking, while swimming is replaced by cross-country skiing.

Who knows, maybe you'll see one of these sports in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in ? Honorable What is a annular tear The Rejects If you ever met somebody who told you they won an Olympic medal in biathlon, you'd probably assume they were some sort of download whatsapp for nokia series 60 and field athlete.

However, biathlon is actually that weird sport that combines cross country skiing and shooting guns. This year, in addition to the men's and women's events of various lengths, both individual and relay, there will also be a mixed biathlon relay event in which men and women compete together Biathlon Mixed Relay This new figure skating event actually makes a lot of sense.

Figure skating is already pretty much the gymnastics of the Winter Olympics—a sport most dudes only feel comfortable watching once every four years—so why not have a team competition just like gymnastics?

Each team will be made up of six skaters—one individual male, one individual female, one skating pair, and one ice dance couple—and they will take part in four events. Each routine will be awarded points, and the team with the highest total at the end wins the gold. Figure Skating Team Event Now here's an addition that strikes me as kind of random.

Don't get me wrong, I get why they'd want to add a luge relay. Luge is awesome except for the part where people sometimes diehow to play blackout by breathe carolina on piano almost all racing sports have relays.

But here is what's weird about this one: each team will run a men's singles sled, a men's double's sled, and a women's singles sled.

What's missing? A women's doubles sled So I guess I'm saying, why not also add a women's doubles luge event and balance things out? Luge Mixed Team Relay Just like snowboard halfpipe, which made Shaun White a household name, in the ski halfpipe athletes will perform big airs and other various tricks.

Then they'll be judged on technical execution, amplitude, variety, difficulty, and creativity. Sadly, Canadian Sarah Burke, a pioneer of ski halfpipe, will not be there to compete in the first Olympic ski halfpipe competition. You might recall that she died tragically while training for the Winter X-Games. Ski Halfpipe Men's and Women's Skateboarding may not be an Olympic sport, but that doesn't mean skate culture hasn't made its mark on the Olympics. First, of course, we got snowboarding.

Now there will be ski slopestyle, in which athletes perform airs and tricks while moving down a meter course with a bunch of rails and ramps, being judged on execution, style, difficulty, variety, and progression. Ski Slopestyle Men's and Women's Hey, if they're going to do ski slopestyle, they might as well do snowboard slopestyle, too.

Still no skateboarding in the Summer Games, though. The IOC will accept all the winter sports inspired by skateboarding, because they're kind of hard up for winter sports.

But they won't take skateboarding itself. I think they have something against baggy pants. Snowboard Slopestyle Men's and Women's This year, for the first time, there will be men's and women's slalom events in addition to the men's and women's giant slalom events.

What's the difference? Obviously, one slalom is giant, while the other is regular sized. Yes, that was a silly joke. But it was also kind of true. The difference has to do with the spacing of the gates. In regular slalom, the gates are relatively close together. In giant slalom, they are spaced further apart. Then, in super giant slalom a. Super-Gthey're spaced even how to get free stimulus money apart.

Snowboard giant slalom was one of the two original snowboarding events added to the program for the games in Nagano, along with the halfpipe. Inthey switched it up and made it the giant parallel slalom, in which two athletes race side by side in heats. In they added the snowboard cross, bringing the number of events up to three. And now they're adding slopestyle and the regular parallel slalom, bringing the number of snowboard disciplines up to five.

The men's event has been a part of every single Winter Olympics, which started how to make introduction in thesis writingbut the International Olympic Committee had been dragging its feet on women's ski jumping because they said there simply were too few female athletes in the sport.

Unfortunately, it's unclear whether we'll actually get to see the world's top female ski jumpers compete in Sochi. Over the last twelve months, a whopping seven of them have suffered serious injuries to their knees and vertebrae. And this in turn begs the obvious question: are we sure flying off huge ramps on skis is really such a great idea?

Women's Ski Jumping. Share Share. Around The Web.

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Dec 15,  · Many of the sports being added to the lineup at the Sochi Olympics come directly from the Winter X Games. The disciplines are familiar, but the individual sports are new . One of eight home-school siblings from South Lake Tahoe, Calif., Anderson, 23, is a new breed of athlete in a new-age sport, slopestyle snowboarding, that’s making its debut in the Sochi Games. Winter Olympics Guide to the 8 New Events in Sochi. It first became an Olympic Sport at the Squaw Valley Games. Scores are determined by the athletes' speed through the course.

Email Password Remember me Forgot password? Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. Log In. New sports being introduced at Sochi Olympics Listen Print. Expect the unexpected at the Sochi Olympics.

Twelve new sports in eight different disciplines will make an Olympic debut, so this promises to be one of the biggest and most unpredictable Olympic events ever. Many of the sports being added to the lineup at the Sochi Olympics come directly from the Winter X Games. The disciplines are familiar, but the individual sports are new and exciting for people unfamiliar with extreme winter sports.

Olympics Sochi new sports. Latest News Top News. Thousands protest in France over no trial for Jewish woman's killer. Interview techniques for the remote video age Special. Fashion designer Alber Elbaz dies of Covid aged Zero-day software issues are growing in number and seriousness Special. Climate change is forcing grizzly and polar bears to mate. Protests in France over no trial for Jewish woman's killer. India virus cases spiral as Baghdad hospital blaze kills Learning lessons from the Apple ransomware incident Special.

Corporate Contact Us. DX Journal. DX Institute. Forgot password? One of the most anticipated events is slopestyle snowboarding. The slopestyle course is similar to a skatepark.

However, instead of riding on flat ground, snowboarders ride downhill on the side of a snowy mountain while performing their tricks. Snowboarders perform flips and spins off the jumps, and grinds on the rails.

Similar to most of the new events this Olympics, snowboard slopestyle is a judged event. The ranks and scores are based, in part, on creativity and accuracy. Most of the standouts this winter season are from the Canadian team, many of whom even managed to score higher than American snowboarding legend Shaun White at the Winter X Games. Slopestyle skiing is being introduced this year, as well.

It is the counterpart to slopestyle snowboarding, with the same course and objective. In order to get the highest scores from the judges, skiers must perform the biggest and most precise tricks possible. Along with slopestyle, this Olympics is going to introduce another popular ski event.

Halfpipe skiing is the counterpart to halfpipe snowboarding, but has never been featured at the Olympics. It is the same as halfpipe snowboarding; the only difference is the athletes are using skis instead of snowboards.

After dropping into the halfpipe, athletes ski from side-to-side of the pipe and perform tricks. Each time they reach the edge of the halfpipe, they jump to get as much air as possible. The extra air helps them spin and flip, hopefully achieving more rotations than their opponents.

This is another judged event. Most winter events that aren't judged are speed sports. This is the case for snowboard parallel slalom. This new event has snowboarders race head-to-head with a rival, weaving around flagpoles on a steep, downhill slope. The fastest combined time of two runs determines the winner. For many years, figure skating has featured four key events at the Olympics.

This year, however, there will be a fifth competition, but it's not exactly an event. Similar to the team gymnastics competition in the Summer Olympics, winners of the team figure skating competition will be determined by the scores in each of the four skating events. Essentially, this new competition is choosing and awarding the overall best teams.

Scores are combined from the men, women, pairs, and ice dance events to determine which teams have the best overall skaters. Team relay luge is another exciting speed event.

The clock starts with the run of a women's single sled, continues during the run of a men's single sled, then stops after the run of a doubles sled.

The objective, similar to snowboard parallel slalom, is to have the quickest combined time. Differing from parallel slalom, this is a relay team event, so scores are hinging on each team member being able to keep pace. One team member might score a really fast time, and one might score a really slow time. Similar to team figure skating, this event depends on the consistency of the team as a whole, not just each individual. Mixed relay biathlon is an endurance and accuracy event. It combines cross-country skiing with rifle marksmanship.

Though biathlon for individuals has been in a number of Olympic games, this is the first time the whole team will be in a relay race while they are competing for their individual ranks.

This sport is usually dominated by European teams, with the USA and Canada often finishing in the lowest of the ranks. As an Olympic sport, ski jumping has been surrounded by controversy for decades.

Men's ski jumping has been part of the Olympics since , but women's ski jumping is making it's first Olympic debut this year. That's the million dollar question, with multiple answers. Allegedly, there was a medical theory contributing to the exclusion of women from the event. In , the president of the International Ski Federation explained that women should not ski jump because the sport "seems not to be appropriate for ladies from a medical point of view.

Until Sochi, their petitions for a women's event had been denied every time. There was even an appeal sent to the Supreme Court of Canada before the Olympics, which was also denied.

However, two women from Canada were allowed to be forerunners. They were not able to compete in the Olympics, but they were able to test out the course before the men's competition.

Their job was to make sure the hill was in the condition it needed to be before the men competed. Like the men's ski jumping event, the women athletes will ski down a steep, tall takeoff ramp and jump with expert precision. They use their skis to make a "v" shape , which gives them more air and distance.

They will be judged on the distance and style of their jumps. After nearly a century of petitioning, women's ski jumping is finally going to be an Olympic event.

All of these new sports, in addition to the current Olympic staples, make the Olympic Games a must watch event. More about Olympics , Sochi , , new sports.


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