Toontown how to be a cog in the playground

toontown how to be a cog in the playground

Daffodil Gardens Tasks

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Playgrounds are uninhabited by cogs. While in the playground, a toon 's laff meter will gradually heal itself by +1 laff (+2 laff on the test server). A faster measure is .

Laff points are a toon 's health. It is the basis to keep a toon happy and able to perform how to play a dvd without the remote actions, such as defeating cogsplaying trolley gamesand more. If a toon is sadsuch actions like going on the trolley or leaving Toontown to go to their house will be delayed until playgound sad toon has at least one laff point in their laff meter.

The laff meter is a form of a health bar in Toontown Online. The laff meter is portrayed as the species of the toon, as well as the color. A happy toon's laff meter is playgriund the toon's laff points are full, and the bar is "smiling. Each toon starts with 15 now points. The maximum laff aa is currently In the course of a toon's journey, several toontasks will be offered for a reward for more laff points. A total of 85 laff points are rewarded from toontasks.

Some cog facilities are restricted to weaker toons. In order to avoid being restricted, a toon will need to earn the required laff points.

Once playgrohnd toon has enough laff points, they may enter that facility. Sellbot headquarters has one restricted area, the Factory Side Entrance.

Toons with 31 or more laff points can enter the area. Cashbot headquarters has two restricted areas, the Dollar Mint and the Bullion Mint. The Dollar Mint can only be entered once a toon has 66 or more laff points.

The Bullion Mint can only be entered if a toon has 71 or more laff points. Lawbot headquarters has three restricted areas, Office B, C, and D. Office B requires 84 or more laff points. Office C requires 89 or more laff points. Office D requires 94 or more laff points. The Middle Six requires or more laff hiw. The Back Nine requires or more laff points. This wiki. This wiki Playrgound wikis.

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My old friend told me about his friend who had a cogsuit in the playground and I decided to record him. Its been a while since I've seen a cogsuit in Toontow. Exclusive Toontown Infinite event in Full HD Quality! Overall, it was fun. Though some toons had the taste of purposely crashing the server by double trappin. Just some Cogs invading toontown!(toons with nothing better to do who are glitching and about to be banned!)Game: ToontownToon: HunkyLocation: Daisy garden.

Laff Points are the health system in-game which not only lets you survive stronger attacks, but shows off your own progression as well! The Laff Meter shows how much Laff you have. When you lose all your Laff, you go sad. When going sad, you are sent to the playground and lose all your gags because the cogs took them all!

Your sad laff meter frowns, sticks its tongue out, and has XX eyes. Need to heal up after a tough fight? Well, these are just what you need! You can collect Treasures to regenerate Laff points after fighting Cogs. Treasures are found throughout the Playgrounds or in your Estate, and are used to regain a spot of Laff each time you pick one up! The amount of Laff they restore depends on the Playground they are located in.

They restore anywhere from 2 to 16 Laff! After creating your Toon, the final option before picking your gags is if a player would like to have their Toon be an Uber. Uber mode is extremely difficult, and is only advised for experienced players or those looking for an extra challenge. Toons who do not wish to play as an Uber simply must select "Normal Toon" on the status screen.

The Uber will gain all the Laff Points they should have at that current level. The following modes can be selected on the status screen and will cap your Laff after reaching the threshold. They will stop gaining Laff after they reach 34 Laff instead. Laff Points are earned from the following areas.

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