How to wear a togo

how to wear a togo

Sep 22, Mary Harlow, Associate Professor of Ancient History at the University of Leicester, describes how a Roman Citizen. Nov 09, Shelby Brown, education specialist at the Getty Villa, recounts the history and lore of the Roman toga and explains how to wear your own 21st-century version.

Fashion history goes back to ancient times and there is little arguing to the statement that some of the modern fashion designers take a lot of ideas from outfits worn by the inhabitants of ancient Rome. Numerous books and movies tell us about those distant times, in part to recreate the clothes of a once advanced civilization.

Toga belongs to ancient Rome and it was strictly forbidden for foreigners and slaves because this historic element tpgo to a weaf caste and shows if someone has rendered any service to the community.

Learn to wear a toga by following these guidelines. The method of tying the tgoo is not very difficult once you know how to start tying it. However, people now try to wear what is a budget officer changed form of togas. According to the ancient rules w regulations, you cannot wear it by yourself. So, ask someone to help you out in this regard. Take a toga and straighten it.

Then ask the assistant or a friend to raise their hands and wrap the cloth with the body. Drag toggo togas from the right side over the left and then flip over the left shoulder. Remember how to wear a togo hold one corner of the fabric. Tie the fabric after covering the shoulder. Another method to wear a toga is to start from the left shoulder. Hold one end of the lengthy piece of fabric. Then slug that part of the toga over your shoulder, turn it under the right arm and pull tight at the back.

If you will have another piece of fabric, draw it a semicircle so that it goes down to the knees and then attach it to the back. If you tk any problems then you can always go online and search for different video tutorials that can definitely help you get started on the best way to wear a toga the ancient Roman way.

You will find many video tutorials that will guide through each step ewar show you how to properly wear a toga. You can also consult many different books that deal with ancient Rome as there are really good descriptions on how the Romans wore their togas. Y0u will find plenty of decent what is ms word and its uses which show the various styles and types of togas that were worn in ancient Rome.

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Mar 01, I'm going to a toga party later this week and I've just realised how hard it is to tie a toga!So I've decided to make this video - hopefully it helps!:)This Author: Ammoywen.

Last Updated: July 8, References Approved. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more Once the tuxedo of the Ancient Romans, the toga is now a favorite costume at many events, including fraternity, sorority or Halloween parties. Learn some no-sew ways you can wrap one and look like you stepped in from the past.

Then, hold one end of the sheet in place over the front of your body with feet cm of excess fabric in your hand. Wrap the other end around your back, then around your front, and finally around your back again. Bring the end over your shoulder and tie it to the excess fabric from the other end in a knot on your shoulder. To tie an authentic-looking toga with a bedsheet and a safety pin, fold the sheet in half lengthwise.

Then, drape one end over your shoulder so the end of the sheet is in line with the front of your waist. Grab the other end and wrap it around your front. Next, wrap the same end around your back so it's in front of you again. Finally, toss the loose end over the shoulder that the other end is draped over and safety pin it in place. To wrap a strapless toga, start by folding a bedsheet in half crosswise.

Then, hold the folded sheet horizontally behind you and wrap it around your chest under each arm. Tuck one of the ends into the top of the sheet like you would with a towel, then use a safety pin to keep everything in place.

Tie a rope or belt around your toga to give it an empire waist. If you want to learn how to wrap your toga from the front or add designs, keep reading the article! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Fold the long side of a bed sheet in half. Find a full, queen or king-sized flat sheet and fold it in half. If you want a longer toga, fold the sheet only a quarter. Drape one end over your shoulder. With the long side of the sheet behind your back, drape one corner over one of your shoulders.

Adjust the draped end until it reaches down to your waist. Pull the fabric from your backside around to your front. While you hold the draped end with one hand, grab the sheet from behind your back with your other hand. Wrap the long part of the sheet around your body. Holding the gathered, long fabric from your backside, wrap it around your body several times. Wrap the sheet all the way around your back, under one arm and across your chest. Toss the end over your shoulder.

After you wrap the long end of the sheet around your body several times, toss the final end over the shoulder you started with. Adjust your toga if you need to. Fold, pin or bunch the material until it hits your legs where you want.

It may take a few passes until you feel it lays right. Make sure you spend some time smoothing the layers and folds. Secure the final end on top of your shoulder. Use a safety pin or a decorative brooch to hold the tossed, final piece. You can also tie the ends together. Method 2 of Hold the sheet in front of you to drape one end over your shoulder. Take one end of your sheet and drape a few feet of it, front to back, over one of your shoulders. The draped end should reach down your back to your butt.

Wrap the sheet around your body. Holding the long end of the sheet, wrap it diagonally across your chest and under one arm. Continue wrapping across your back, under your other arm and around your chest. Tuck the wrapped end under the draped end.

Adjust and secure the sheet. Adjust the height of your toga by folding, pinning or bunching the material until it hits your legs where you want it. Spend some time smoothing the layers and folds and pin them if you need to.

Method 3 of Fold a flat sheet in half. Fold a sheet with the short ends together, until it is the proper length for your height. It should cover from your armpits to your legs. Decide on how much leg you want to show or cover.

Wrap the sheet around your chest. Holding the folded sheet horizontally behind you, pull both sides underneath your arms and around to your chest. Wrap under your arms to your backside and to your front-side. Tuck one end into the top. After you bring the wrapped sheet around to your chest, tuck one end into the top of the sheet, like a towel. Make sure the sheet holds snugly around your chest.

Adjust and secure the wrap. Spend some time smoothing the layers and folds. Use safety pins to hold your wrapped toga in place. Add a belt to your toga. Tie a belt or rope just under the bust to help secure the wrap and make a flattering empire waist.

Method 4 of Fold a sheet in half. While standing, hold a sheet horizontally in front of you. Fold the sheet in half, until it is the proper length.

Holding the folded sheet horizontally in front of you, first wrap one side around your chest and then the other side, much like a towel. Leave 3 to 4 feet 0. Make halter straps. Twist the 4 foot 1. Run this twisted sheet over your shoulder and behind your neck.

Tie the end of the twist to the sheet running across your chest. Adjust and secure your toga. Spend some time smoothing the layers and folds, then pin the toga onto your tube top.

Take extra time to pin the halter securely. Add accessories to your toga. Although optional, this adds interest. For example, tie a belt or rope just under the bust or at the natural waist.


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