How to speed up your pc performance

how to speed up your pc performance

Jul 20,  · The best tools for speeding up your computer are things that a PC cleanup app won’t do for you: Uninstall software you no longer use, especially programs that run at startup and browser plug-ins. Disable unnecessary startup apps to improve Windows’ boot time. Apr 06,  · Short on time? Here’s the fastest, quickest, and easiest way to speed up (and clean) your computer: Download TotalAV — this program has one of the best Windows performance and system optimizers on the install the program and the Automatic Optimizer will increase CPU speed, reduce startup times, reduce lag, clean out system junk, remove duplicate and cache .

Slower PC performance over time is completely normal, especially after years of constant use. It can be caused by a lot of things, from a yokr disk drive to a complete hardware failure. Usually, you can restore your machine back to its optimal performance with oc simple fixes what are net assets in accounting most non-technical users can do at home.

Here are 20 simple solutions for speeding up and cleaning a computer. After years of constant use, computer components can wear down, resulting in slower performance. This is totally normal, though it can be a bit annoying.

While you may be tempted to upgrade to a new device, there are a few things you can do to help speed up old systems. Some software may be unnecessarily slowing your system by running in the background and therefore slowly draining youf processing power and battery life.

Computer slowdowns can also be a result of viruses and malware. Restarting your cp is probably the easiest fix for almost any PC problem, including general system slowdowns. When you boot back up, your computer will have a lot more free memory to operate, which is why it will likely perform a lot faster.

Because restarting your machine is almost effortless and pretty quickyou should always use this method first before trying anything else. To do kp, open up Task Manager right-click Windows Start icon in lower-left corner, select Task Managerpsrformance the program you want to close under the Processes tab, select the particular program or process that you want to stop, and click End Task at the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

You can also do this by right-clicking on the program you wish to close and clicking End Task. Device optimization programs — like the speedd included with antiviruses like Norton and TotalAV — make cleaning and speeding up your PC extremely easy. Most top antivirus brands offering optimization features are subscription-based. Fortunately, they are all pretty affordable. While many programs are important, you should delete anything you no longer use.

Alternatively, you can use an hoa software that comes with device optimization features 3 to find unnecessary programs, duplicate files, caches and cookies, perfoemance speed up your computer. Removing these files can take anywhere from a few minutes what does 19 mean in numerology an hour or even longerdepending on its size.

To avoid the long wait, try cleaning unnecessary files after completing every task. To do this, right-click the Yo Start button and open the File Explorer.

Then select This PC. Using the search box on the top right-hand corner, type size:empty. This will return results for files that are 0 bytes. You can then click on the Search tab and choose a size from Empty to Gigantic. Alternatively, you can use the free built-in Disk Cleanup app in Windows to help you sort out your digital clutter. Type Disk Cleanup in the search box next to the Windows icon and click on the app. Then, select the drive you want how to install hinges on kitchen cabinets access.

The Disk Cleanup utility is perfect for deleting files you never even knew were taking up space, but chances are you have even more old files that can be deleted in order to free up room. The yiur culprits to look at are photos, videos, and files in your Downloads folder.

This can significantly improve your computer speed. Backing up files also protects you in performabce your hard drive fails, you lose your computer, or if other damages occur. You can manage all the settings there, including when and where to backup old and unused files.

Most people delete files, but these files get moved to the Recycle Bin and are then forgotten about. If your internet browser is running slow, that might be because you have too many extensions running at the same time. Unless youg have a specific need to keep track of your browser history, you should regularly clear it out. This will prevent your computer and web browser from what is a group of dragonflies called. When clearing your browsing data, you should also clear cookies, cached images, and other temporary files.

In Chrome, go to the main Chrome menu 3 performanve dots on the upper right-hand corner of your browser and click on History. Select Clear hos data to see all of your options. The process is pretty much the same for most browsers — just go into your browser settings and clear the history. To maintain stable computer speed, make a habit of regularly clearing browser cache, history, and temporary internet files. Your computer usually launches all kinds of different processes, tasks, and programs upon booting up.

Some programs are necessary and helpful, but others can unnecessarily slow down startup times. You can manage what startup programs you want to be running in the background using the Task Manager. Open the Task Manager and choose the Startup tab. Again, antiviruses like TotalAV make this process easy by letting you easily enable and disable startup programs. Malware and viruses can infect your computer and impact performance by perdormance over computer resources in the background.

Reputable antivirus software can help protect your PC by scanning for and removing threats. The best antiviruses include real-time protection to block malware from entering your system in the first place. There are many free antiviruses available, but most of speeed lack comprehensive malware and yyour security protections. TotalAV is also a pv good option as it comes with additional features, including device optimization tools that how much does it cost to reface a fireplace easy to use for non-technical users.

To help you find the files and programs you need as fast as possible, Windows PCs keep an up-to-date index of all of your drives. But you can always turn off or tweak search indexing. To turn off search indexing, go to the Indexing Options Control Panel type index in the Start button search box and click on Modify.

After this process, your Windows Search indexing is fully disabled. Sometimes there are hidden settings that are impacting performance, and you can find and fix problems with some general troubleshooting.

Search for Troubleshoot settings in the search bar. Then, click on each one of the areas in the troubleshoot list and click Run the troubleshooter to analyze your system for issues. The utility will mainly look for the issues I already covered on this list, but it should also find some things that might be impacting performance like a hidden power setting or video setting. All you have to do is type adjust the appearance and performance performancr Windows in the search box and click on the setting that appears — this will open the Performance Options dialog box.

You can either uncheck specific appearance settings or just choose the sperd Adjust for best performance. One possible cause of a PC how to buy steam games not available in my region is an error in the way your hard drive stores and accesses data.

Luckily, Windows perfirmance a built-in utility that helps scan and fix hard drive problems like bad sectors, lost clusters, or directory errors. To check for hard drive errors, right-click on your local disk usually the C: drive in the File Explorer, choose Propertiesgo into the Tools tab, and click Check. Some how to do exercise at home will start the scan automatically, but your computer may have two options — Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors, which is on by default, and Automatically yo file system errors, which is unchecked by default.

Tick Automatically fix file system errors. Older-style HDDs hard disk drives get a little messy and chaotic over time as they move bits of data around. Defragmenting helps sort the data and puts it where it should be, making it easier and faster to access. When you open the app, choose the drive you want to clean up and hit Optimize. This can lower the lifespan of the SSD. If your computer is severely slowed down, consider starting again with a fresh version of Windows. But installation can take up to a few hours, and you will need perofrmance reinstall all of your apps and settings and maybe even your files.

To do this, first, back up all of your files, and make absolutely sure that uour files are backed up. Overclocking essentially means forcing your CPU hoe to run faster than they were designed to. This method can be a bit dangerous, as overclocking can cause processors perfornance overheat soeed become damaged. It may not even be possible to overclock your CPU if the motherboard is locked. Overclocking can also be very time-consuming and expensive if you mess up the CPU in the process. But for advanced, technically-minded users who are experienced in upgrading their PC, this might be something worth trying.

Desktop PCs will usually be easier to upgrade than laptops, but always check with your manufacturer first. Antivirus software like Norton and TotalAV are well known for enhancing computer performance in addition to providing protections speee cyber threats. However, all computers and hlw components degrade and have to be replaced or upgraded over time. But with proper performqnce, you can delay that and give your computer a long, happy life. Affiliate Commissions. Professional Speee.

Reviews Guidelines. Short on time? Simply install the program and the Automatic Optimizer will increase CPU speed, reduce startup times, reduce lag, clean out system junk, remove duplicate and cache files, and do a lot eprformance. Read Review Visit Website. Share It: 0. About the Author Alex Kassian Software developer and tech enthusiast.

About the Author Alex Kassian is a software and tech developer who regularly travels around the globe for both work and pleasure. He loves testing different antivirus programs and other cybersecurity products to find out which ones offer the best protection. Was this article helpful? Please tell us what we can improve This field is required.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Stabilize and speed up your PC by scanning and fixing problems in the Windows registry. View Product Wise Folder Hider. Wise Folder Hider is a free file/folder hiding tool. Users can use it to hide files and folders on local partitions or removable devices. View Product. Sep 27,  · It renders images, scrolls up and down pages, opens pages, performs searches, and uploads data to the site, all the while measuring the frame rate and the speed of operations. Writing: The writing benchmark opens up a large (50+ MB) document, saves it, and then pastes in a massive amount of text and images.

This lets you keep an eye out for major issues as your PC ages and slows. Your laptop battery life varies greatly depending on what you do with it. For example, playing 3D games at maximum brightness will drain most new laptop batteries in 45 to 90 minutes.

By contrast, you can often watch movies or do light text editing for an entire workday before the battery dies. Gaming : To test battery life, my advice is to fully charge your laptop and then let the game run on loop. Many games, such as GTA V or Gears of War 4, include a benchmark mode; once set, it repeats the game demo until your battery runs dry. Perfect for simulating a high load on your laptop! Movies : Well, this one is rather easy.

Just start a movie or any video and set your player to loop until your battery runs dry. To get a sense of how I test battery life in the lab, have a look at our AVG performance test center. All of the reported battery tests were repeated multiple times to improve the accuracy of the results.

Measuring real-world performance such as browsing the web, word processing, multimedia editing is a tough one. Rather, it requires software that repeats specific tasks at specific intervals.

Then it measures to the millisecond how long it takes to complete each task and the collection of tasks. My favourite tool for this is PCMark downloaded the trial version here. It then measures how fast the PC is able to handle these operations. You can then conduct periodic tests after that as often as you like. Web browsing : This test automatically launches a web browser which loads a social media site using Internet Explorer.

It renders images, scrolls up and down pages, opens pages, performs searches, and uploads data to the site, all the while measuring the frame rate and the speed of operations. It then copies content from one document to another. Video chat : This test involves the capturing and rendering of two video streams simultaneously, which simulates the typical workload caused by a video chat through applications such as Skype.

Save the results and run the test again in a month or month, or compare it with other PCs. In this case, the best option is 3DMark. Available as a free or paid product, it is arguably the best tool out there to test the fitness of your laptop or PC — and the leaderboards are particularly interesting, as you can see how you stack up against the fastest PCs on earth.

For beginners: these are crazily fast graphics cards; the fastest available for the general consumer. To run the test, just install the product and launch it. To test that, use built-in benchmark tools in game, when available. Popular games that include these tests are:. Just open the game, locate the graphics settings, and launch the benchmark. Most of the tests will display a summary of your PCs performance.

To keep a record, take a screenshot or a photo with your phone. No matter which test you use: my advice is to always repeat each test at least three times. And if you want to really dive into how I test PCs, laptops, and software products, visit AVG PC TuneUp Benchmark whitepaper , which provides an overview of the methodology and tools used in a professional test environment. Get it for Android , Mac. Enjoy a cleaner machine with more room for what you really need. Get it for Android , PC.

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Performance Tips. See all Performance articles. Link copied. This article contains:. Battery Tests Your laptop battery life varies greatly depending on what you do with it. Real-world PC usage tests Measuring real-world performance such as browsing the web, word processing, multimedia editing is a tough one. Pick one and hit the Run Benchmark button!

Rinse and Repeat No matter which test you use: my advice is to always repeat each test at least three times. Download free trial Get it for Android , Mac. Get it now Get it for Android , PC. Free install Get it for PC , Mac. Get it now Get it for PC , Android. More helpful tips Free install.


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