What are coins worth collecting

what are coins worth collecting

Top 10 Most Valuable U.S. Coins Found in Pocket Change

Coin values are based on a number of factors, such as rarity, condition, and the content of the Precious Metals within. Because of these factors, just because one series of coins had a more limited mintage than another does not mean the value of the coins issued will always be greater. Barber Dimes are popular with many collectors but are considered more valuable when sold as a set representing . May 29, This list of coins includes: Large Cent Indian Head Cent V.D.B. Lincoln Cent Steel Lincoln Cent 2 Cent Coin Buffalo Nickel Liberty Seated Dime Washington Quarter Walking Liberty Half Dollar Morgan Silver Dollar.

Your Name required. Your Email required. All rights reserved. Note: The prices listed below are for the most common dates of U. Coin prices may or may not be currently accurate but are intended to show relative value. Coin values depend upon condition and rarity. Rare dates are worth far more than the prices listed. Coins that are damaged, cleaned, polished or very worn are worth less than the listed prices. For information about grading U.

Coin Grading. Oct 28, coindoc. When did Canada stop minting coins in silver? Is there any history or special meaning behind Lincoln facing right on the cent?

Error Coin Values Why is the dime smaller than the nickel? Coin Type. Average Circulated. Typical Uncirculated. Half Cent-Liberty Cap Half Cent-Draped Bust Half Cent-Classic Head Half Cent-Coronet Type Large Cent Flowing Hair Chain Large Cent Flowing Hair Wreath Large Cent Liberty Cap Large Cent Draped Bust Large Cent Classic Head Large Cent Matron Head Large How to find out blocked calls Braided Hair Small Cent Flying Eagle Indian Head Cent Lincoln Cent Lincoln Cent Steel w.

Lincoln Cent Copper. Two-Cent Pieces Three Cent Silver Three Cent Nickel Five Cent Nickel Shield Type Five Cent Nickel Liberty Head Five Cent Nickel Buffalo Type Five Cent Nickel Jefferson Type Half Dime Flowing Hair Type Half Dime Dr.

Bust -Sm. Eagle Half Dime Heraldic Eagle- Half Dime Capped Bust Half Dime Liberty Seated Dime Draped Bust Sm Eagle Dime Heraldic Eagle Dime Capped Bust Dime Liberty Seated Dime Liberty Head Barber Dime Winged Liberty Mercury Dime Roosevelt Silver Dime Roosevelt Clad Twenty-Cent Piece Quarter Draped Bust Small Eagle Quarter Draped Bust -Heraldic Eagle Quarter Capped Bust Quarter Liberty Seated Quarter Barber Quarter Standing Liberty Quarter Washington Silver Quarter Washington CuNi Quarter Bicentennial Dated Half Dollar Flowing Hair Half Dollar Draped Bust -Heraldic Half Dollar Capped Bust Half Dollar What does your name me Edge Half Dollar Liberty Seated Half Dollar Barber Half Dollar Liberty Walking Half Dollar Franklin Half Dollar Kennedy Half Dollar Kennedy D.

Half Dollar Bicentennial dated Dollar Flowing Hair Dollar Draped Bust -Small Eagle Dollar Heraldic Eagle Dollar Gobrecht Dollar Liberty Seated Dollar Trade Dollar Morgan Dollar Peace Dollar Eisenhower Dollar Susan B. AnthonyDollar Sacagawea Dollar Presidential Gold Dollar Type 1 Gold Dollar Type 2 Gold Dollar Type 3 Three Dollar Gold Pieces Four Dollar Gold Pieces Gaudens What to eat when losing fat your U.

These Coins Worth the Investment

Dec 03, All you have to do is know what coins are worth collecting and you'll be good to go. The W Silver Eagle - Reverse of Variety The American Silver Eagle is a popular coin among both hobby collectors and ctcwd.com: International Precious Metals. Apr 11, The ultimate list of U.S. pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars & dollar coins you should be saving, and not spending. See which coins in your spare change jar are worth money! (Any that are NOT listed here are simply worth face value.). Got a question about coin collecting, or just wondering how much your old coin is worth? Ask away! This subreddit is intended to serve as a learning resource for experienced and beginning collectors alike.

Rare coins will add beauty and value to any coin collection. Think about the history you're holding in your hand.

Or maybe a Morgan silver dollar that road with a pioneer in the Wild West. Coin collectors are stewards of these treasures and a wise collector can also turn them into an investment.

These coins were selected based upon the artistic beauty of the coin's design, popularity with collectors, and the potential to increase in value over time. You will find an assortment of coins that are affordable for the beginning collector, as well as challenging enough for the more advanced collector and everyone in between.

Given the extreme popularity of these coins, they are also frequently a target of counterfeiters and "coin doctors. Make sure you buy these coins from a reputable coin dealer and have them certified by a third-party grading service. Heritage Auction Galleries.

In , the United States changed the design of the one-cent coin from the Indian Head to a design that commemorates the th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's birth. The coin was an instant success with the public. However, Victor David Brenner placed his three initials on the reverse of the penny near the bottom. Previous designers only use their last initial, and mint designer Charles Barber took exception to this new trend.

After the United States Mint facility at San Francisco produced , new Lincoln pennies, the initials on the reverse were removed. This change in the design created an instant scarcity. Many coin collectors begin their coin-collecting journey by collecting Lincoln pennies. This rare coin is usually the last coin Lincoln penny collectors will add to their collection. Over the years, this coin has maintained its value and prestige among collectors of United States coins. Optimal Collecting Grade: EF Optimal Investment Grade: MS Anthony DeFrancisci designed the Peace silver dollar , and it was first produced in December The United States Mint also produced a substantial mintage of dated Morgan silver dollars.

The idea to commemorate the peace that followed the "Great War" was first proposed by Farran Zerbe, former President of the American Numismatic Association from to The idea caught on, and DeFrancisci produced a beautiful design emblematic of liberty on the obverse and peace symbolized by an American Eagle on the reverse.

The first Peace silver dollar coins minted in had a high relief but were too difficult to strike properly. The recesses of the dies were so deep that the metal could not flow into these deep recesses completely and caused a lack of detail on the coins. The mint did not begin striking these coins until December 26, This late start gave an extremely limited time for the United States Mint to produce these new dollars.

Slightly more than one million coins were struck, and the public snapped them up rapidly. Although this coin can be considered scarce, a beginning collector can acquire a circulated example at a modest cost. Optimal Collecting Grade: MS Engraver George T. Morgan initially created this design to be used on a half dollar.

It was eventually modified and adapted for the silver dollar beginning in The United States Mint was consumed entirely by producing silver dollars to fulfill the requirements of the Bland-Allison Act. Although the CC Morgan silver dollar is not a key date nor scarce with approximately two million pieces minted in the Carson City, the Nevada branch mint facility, owning one of the early coins produced at the Carson City mint added character to any coin collection.

Circulated pieces are moderately priced within the budget a beginning collector. Uncirculated pieces are also within the budget of an intermediate collector. Although not as scarce as the S VDB Lincoln cent, the D coin comes in a close second with a mintage of 1,, coins produced. What makes this coin desirable is that uncirculated specimens were not saved in the same quantities that the S VDB coins were. Therefore, uncirculated D examples are scarcer than the more popular S V.

Given the popularity of Lincoln cents among coin collectors, this coin has also maintained its value over time, especially for intermediate and expert collectors seeking a quality uncirculated coin.

However, circulated specimens are also within the coin collecting budget of beginning and intermediate coin collectors. Be careful when selecting a circulated specimen. Look for a coin that is evenly toned and does not have any problems such as scratches or dings.

The Doubled Die Lincoln cent is another coin that is extremely popular among Lincoln penny collectors. Although this is considered an error coin , many collectors still seek to add one to their collection.

This coin is undoubtedly the most famous error coin ever produced by the United States Mint. The tale of this error coin began when the United States Mint used a coin die that received two impressions that were slightly offset from each other.

Mint workers discovered the error after approximately 20, to 24, coins were already mixed with a batch of properly produced coins. The mint decided that it was not worth the expense to melt the entire quantity of coins to scrap the error coins that got mixed in. When news of this error coin began appearing in local papers in the northeastern United States, many people pulled the coins out of circulation.

Local coin shops were buying them as fast as people could find them. There are many uncirculated and about uncirculated examples that can be obtained for your collection. The D Three-Legged Buffalo nickel is another error coin that became very popular with collectors.

Given the time and cost to produced coin dies, many dies were polished or ground to extend their die life. An overzealous mint employee ground the surface of the die to the point where it removed the details for the front leg of the Buffalo on the reverse of the coin. This coin did not immediately receive the popularity and newsworthiness of the Doubled Die Lincoln cent.

Therefore a majority of these coins saw circulation. Most intermediate and advanced collectors of Buffalo Nickels will want to add one to their collection. Circulated examples are moderately priced, but uncirculated examples are scarce and only coin collectors with a deep enough pocket will be able to afford one.

Another coin that was part of the "American Renaissance of American Coinage" in was the Mercury dime. Although the proper name for this coin is the "Winged Liberty Head Dime," the public thought that the lady with wings on her head was the Roman god Mercury. Production of this coin at the Denver mint in yielded only , coins. This immediately made the coin very rare. Coupled with the popularity of the new design, only intermediate and advanced collectors will be able to afford one of these coins for their collection.

Optimal Collecting Grade: F Optimal Investment Grade: AU The Standing Liberty Quarter was first produced in with a very limited mintage. Therefore, the Standing Liberty quarter is extremely rare and expensive. Consequently, the second year of production in is a more affordable example of a classic United States coin. The Type 1 coin features Lady Liberty with her left breast exposed. Some people believe outrage sparked by the public caused the United States Mint to produce a second type of coin with Lady Liberty's chest covered by a coat of chain mail.

Another theory is that the United States was preparing for entrance into World War I in and the coat of chain mail was added to indicate that Lady Liberty was ready for battle.

Circulated examples of this coin are affordable for even the beginning collector. An intermediate coin collector can easily obtain uncirculated examples. The Washington quarter first produced in and was intended to be a one-year commemorative coin to commemorate the th anniversary of George Washington's birth. Due to the Great Depression, no Washington quarters were produced in However, the issue proved to be so popular that the design was permanently adopted in and is still in use to this date.

The S Washington quarter has a lower mintage than the D, but more of them were saved and are readily available and higher grades. The D quarter is scarce and will prove to be a better addition to your coin collection and most probably will appreciate better than the San Francisco issue.

Optimal Collecting Grade: AU The first coins were made in ultra-high relief but proved too difficult to strike correctly and did not stack neatly for bankers. Engravers at the mint lowered the relief in and coins were readily made for production. The design was modified at the end of to include the motto on the reverse of the coin. This "No Motto" coin is available at a modest price considering it is a gold coin that will add value to any coin collection.

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