How to use node js in php

how to use node js in php

Getting Started with Node.js for the PHP Developer

Now, can I process the request in NodeJS and then give a PHP file as a response (after processing on server side) instead file. An outline of what I mean is: Client Request-> NodeJS server->NodeJS script->PHP server->PHP script->Client Response. Its like stacking of 2 servers. May 25, If you wanted to use this, youd probably have write some fake PHP setting variables to whatever you want them to be, and processing that .

I get it. So am I. I initially started as Java Developer and spent roughly 10 years living in that land. I was one of those die hard Java developers that when PHP would get introduced into a conversation, I would hod spouting off things like enterprise, scalability and other nonsense.

I started working on an open source project that needed a social web front-end about 5 years ago and the team needed to choose a programming language for the site. I explored How to cut gothic bangs and most other languages but settled on PHP for a number of reasons. It was tough to swallow my pride nde start coding in PHP but what happened during that project was nothing short of a usee. I fell in love with the language and began using it for as many projects that I could find while leaving my Java roots in the dust.

PHP has served me well over the last 5 years but I was still searching ohw that holy grail of a programming language that is fast to develop in, has enterprise backing, is performant and scalable while also providing a strong community of developers. I believe that Node. The first thing you need to understand is that Node.

It is in use by some of the most highly trafficked website on the Internet today and is continuing to win over developers hearts and mind. It is truly at a point where you can trust it for even the most complicated of systems.

If you are thinking you need to learn a whole new language to be productive with Node. Most developers are already familiar with JavaScript and that is phl language and semantics that you will be working with when coding uze Node. In fact, a recent article published by Red Monk that tries un make sense of github projects to determine the most popular languages has JavaScript as what is the world doing to stop global warming King.

The top three languages are hoa follows:. In a nutshell, Node. It uses the Javascript programming language and has a plethora of libraries available as npm modules.

You can think of these npm modules as library dependencies that may be satisfied with Composer if you are coming hode PHP land. However, backend Node. Given this, Node is perfect for applications where a near real-time experience is desired.

For the remainder of this blog post, I am going to show you how to get up to speed with Node. The sample application that we are going to write is a simple backend service that ro provide the sj of every Walmart store.

I chose Walmart for this example because quite simply, it is the holy grail of all department stores. I had originally planned to create how to find out bios password same application in both PHP and Node.

I then pnp about just using the Laravel framework as it is continuing to grow in popularity. However, I would still only reach a quarter of the PHP developers. Sitepoint recently published an article discussing this very thing and provides the following chart depicting the frameworks that show the most promise for Given the vast differences in how to configure database too and create REST services for each framework, I will assume that you how to clean smelly dishcloths how to do this for your framework in PHP and instead will focus just on the Node.

As an added bonus, I will walk you through installing Node. The easiest way to install Node. Point your browser to the following URL and download the correct one for your operating system:. If you are using Mac OSX, click on the universal. This will save how to water a vegetable garden installation program to your local computer.

Once the file has been downloaded, start the installation program by double clicking on the. Complete the installation process by using all of the defaults and finally click on the close button to exit the program once the installation has been successful. Pretty easy, huh? Now that we have Node. LoopBack is an open source API framework that provides functionality ohp will make your life easier as you begin to learn how to write and deploy software written in Node. In order to install LoopBack, we will be using the npm command that is part of the core Node.

NPM is the official package manager for installing libraries or modules that your applications depend on.

Using the Composer dependencies system, developers are able to specify dependencies in their composer. Once the packages have been defined in the composer.

Tto modules works the same way and uses the package. You can also install dependencies from the command line to make them available on your local system. In order to install LoopBack, we can issue a single command that will download and usf all of the dependencies we need for the package. Open up nnode terminal window and issue the following command:. What just happened? We told npm that we want to install the strongloop package while also providing the -g option.

The -g option makes the package available as a global package for anyone on the system to use and is available to all applications. Once you run the above command, NPM will download the package as well as any dependencies that is required. Depending on the speed of your system, this may take a few minutes to complete.

Simply open up your terminal window and issue the following command to create a new application called locatewalmart. The slc utility will now create a new LoopBack based project called locatewalmart and configure the project. When we get prompted for the application name, we can keep the default. After running the above command, a new directory for your project will be created for your application. Change to the application directory with the cd command:.

Now that we have our application created, we want to add support for MongoDB as a datasource for loopback. In order to communicate with MongoDB, we need add a datasource to our application. We do that by running:. LoopBack defines all datasource configuration nodf the datasource.

Open this file and add a datasource for MongoDB as shown in the following code:. For this example, I have a database created locally called locatewalmart that I want to use for my datasource. Now that we have our database defined, there are a couple of extra things we need to do. First of all we need to specify that our applications depends on je loopback-connector-mongodb package.

To specify a dependency, you modify the package. Open up the package. After that you can run npm install. This will auto update the package. The section should look like the following:. Now that we have our un configured, we need to load the data set into our MongoDB noce. The first thing we want to do is download a JSON file that has all the data that we want to return. You can grab this at the following URL:. Once you have the data set downloaded, simply import it into your database using the mongoimport command as shown below:.

It is a representation us an Object which in this case is a Walmart store. LoopBack provides a convenient jw to create model objects by using the command line. Open up your terminal hse, go to the project folder and issue the following command:. This will begin an interactive session where you can define your model. The first thing that you will be asked is the datasource you want to associate the model with.

We will select the mymongo datasource that we just created before. Next it will ask for the plural name for the model. Once you hit the enter key, you will be prompted to specify the properties of store model.

You nodr think of this as var s that you define on a class in PHP. The properties we want to add is the type of store, the open date, the latitude and the uae. Once you hit enter, you jw be asked to provide the yow type for each property specified. The first item will be opendate and we want to select that it is of type date. Select date and press the enter key. Then you will be asked if you want this property as a required one for schema validation.

You will then be asked for the data type for each remaining properties. Provide the following answers:. To see what was actually created under pyp covers, open up the store. Find the stores entry that will look like the following:. As you can see, we have a model created and the properties we defined jn assigned to the store model. The public field specifies that we want to expose this model to the world via a REST web service. The mapping of the model to the datasource is defined in the model-config.

The datasource field specifies the datasource that this model will use for CRUD operations. Guess what? You can do this by going to the how to create rating in facebook page URL:.

Examples Running in the Command Line Interface

May 04, Depending on your particular project, you can grab either the code snippet or the PHP one to provide that functionality in the app. Here are some examples provided by Hashtagy using our pineapple ctcwd.coms: 1. Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML. Jan 28, Both and PHP are common back-end languages with a lot to offer. is gaining a lot of momentum among programmers currently, but PHP still dominates the overwhelming population of websites. Here are a few more tips to help you decide where you land in the Node js vs PHP debate. You Should Use If a. You Want to Use the.

You heard somewhere that anything real-time would be better suited for Node. End result? What would be the best way to achieve this using the Instagram API?

The answer echos a common response in software engineering: it depends. Due to the particularly strict requirements to use the Instagram API, all development projects must be designed with clear use cases in mind.

Examples may include:. However, this is somewhat of a trick question. It will display the last 20 posts associated with a particular user ID. No further laborious development is required on your side. How much of the past do you really need to hold onto for your application? Sandbox mode has evolved over time to address the reality that most projects fall into the above three buckets. Since security incidents are costly and ruin the integrity of the brand , Instagram understandably is a bit coy with giving developers any access beyond that.

The review processes for both have tightened up in direct response to intense public scrutiny that their API was insecure. It includes pointers on optimizing this feed for both mobile and desktop browsers. If this exercise illustrates that your project requires more functionality, you can formally engage with Instagram and be met with a higher chance of success.

The time spent working in the sandbox mode will facilitate a focused dialog with their team. Instagram will certainly ask for evidence that the limitations of sandbox mode are not suitable for your project. Since the review process can take upwards of two weeks before getting a response, preparation is critical for success. To use these scopes in production though, your app needs to go through review and be approved for a given permission.

The permissions your app can be approved for relate directly to the use case of your app. Any access beyond that would require a deeper review from the Instagram team. In short, there is a rigid review process to prepare for even for basic access. It is wise to fully review all of their documentation around passing the review process, especially in light of the changes to the API in This discussion is covered in many blog posts throughout the internet.

It is a common topic among web developers. Usually, a developer just picks one or the other depending on the project and their comfort level with the associated language. The integration of both alongside one another is a separate beast entirely. When you integrate PHP with Node. Think of a news feed or dashboard that updates itself without any action required from its viewer.

Instant messages, user activity streams, newsfeed tickers, games all of this functionality can be created by integrating both PHP and Node. This is quite the departure from traditional PHP website architecture, which is typically running on Apache.

A limitation of this back end architecture is that managing resource-intensive tasks in an elegant fashion is difficult. Integration with Node. Instead of a process blocking another, the Node approach allows the costly tasks to be run in the background while still servicing other requests.

Social media content is perfectly suited for this. You can leverage their API in order to push content to your application. We must also remind ourselves what API Endpoints are.

We can identify endpoints in our code by the syntax they keep URLs. The best APIs have naming conventions that are self-explanatory by looking at them. In our upcoming example using Hastagy API, that endpoint looks like the following:.

Oftentimes an endpoint will respond in JSON format. If you have not worked with them before, they are named in a fairly straightforward manner:. There are also some built-in functions for error handling.

It would be advisable to review the full documentation for additional examples. Our application, now identified as integration between PHP and Node. Perhaps you have other sources as well, but this sprint of development is focused on Instagram. You must be logged onto Instagram while registering as a developer. A common mistake is to not realize you are logged onto a personal or another undesirable account. Be sure you are logged on using the account that is designated as the primary lead developer account for the application.

Once you are registered, you are ready to start requesting data. All endpoints can be reached by the following URL. If you need to dive deeper, Facebook has very detailed guides for its business and consumer API s. Imagine that your application has some sort of picker that allows you to then pull known in-use Instagram hashtags.

Depending on your particular project, you can grab either the Node. Here are some examples provided by Hashtagy using our pineapple keyword. An example response to this literal request returns 45 distinct hashtags it considers related to the keyword pineapple.

This preview allows you to inspect what the returned data looks like. It also allows you to inspect what additional information you can glean for your application when you pull those requests.

For example, by looking at this example response, I may decide to add some logic to handle responses that have more than 30 distinct hashtags such as calculate displaying only the first 10 in the UI unless expanded. Most use cases for incorporating real-time content from Instagram can be satisfied by using sandbox mode. If your goal is to simply display your Instagram feed on a website, sandbox mode should be sufficient for your needs.

Instagram has infamously tight requirements to use its API in an application. All apps developed with their API must undergo a review process. The official Instagram documentation cautions developers that the review process may take upwards of a week.

You must register with them as a developer and describe your intent behind its use. Their documentation even specifies that this process must be done while logged onto your mobile Instagram account. You must submit a compelling case of why the sandbox mode is not sufficient for your needs while simultaneously illustrating how it meets the requirements defined by Instagram.

Thank You for sharing blog keep it up! And then the topic trails off. Your email address will not be published. Register Now. Why Not Both? Search this website. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. API Hub vs. Developer Portal Register Now. Error code the user does not have permission to access the requested resource.


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