How to start a fashion blog for free

how to start a fashion blog for free

How to Start a Badass Fashion Blog in 2021 [Updated]

Jun 29,  · By choosing WordPress over paid tools like Wix and Squarespace, you’ll have a lot more control over how your fashion blog looks and functions. You’ll also have full ownership of your blog. The WordPress software is % free to download and use and makes it easy to set up a blog. To further enhance your site, you can use. Apr 13,  · Launching your fashion blog begins with securing a domain name. If you want to build a professional website, you need to pick a memorable domain name that ends extension. You can use domain name suggestion tools such as Domainr, GoDaddy, etc. to quickly find out whether a domain name is available or not.

Are you the best dressed among your peers all the time? Do you have a great sense of style? If yes, why not start a blog and become a fashion blogger? Starting a new fashion blog is not very easy. First clear your confusion on which makes more money: Blogger or WordPress. Our step-by-step guide on how to start a fashion blog from scratch is going to help you create a career.

From picking a blogging platform to the blog monetization processes, we have how to teach a kid to hit a baseball harder on everything. The fashion industry is like an onion. It has many layers to it.

To be more specific and connect with your target audience, pick a genre with a clear goal. For instance, you can appeal to a younger audience and talk about affordable ways of being fashionable and create DIYs.

Meanwhile, you can attract a more mature audience and advise on designer finds. Besides, you can become a unique voice for the sustainable fashion world. Plus, you can shed light on the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry. You can become one of the top fashion bloggers who give great advice on thrifting. On the side, you can also share your knowledge of the color, the patterns, and how to be super on-trend. You can also portray your love for vintage clothing and how to preserve them.

The fashion world is overwhelming. To find your niche, take a step back, and think about these things. So, let us explain. A domain name is the blog name, and it is your identity. A Simple Name: The simpler your domain is, how to microwave ramen noodles easier it is to remember.

Use common words. Avoid using symbols or numbers that can make it hard for your audience to remember. Also, use creative expressions that are funny, witty, or unique, and ones that stand out from the ordinary. Length of Domain: The longer your domain name is, the harder it is to remember. So, keep it short and concise. You get the point, right? It is best when your audience can find out your niche from the domain name.

Eventually, you can use the keywords on your domain name. Brand Reflection: Try to find a domain name that reflects your personal brand and the theme of your blog. Your blog name should still be able to carry the essence of your identity and vision.

It is tough work. But once you have the right name, it becomes your personal branding. People can identify you easily, and it leads to more career opportunities as well. If you just want to try out fashion blogging without spending a single penny, you can get subdomains for free.

You can create a free WordPress website like blossomthemes. Before you lose sleep over how much cost everything is going to add up, let us tell you that domains are very affordable.

So, your site stays safe and secure. You get the freedom to post about anything and customize the how to put rhinestones on cell phone of your site.

Professional: Buying a domain instead of using a subdomain makes your WordPress blog look professional. For example, myfashionworld. Blog Sales: You can place ads and make money from your own fashion blog. If your blog performs well, you can even sell it. Better Search Engine Ranking: Google values and indexes paid domains better than the free domains. You can buy a domain from a Domain Registrar. The following ones are popular because of the easy and additional features.

NameCheap : Purchasing a. They also offer Privacy Protection for free. GoDaddy usually has great offers and it may come in handy for you. The next big step after purchasing a domain is getting a web hosting plan for your blog. SiteGround : Recommended by WordPress. The web host has a super-fast page loading speed and performs exceptionally well. Their customer support is incredible as well.

BlueHost : Bluehost is also a WordPress. It often brings promotional hosting packages and lets you upgrade your packages whenever you want as your blog grows. With this web hosting company, you get a free SSL certificate for customer data protection. But, when you purchase Bluehost, their hosting service allows a free domain for the first year. The hosting service offers fast speed, daily automatic backups, and on-demand backups as well.

FlyWheel : FlyWheel what jobs hire at 14 a managed WordPress hosting provider which not just takes care of your hosting, but also streamlines your workflow. It provides an incredible infrastructure for hosting with hacker-free security, fast speeds, and regular nightly backups. This host is great for agencies and web designers as well. It allows you to create a website and blog templates easily.

The theme you use determines the success of your blog. A good theme helps your blogging career thrive. You can make viewers subscribe to your newsletter, buy your merchandise, and more. To create a fashion blog, we have two recommendations up our sleeve. They are Blossom Fashion Pro and Sarada.

The beautiful homepage, clean design, and the Instagram section at the bottom give high emphasis on the images. You can get your website in minutes with one click demo import. Simply choose from the several ready-made demo contents and kickstart your website with a click.

You can customize the color and font and integrate your social media platform. With Blossom Fashion Pro, you can monetize your own blog by building an online store within your blog.

You can also promote your own or affiliate products. Another way to make money is through Adsense optimized advertisement spots. Throughout the theme, there are several advertisement spaces.

The newsletter section is a great feature that helps you increase your email subscribers and regular visitors. If you want to target a specific audience by changing the language, Blossom Fashion Pro supports multi-language as well. See what our customer has to say on the Blossom Fashion Pro review. With one of the most beautiful homepage layouts out there, Sarada is the ultimate pick for top fashion bloggers.

Sarada is your solution for all feminine blogs such as fashion, lifestyletravel, parenting, food, beauty, and many more. This WordPress theme features built-in Live Customizer, letting you preview the changes in real-time before making it live. The unlimited color and typography control enables you to design the appearance of your website to match your brand style.

Specially designed to generate leads, Sarada comes with newsletter sections and CTA buttons. At the same time, you can also make money with the AdSense optimized advertisement sections. Using this template, you can add blogs, link your social networks to your site, and sell your products online.

This way, you can become a popular fashion influencer in no time. On top of that, its mobile-friendly design and easy navigation ensure good readability and smooth user experience. They are WooCommerce compatible and have various customization options.

Since you may not have the proper idea of what features and design works best for you, you can use their free blog them e versions at first. Well, if you want to browse through even more options, feel free to check out our list of Best Free Fashion WordPress themes. With plugins, you can add extra features, streamline your working process, or enhance the design. You can add features like Social buttons on posts, Images, Contact forms, animated slideshow, Pop-up boxes, Image optimization, and more.

Contact Form 7 : Contact Form 7 plugin allows you to manage multiple customizable contact forms. Your visitors can have easy access to contact you through contact forms on your blog.

WooCommerce : WooCommerce plugin lets your blog include an E-commerce store as well. If you plan to sell products and services from your blog, the theme streamlines the online selling process. If you want every essential resource like a plugin, marketing tool, hosting, appointment, and more under one roof, see our recommended tools and resources.

Fashion blogging is a competitive genre.

Step #2: Work out the technicalities – pick your blogging platform

HOW TO START A FASHION BLOG IN Ok, so now that you know WHY it’s so important to start a self-hosted WordPress blog, here’s a quick, easy tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog on Siteground. I have tried several hosting providers for my websites. Popular ones . Dec 22,  · Look at some of your favorite websites and get inspiration. Design your blog in a way that its easy to navigate and its easy to read. Make sure you include an about you page and a contact page. You can use the free templates on Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, and WordPress or you can hire a . If you are just starting your fashion blog, the Basic Plan is a good place to start. You can always upgrade your plan at a later time. Type in the domain name you want into the “new domain” field. Double check to make sure you spelled it correctly.

Contrary to popular belief blogging is not dead. As long as there are search engines, blogs are still needed. May will be my 10th anniversary as a blogger. August will be my 4 year anniversary as a full time blogger.

Let me just say that I am so thankful and grateful to be able to live out this dream. Now that I am living my dream. I want to help you live yours. This article is part of my new DroppingJewels series. A series where I share my personal experience and expertise in blogging as a business.

When I started blogging back in , my goal was for it to become my full time job. I wanted the first post in DroppingJewels to be a motivator. Before I start sharing my tips on how to start a fashion blog, let me briefly tell you why I wanted to become a fashion blogger. I have always been in love with fashion. For years magazines and television only catered to non plus size women.

When it came to fashion magazines plus size women were barely featured and plus size clothing was rarely included. I wanted to create a website that served as a resource for plus size women. A place where plus size women could find out where to shop for clothing in their size. How to style looks that flattered their bodies. And to see other plus size women who resembled them.

Essentially, my fashion blog served as a digital magazine for plus size women. Since starting I have been able to quit my corporate job and become a full time blogger and entrepreneur. There are quite a few different styles of fashion bloggers. You can also be a niche fashion blogger by focusing on DIY and etc. Or you can do it all and serve as a fashion hub. You could focus on tall, plus size, and petite fashion. There are various ways you can approach fashion blogging.

Just choose one you are passionate about. Doing your research will help you to figure out the direction you want to take your blog. When I came up with Stylish Curves, I wanted a name that was easy to remember and pronounce.

A name that reflected the content I was creating. I also wanted a name that I could brand products with in the future. It can be a bit frustrating trying to find the right name. I found that writing down a few name ideas and playing around with words can be helpful. Once you come up with a name, you should double and triple check that no one else has it. I know a few people who had to change their blog names because it was being used already for another business.

You can always do a google search or check with the Federal Trademark and Copyright website to make sure your name is not trademarked by someone else. Sometimes you may come up with a name and no longer like it. You can always change it later. There are a few blog platforms you can use to start a fashion blog. These are the most common. WordPress , Blogger , and Tumblr. I started out on Blogspot. I found it to be much easier to navigate.

Once I got comfortable and wanted to do more with my blog, I switched over to Worpress and have been there ever since. I learned how to create a blog on wordpress by researching, watching videos, and then I hired an expert.

WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr all have free templates for you to build your blog. However, if that is a challenging area for you then use the free templates first. As your blog grows and you have money to invest in it, you can hire a web designer. Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Wix. However, free hosting limits the amount of pictures you can upload and your domain name your blogs URL will have to include the platform in its URL.

For example. If you use Blogger free hosting, your domain name will be www. This is why I suggest self-hosting. If you decide to self host, you own your blogs domain. One of the best self hosting sites is WordPress and GoDaddy. I was self hosting through WordPress first and about 3 years ago switched to GoDaddy.

You can purchase your domain name yourblog. However, feel free to research other web hosting sites. One of the main reasons you want to buy your domain name is because it looks more professional.

Also, it prevents someone else from buying it and trying to sell it to you later. Trust me, it happens. It even happened to me. This to me is the fun part. Look at some of your favorite websites and get inspiration. Design your blog in a way that its easy to navigate and its easy to read. Make sure you include an about you page and a contact page. You can use the free templates on Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, and WordPress or you can hire a web designer. Keep it simple and add things as you go.

With fashion blogs, the most important thing to focus on next to great content is high quality photos. As you get comfortable with your blog you can see how to add different widgets. Learn how to use the free templates and graduate from there. Contact the web designer and get a quote. Content is everything. Your content is what will set you apart from other fashion bloggers.

In the beginning, I mentioned you should decide on what style of fashion blogger you want to be. The reason that is important to do is because it will help you figure out the type of content you want to produce. Back in personal style bloggers would just post their photo and say where they got their pieces from. That worked back then but not so much now.

They want to know why you chose to wear that. Also, they want to know how it made you feel when you put a certain piece on. When it comes to fashion blogging, you need to be creative. You can take photos with your phone, a point and shoot, or a DSLR. If you choose to write commentary on celebrity style, try to be witty with your words.

Keep the readers attention. Just be creative. Remember in the beginning, I told you my brief story about why I started a blog. What you should get from that story is that I started a blog with a purpose. I wanted to fill a void in the fashion blogging world. Back in there were very few blogs that served as a shopping resource for plus size women. Most plus size bloggers were personal style bloggers. I entered the realm giving style tips, shopping tips, and showcasing plus size celebrity style.

I blogged with a purpose. I wanted to help other plus size women look and feel their best. While you are in the process of starting your blog, think about who you want to serve or help. I wish they told me about SEO.

Search Engine Optimization. Using SEO will help make your blog more visible in Google searches. You want to create blog posts using terms that people search for. People search for niche terms all the time.


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