How to stop squirrels from bird feeder

how to stop squirrels from bird feeder

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Bird Feeder

Cages: Place a wire cage around a bird feeder. Squirrels will not fit through small wire openings but that will not restrict smaller birds from feeding. This is also useful for preventing larger bully birds, such as starlings, grackles, and pigeons, from accessing the feeder. You can try distracting the squirrels by placing a decoy in your yard. Take a squirrel feeder and put some corn or other food that squirrels like into the feeder to keep them occupied and away from the bird food. Hanging some suet in a small wire cage in the tree can also deter squirrels. Place Cages around the .

Love them or hate them, squirrels can be a nuisance; small birds are scared learn how to hack website from squirdels feeder, expensive bird seed gets wasted and, more importantly squirrels can cause serious damage to our homes if encouraged to stay. So, just how do you keep squirrels from eating bird seed?

Can we stop squirrels climbing bird stoo in the first place? There are some tried and tested ways of preventing squirrels from stealing bird food, from baffles to squirrel proof feeders and from slinkies to chilli powder. Most methods work in some way but which are the most effective and xquirrels method will keep squirrels from eating your bird food? Fedder are five things you can try. Dquirrels have tried many ways to prevent squirrels getting to their bird seed.

Some succeed, some fail and a sotp of money is spent on purpose made squirrel busting products. However, the simplest and most effective way of beating the squireels is often completely free, using common household items. We must remember that squirrels are very intelligent creatures and they can quickly adapt to most situations to achieve their goal — free food!

The first option most people go for is a squirrel proof bird feeder. There are two popular types of squirrel equirrels feeders — caged and sprung.

The caged variety is usually a seed, suet or nut feeder surrounded by a metal cage. This type is normally what people think of when it comes to squirrel proofing and generally suits most situations. The gaps are large enough that small garden birds can fit through and feed in safety, however, the cage is sized so that squirrels and some larger birds are unable to put their heads through to feed on the food.

The metal cage is chew-proof and often coated in a plastic material. This prevents corrosion and gives the feeder a nicer look and feel. They are good for larger birds like pigeons too. They mostly look like a normal feeder but with a more robust design. A mechanism is built into the feeder that slides the outer cylinder or sleeve down over the feeding ports when something heavy enough climbs on.

This is a weight activated mechanism and small birds that hardly weigh anything will not have an effect. It is so important to keep your bird feeders clean. Read this post to learn more about when and how to clean yours. It is the most expensive on Amazon right today. I have noticed something about the ro feeders, which makes me think they are not that effective at all. I also wonder whether they are worth the extra money. A squirrel that could not get to the seed in my caged feeder worked out a simple trick.

If he jumps on the feeder and shakes it hard enough, the seed will fall to the ground where he can collect it. So, remember that a feeder can be tipped or swung on to dislodge and spill its contents. Luckily, my feeder is an old one but I would what is a ethernet frame be happy to have spent more money on a so-called squirrel proof feeder for a squirrel to cheat the system and woodstock ga is in what county spill fgom seed.

My squuirrels would be to go for a squirrel proof feeder that closes its ports under additional weight. That way a squirrel cannot be on it at the same time as tipping it — kind of impossible so it should work.

I have looked at which squirrel busting geeder are available right now. In terms of value for money and customer feedback, the ones below are a good starting point. Using some kind of grease on a bird feeder pole can be a very easy and inexpensive. The goal here is to make the pole of your bird feeding station as slippery as possible for how to treat chronic constipation naturally squirrel to climb.

While this is a cost-effective method it could be something you will need to repeat over time, making it less convenient. It is potentially going to be a messy job too. It is also worth considering who else uses your garden.

Pets and children may come into contact with the pole or brush against it, resulting in stained clothes or a pet transferring grease from the garden to the inside of your home.

Using a grease that is colourless and odourless will be best, rather than a brown automotive grease that stains. Anything that is slippery and able to withstand the elements should work.

There are many companies providing this substance for many different lubrication-based uses but mainly skin care for infants, as well as adults. Vaseline is going to be a good option to try on your bird feeder but only on the pole itself. Feedback from people who have used Vaseline against squirrels report some success. Vaseline is cheaper to buy, compared to other commercially available grease.

Somewhere like Home Bargains or a pound shop may have alternatives for less money. This is going to be up to you depending on what frok best in your situation — cloth, hands, brush, for example.

Choose a way that results in drom least mess but the most effective coverage. My advice is to use a paint brush, rather than hands or a sponge. By using a clean paint brush you will get equirrels more even coverage with less mess to clean how to reprogram peugeot 307 key afterwards.

Keep the brush covered and available for reapplication as necessary. You what is in turkey tetrazzini not use Vaseline or other squirels products on a feeder where birds may come into contact with it.

They are unable to clean grease and oil from their plumage and they will suffer. This is possibly one of the most fun ways to stop squirrels getting to your bid seed. However, if they work out a way to get to the prize, you almost feel congratulations are in order and let them have a meal… or not! It is basically a long squirels metal spring that stretches how to get rid mosquitoes bites reforms under gravity. First of all, you need to know how to install a slinky on your bird feeder.

You may need to be creative here, unless your pole gives you an easy hook point. With a shepherds hook type arrangement, you are unlikely to be able fesder slide the slinky down from the top of the feeder. The best way around this is to slide the slinky over the pole from hw bottom. This may mean you have to remove the pole from the ground in order to do so. Of course, if your pole comes apart in sections do that instead; it squrrels you having how to cut mp3 songs free remove a firmly sited, upright pole.

Either way, slide the slinky over the pole from the bottom end. Once you have slid your slinky on to the pole, find a junction point where the hooks come away from the pole.

Or there may be a lug or protruding joint the slinky can hook over. Firmly hook the slinky over one of these and let it hang to the ground. Give it a tug to efeder sure its firmly attached. This clever device is a more discrete method of using the mechanics of a slinky. Similar to the regular slinky, this can deter many squirrels from persisting. However, prices vary a great deal so shop around before you buy.

It is also worth reading a few reviews first because some users report these as being ineffective against less timid squirrels. At first feefer squirrel is startled by srop instability of the pole but can sauirrels learn to overcome this minor setback.

In my mind all a squirrel has to do is hang for long enough until the spring stabilises, then continue to climb up while it is under tension. I think feder such as these rely on the shock factor aquirrels something that can often be overcome. If you want to try one, it is also available hereat a fraction of the price. There are many reports of what is pseudomyxoma peritonei cancer after using a regular slinky against squirrels.

The following video shows an effective deployment of how to improve neighborhood security slinky on a bird feeder pole. There is nowhere for the squirrel to jump from that is high enough for them ftom mount the slinky directly.

This means sttop have to climb up from ground level or in this case the fence and at the point of transfer on to the slinky the squirrel falls quickly downwards. This startles the squirrel enough that it gives up on that attempt. Depending on how high squierels feeders are and if a squirrel can launch itself from a high enough point, they can cling on and keep climbing the slinky until it is at full stretch. Then it becomes more like a slightly awkward ladder, allowing them to climb up to the food.

As it is important to place your bird feeders away from any launch points for squirrels, you might want to know just how far a squirrel can ti.

In one of the videos above you see squirrels jumping from a table to a feeder, which is about a metre away. It is widely held that a squirrel can jump up to 2. This is why you must place your feeders at least these distances from any fence, tree, shed or other suitable point from which a squirrel can jump.

If you have been searching for ways to stop squirrels invading your bird feeder, you may have heard of something called fgom baffle.

There are two main types of baffle to use on bird feeders — dome and tubular. The difference between types of baffle allow them to be used in certain situations. The main feature of a baffle is the smooth, shiny surface which prevents a feeeder being able to grip and climb.

So, even if a squirrel can climb the feeder pole, feeddr will not be able to get over a baffle half way up under the feeders. A squirrel baffle will be located differently depending on the type of feeder you have.

If you have a pole feeder, the baffle will be fixed either at the base of the pole or half way up before the feeders. You can use either a dome baffle or a tubular baffle. This option will require a dome baffle. These are examples of dome baffles.

Ti can see how a dome can be used either above or below the feeders to geeder your hanging method. The domes are large enough to make it difficult for an average squirrel to leap around it from below.

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Sep 21,  · One of the most effective ways to keep squirrels off your bird feeder is a pole and baffle system. Schaust recommends an Advanced Pole System (APS), which is a pole with crook arms. Then, you can secure a baffle to it to outsmart the hungry squirrels. A baffle is essentially a dome that is placed above the bird feeder. Using Squirrel Baffles On Bird Feeders If you have been searching for ways to stop squirrels invading your bird feeder, you may have heard of something called a baffle. There are two main types of baffle to use on bird feeders – dome and tubular. The difference between types of baffle allow them to be used in certain situations. Mar 15,  · Squirrels are not a fan of pepper seeds and they deter them from eating the other seed from the feeder. Use cayenne pepper and mix with other seeds the mixture doesn’t affect the birds at all but it has an effect on the squirrels. The birds lack the taste receptors which are present in squirrels which makes this technique effective.

Keep squirrels away from your bird feeder with these tips. Some deter squirrels with age-old tricks while others try strange hacks to repel them. Learn how to stop squirrels here. There are bunch of ways to prevent squirrels from raising your birdseed bill.

Relax my fellow bird lover, no more eye-twitching while you watch squirrels outsmart your latest clever obstacle. This article will focus on safe products that are aesthetically superior and stop squirrel invasions. No weird hacks, rigging milk cartons or using a slinky to deter squirrels which they WILL overcome by grabbing the pole. We will focus on attractive, tried and true products that actually work!

No more frustration. First of all, squirrels are very smart. They are an exceptionally successful mammal with around different known species. Squirrels are divided into three types including tree squirrel, ground squirrel, and flying squirrel. They make their home on every continent except Antarctica.

They make incredible leaps to gain access to a food source like your bird feeder. Did you watch it? Notice how this squirrel used the very product that was supposed to deter it as a landing pad to gain access to food! Unfortunately, this happens all the time. Squirrels figure things out quickly and are quite clever. The problem with that feeder was its proximity to the fence.

The homeowner underestimated the squirrels ability. See ya bird food. Squirrels have a 4 foot vertical jump!

Tree squirrels can jump 10 feet horizontally from a tree branch to your bird feeder. More if the branch is higher than your feeder. So going forward, to keep squirrels away, consider those distances.

New generations and neighboring squirrels with test your feeder indefinitely. More about permanent solutions later. Great during bird migration! All birds no squirrels. Use anytime! This is a high quality birdseed composed of sunflower meats, safflower, liquid Habanero chili peppers, and safflower oil. Yes chilli peppers!

Does this seed hurt the squirrel? First of all, have you ever eaten something spicy? Sure it was uncomfortable for a few minutes but you made it through! Well, same thing for the squirrel. Second, and most importantly, does it negatively affect birds?

Not at all! Birds and mammals have different receptors on their tongues. Capsaicin, a chemical compound found in hot peppers, does not affect birds. Furthermore, there is no evidence of any harm to a bird as a result of ingesting capsaicin. If you want to keep squirrels away from your bird feeders, I know this will work for you. If you have open feeders, this is a great product during spring and fall migration. Bird feeders are emptied quickly during these times.

We want to keep squirrels away especially at these times. A squirrel baffle is an old tried and true product which is successful most of the time. When using a squirrel baffle, where you place your feeder pole is what will determine the success of the baffle.

There are two different types of baffles. One is designed to protect hanging feeders from the top while the other is designed to protect post feeders from the bottom. Both of the ones below are great quality and made of powder coated metal with really good reviews. If you have your feeders hanging from trees, you will need a top baffle like the one below.

You can get it here on amazon, just click on the pics. Remember when installing a baffle on a post to place the baffle as high as possible from the ground. Otherwise the squirrel with just leapfrog over it! All of the above baffles are tried and true with great reviews. The main advantage of a feeder pole is that it give you the option to place the pole where you want it.

Sometimes there is nothing to hang a feeder from so a pole is the way to go. Caution, not all poles are created equal. Some feeder poles incorporate a baffle into the post which is what I recommend like the one below.

Consider, 1 squirrel eats about 1 pound of food per week. Squirrels see squirrels feeding and all of them in the area join the free food party. When a single squirrel exploits your bird feeder for 1 year this equals 52 pounds of birdseed per squirrel per year. What if you have 5 squirrels? An effective feeding post is really a must have. A squirrel-proof pole that has a spring-loaded baffle and works like a champ saves money. Highly effective with patented inverted cone-shaped baffles.

Make sure to also purchase a good baffle, you will need it. Additionally, you can hang hummingbird feeders beside your bird feeders. Check out my article on attracting hummingbirds! For an effective and permanent solution to keeping squirrels away from your bird feeder, you should use BOTH a squirrel proof feeder AND a squirrel proof pole!!! If hanging from a tree, still use a baffle! First, we should go back to understanding squirrels for a moment.

Like all rodents, squirrels have incisor teeth that grow throughout their life. Second, it ensures the squirrel can gain access to difficult food sources and nesting sites through gnawing, like your attic!. Third, their teeth are used to ensure future generations by successful nest-building. Make no mistake, squirrels are a highly successful mammal. Wood, of any kind, is no match for a hungry squirrel so I avoid those. There are a few different feeder types like hanging and pole mounted versions.

Also, some feeders only allow certain species to access the seed which is awesome! Large Feeder. Fewer fill ups. Superior quality. No batteries. Squirrel proof. Also, the battery compartments tend to corrode in hot, humid areas. The above feeder is awesome. This feeder will allow all birds access to the seed. Check out the reviews! Here is another favorite of mine below. Another Great Squirrel Proof Feeder.

Still Use A Top Baffle. Remember to use a top baffle like the one I suggested above if hanging your feeder in a tree. First, to further deter the squirrel. Redundancies are the key to squirrel proofing. Second, the baffle will keep the seed dry during rain. Total quality. Squirrel proof and large capacity for fewer fill ups. Keeps the large birds out. The above bird feeder is squirrel proof and stops larger birds from accessing the seed.


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