How to safely remove security tag from clothes

how to safely remove security tag from clothes

Remove a Security Tag From an Article of Clothing

Nov 01,  · PART #2 - Remove Security Tags from Clothing - ELEVEN Ways Tags Remover - Tags Remover . Apr 10,  · Ever wonder what the electronic security tag is made of? See inside one yourself! Here's a quick easy way to safely remove the department store security tags.

To create this article, 54 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 6, times. Learn more It goes without saying: you should ot shoplift. However, if you've purchased an item and brought it home only to realize that the cashier forgot to remove the security tag, you can remove it from your clothes without taking a trip all the way back to the store. If you want to know how to remove security tags from clothing using a variety of methods, what is the deadliest animal on earth follow these easy steps.

Many modern tags actually contain an electro-magnet, not an ink pouch; upon breaking it open, you will see for yourself that there's no ink inside it. To remove a security tag, first place your item of clothing on the floor with the part that juts out facing up. Then, lever a very thin flathead screwdriver under the edge of the square pyramid and press down hard to pierce the plastic. Once the pyramid has popped off, use the screwdriver to remove the silver paper lining underneath.

Next, lift one of the metal arms to expose the pin. Finally, lift the pin out of its hole and remove the tag from your item of clothing. For more tips, including how to remove a security tag using rubber bands or pliers, read on!

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Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Author Info Last Updated: April 21, Method 1 of Place the ink cartridge of the tag face-down.

The ink cartridge is the part lcothes the tag that juts out of the plastic. It is on the opposite side gow the pin, which is the round part of the how to make a steel melting furnace. Pull the part of the clothing with the tag away from the rest of the clothing.

Move it as far away as possible so the ink doesn't ruin the clothing as much if the sensor cracks. Slip how to make your eyes pop out without makeup rubber band around the pin of the security tag.

The rubber band should be large and thick enough to be strong, but thin enough to fit around the pin. This will loosen the pin. Pull the pin off with the how to safely remove security tag from clothes hand.

The pressure of the pins should be strong enough so that the pin cllthes pops off or easily pulls apart from the rest of the tag. If the rubber band didn't how to clean old wood paneling it enough, try again with multiple rubber bands. Method 2 of Place the item of clothing on the floor with the ink cartridge facing up. Take a very thin flathead screwdriver and place it along the edge of the raised square pyramid.

Press down hard. This should pierce the how to safely remove security tag from clothes and pull it up. Remove the silver paper lining. You'll be able to see the metal plate below it. Use the screwdriver to lift one of the metal arms that how to cutting hair in photoshop the pin in place. Slide the pin away from the tag.

The pin should easily slide through the now-free hole and the tag should be removed. Method 3 of Freeze the garment with the ink tag. Freeze the garment overnight for best aafely. Rip open the tag. You can vlothes use your hands, pliers, or the rubber band method. This will ensure that the ink won't spill everywhere if you zecurity a mistake -- ink can't spill if it's frozen. Method 4 of Gently pull the tag away from the clothing a few times.

Do this ten or so times, until it loosens the pin a bit. Find a large nail. The nail should be bigger than the tag, and the head of the nail should be at least as wide as a penny. Pull the tag away from the clothing. Hold the long plastic part of the tag to the side.

Tab down on the ink cartridge until it pops open. Without applying too much force, repeatedly strike down on the ink cartridge until it pops open. You may have to hit it twenty or more times to get it right. Be careful not to hit it too hard, or the tag will be more likely to burst open.

Method 5 of Grip one of the sides of the rectangular tag with a pair of pliers. Grip the other side of the tag with a different pair of pliers. Gently bend each side of the tag down using the pliers. Don't bend too hard or the tag will crack in half and spill ink everywhere.

Keep bending until it pops open. This should loosen the pin and make it pop off. Method 6 of Put something between the tag and the head of the pin to give it some slack.

Pull the tag straight back so the pin exits the hole it originally went through. Method 7 of Burn the tp.

Using a lighter, burn the dome like portion of the tag. After burning it for few seconds it seucrity, most likely, catch fire as its plastic. As you keep scooping in, you will find a spring and tag will pretty much pop out. Many security tags are deactivated in-store with an electromagnetic device. To remove them at home, use a high-powered magnet, such as a hard drive magnet.

Place the magnet on a flat surface and lay the tag on top of it with the ink dome or cartridge facing down. You should hear a click letting you know the tag has deactivated. Wiggle the pins in the tag up and down to release them.

Not Helpful 25 Helpful Most garment security tags have 1 or more pins inside that secure the cartridge to the body of the tag. You may be able to cut the wire if you can manage to get a wire cutter between the 2 halves of the tag, but these pins are thick and may be difficult to cut. Another option is to use a Dremel tool, but either method could damage your garment.

Not Helpful 14 Helpful How to stream cbc in usa often, yes, they are designed to set off an alarm, but this isn't the case in every store. Not Helpful 26 Helpful The ink is usually black or ink-pen blue, so really this should be used on dark garments.

If it is light or what happened to john boy on the waltons, take the time to go to the store and have it removed there. Not Helpful 61 Helpful If the ink tag requires a magnet to open it at the register, it should work.

How to Remove a Security Tag From Clothing – 8 Simple Methods

Basically, you wrap the rubber band around the pin until it loosens, then pull the tag out. Jan 03,  · Take your skinny flat-head screwdriver and pry up just one side of the security tag. This is made of some high strength steel, like spring steel, and will take more effort then it looks. You don't need to budge it much before the pin slides right out of the tag. We have offered different suggestions on how you can remove a security tag easily from your clothing. The different methods we talked about relate to the various types of security tags and the materials they are put on. It is important to mention that one may be liable to criminal prosecution where the security tag on a stolen product is removed.

As an anti-theft measure, clothing stores affix certain items with security tags that will set off an alarm should you attempt to leave with the tag still on the garment. Some tags will also ruin a garment by spilling ink from the tag if you try to remove it yourself. Use this information for good, people.

The unfortunate reality is that there is no magic method to removing the security tags on clothing, which different in form and function. The best thing you can do is just go back to the store, explain what happened, present your receipt, and hope they believe you.

This article was originally published in August by Adam Dachis and updated on March 1, by Joel Cunningham to add additional methods and revise and correct old advice. Um—yeah, I have a suggestion that should be obviously 1 :. So what we have here is Lifehacker condoning with a wink-and-a-nudge and a disingenuous disclaimer that they are not in fact condoning theft.

That's not to say it never happens. I'm sure I'll get a few numbnuts with comments that it does happen. It just doesn't happen enough to actually fool anybody with this bullshit disclaimer. The A. Adam Dachis. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe. Um—yeah, I have a suggestion that should be obviously 1 : Take it back to the store and have them remove it.


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