How to solve network problem in mobile

how to solve network problem in mobile

5 Ways to Fix ‘Mobile Network Not Available’ Error in Android Smartphones

Jun 11,  · Probably, the above method will solve the Mobile Network not available problem, but if not, we have more ways to try out. Check out below-Update Firmware. Since there is no specific reason behind the “Mobile Network Not Available” error, we need to try all the possible fixes. Jan 21,  · => Open the panels of your mobile phone. => Check whether the antenna is shaking and if it is shaking then solder it or give it to someone who can help you solder it. => Clean the panels with methylated spirit and dry in a ventilated area for some hours. After doing all of the above your mobile phone network will be restored to normal.

If you are wondering why is my mobile network not availablelet us tell you that there could be several reasons including but not limited to nulled or an invalid IMEIpoor network coverage, issues with your carrier or other technical issues with your phone. Well, it does not matter pproblem mobile prolem you are using as the fixes are common for all the Android smartphones. If you have tried all your best to fix the mobile network error, do give a try to the fixes we have outlined below. We are sure that one of the solutions mentioned below will take care of the issue.

If you have not tried it already, go for it without giving a second thought. We have seen many users in the past who fixed their Mobile Network not available error just by selecting the mobile network manually. If you are not aware of how to select the network manually, check out the steps below. After the completion of the search, select your Network operator such as Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, etc. Now, insert the SIM and battery again.

Power on your handset and see if this fixes your problem. Check Also: Unfortunately com. There is an ni method to resolve a problem with the radio signal which is not broadcasted correctly. You will get a prompt with a testing menu. Probably, the above method will solve the Mobile Network not available problem, but if not, we have more ways to try out. Check out below. Start the firmware update if a new update is available for your device.

If none of the above methods worked for you, we suggest you try out the robust solution which is Factory reset for any Android smartphone. We are mentioning it as the last solution as it involves the deletion of your data. Follow the steps below to reset your Android smartphone to factory settings. Now, hold down the HomePowerand Volume Up button altogether for a few seconds until the phone boots in recovery mode.

Highlight the options from the volume down button with a confirmation with the Power key. Similarly, highlight how to check vehicle history in bangalore factory reset option and confirm ptoblem by the Power button. After the phone restarts, you need to set it up from scratch again.

We are quite sure that at least one of the above methods will surely help you to resolve your problems with the mobile network in Android devices.

In case, you are still struggling with the Networm Network not available error, do let us know the details in the comments below and we will help you out. Stay tuned. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Fix SIM errors

Aside from having no signal, mobile network problems can also be a lack of access to websites or online apps. The causes can range from having a simple system malfunction to having hardware problems with your signal receptor. The situation may appear dour, but I have some fixes. These specific steps that describe how to carry out these actions are examples, since the exact process may vary by device. Try these tips if you have no network at all or a weak signal.

The simplest things can be the most rewarding. On most devices, you can simply long-press the Power button. After restarting the device, see if it worked for you. Restarting your device clears any malfunctioning system processes. You can also try toggling your airplane mode on and off because it refreshes your network connection. Switching to 2G can help to boost your signal, but it has the opposite effect on Internet performance and speed. Turn it off and see if it makes any difference.

Take a stroll through your house and note the signal strength in different locations. Specific locations inside your house can affect the reach of any signal to your device. Note : The bars that you see are not the most accurate representation of your signal. However, going outside or near a window can help you get a better signal. Signal boosters are pretty easy to set up and use if you are willing to spare some cash.

The SIM card is often at the heart of the matter when it comes to mobile network problems. Therefore, we are going to take extra care in ruling out its culpability. Turn your Android off, then switch it back on. This is probably the simplest way to resolve minor problems of any kind when it comes to your Android.

The SIM card must be seated in your Android properly. Your SIM card is what connects you to your network , so this is crucial.

Ensure that the SIM is secured in its tray. Be careful though, never use much force on the delicate parts inside your phone. Take care not to scratch or bend the SIM card. Some devices have the SIM tray is located directly beside the volume buttons. For other devices, you can access the SIM by sliding off the back cover and removing the battery.

Does this happen everywhere? Is it constant, or intermittent? Are you next to people with the same provider who have service?

What about people in a different area? Reliability is influenced by how close you are to the towers. Contact your carrier regarding your SIM. Having your SIM card replaced by your carrier can also be a solution. This will clear your network settings back to their defaults. You can forward your calls and messages to a different number that has signal for emergency purposes. Use a service like Open Signal to research carrier service for your location. But instead of looking at the signal bars, use a more accurate measurement.

Obviously, the following method will work if it is. This can be restored by going into Engineer Mode. Doing a factory reset on your phone reverts it to its original state. If everything else fails, you can try resetting your phone. You also need to install a custom recovery, like TWRP. Be sure to select a ROM well-suited for your device.

It can either be because of poor network connections or a worn-out signal receptor on your phone. If you used to have a cell signal on your device, a broken cell receptor is a likely cause. Toggle Airplane mode on and off. This process resets your cell signal and refreshes your connection. I used to work in a building that was built pretty much like a bomb shelter. So most of the time it was hard for me to get any signal anywhere in our building. A change in carrier might help too.

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Pls, I need help. My phone fall inside water and and they said is unfixed, that the panel has collapsed. I have some of the steps on this website but is not working. What can I do. The house i packed in last month being August am presently having network challenges.

Pls kindly provide solution to this immediate needs thanks. And remain blessed. Hi mate, thanks for sharing your situation with us.

In your case, we highly recommend getting a cell phone signal booster for your flat. HI, My phone is Galaxy DUOS GT-l , yesterday it has gone automatically to airplane mode , when i off this mode , after that my internet do not work in my mobile , but signal shows its connected.

PLZ tell what can do for this problem slove. For cases like this, the main problem is a weak signal. You can change to a different network provider or you can get a signal booster.

Check out the best signal boosters for remote areas. If you think that the listed signal boosters there do not suit you, check the Cell Phone Signal Boosters of All Types and determine which environment best describe your area to get the appropriate signal booster. No matter the network provider,the case is the same. They use sun direct DTH which is fitted on the roof which works fine. So are there devices if mounted on a pole or a long bamboo stick on the roof that receives signal and by wire sends the signal down a transmitter inside the house so that each room becomes internet usable?

Check out the Cell Phone Signal Boosters of All Types and determine which environment best describes your area to get the appropriate signal booster. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Why do I have poor signal at home? How do I refresh my signal? Previous Previous. Next Continue. Similar Posts.

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