How to replace duramax transmission cooler lines

how to replace duramax transmission cooler lines

Best Duramax Transmission Coolers

Jan 02, аи Pull the caps back along the pipe. Hold one leg of the retaining clip and using a pick, gently pull the other end of the clip from the quick connect fitting. Rotate the retaining clip out of the quick connect fitting. Now pull to separate the line from the fitting. Transmission lines are exposed to the elements and over time can leak. This video shows you how to change out those old lines.

But what if it fails? Here are some issues you might experience because of a failed transmission cooler. When a transmission cooler fails, there will be a handful of noticeable symptoms, many of which will cause transmission failure if not taken care of quickly enough.

The most common transmission cooler failures are transmiswion to either a leak in the body how to write a biodata for internship the cooler itself, or a clogged line caused by something flowing through the system. This most likely is from the transmission itself. If left unattended, the transmission will run low on atf which will increase the fluid temperature and cause premature failure.

One of the most obvious transmission cooler failure or blown transmission line symptoms is a leak. When a line leaks, there will be transmission fluid on the ground near where the leak is coming from. If you simply notice that a line is leaking, that can be a simple fix depending on the location of the leak and line itself. Depending on the transmission coloer system routing, it is not too uncommon to have the transmission cooler lines leaking at the radiator if the lines are starting to rust.

When in good condition, transmission fluid is a very bright red, so it is very easy to notice on most surfaces. If your transmission cooler or line has been leaking, the fluid levels will be lower. This will cause your transmission to have very poor performance.

This is the most noticeable signs of low transmission fluid Transmission fluid levels are critical when it comes to how your car shifts.

Not only will the car have issues shifting, but may start to make noise as well. There are many moving pieces inside a transmission that rely on correct fluid levels to stay lubricated. Lack of fluid will create more noise as things are moving around. Another obvious sign that your transmission cooling system has an issue is an increase in fluid temperature. If you did not notice the transmission fluid on the ground, or the lack of shift quality, odds are you will you will know when the transmission is getting too hot.

This can be one of the most noticeable clogged transmission cooler symptoms. The most obvious symptom of extreme transmission temperatures is the smell of something burning. This would be the most common signs that a transmission is going bad. Like mentioned before, the internal components of a transmission require the right about of fluid to stay lubricated, but this helps keeps things cool as well.

Once your transmission temperatures start to exceedyou will start to greatly reduce its lifespan. In the transmission temperature chart below, you can diy how to make a hair bow how long your transmission will live at various temperatures.

Heat is the number one killer of transmissions, so it is important to keep temperatures as low as possible. The only way to fix a bad transmission cooler or line is to replace it.

Since the factory transmission cooler is typically found within the radiator, this means the whole radiator will have to be replaced as well. If this is the case, it is highly recommended to perform a full coolant flush to ensure no ATF got into the cars cooling system.

Transmissino you have an external transmission cooler that needs to be replaced, this is less labor intensive and much cheaper than replacing the whole radiator. Fixing a bad transmission cooler will not only save you a headache, but potentially thousands of dollars that are needed to replace your ti transmission. Transmission Cooler Failure Symptoms. Transmission Line Leak. The below chart shows the colors transmission fluid transmissionn be based on how good coooler is. Noises Or Poor Transmission Performance.

Transmission Temperature Increase. Transmission Cooler Replacement Cost. Get the best pricing on the highest quality transmission lines! Shop Now. Learn about the most common signs and symptoms that your transmission cooler has failed. Transmission Cooler Guide. Publisher Name. Transmission Cooler Flush. Best Duramax Transmission Coolers. Transmission Cooler Benefits. Next Article Replac of Transmission Coolers.

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Oct 16, аи My oil lines to the radiator were leaking so I decided to change them and as well install the true cool 40K oil cooler. Original thought was to go o.e.m.. but I wanted to create something more stout. Kept the tube. Re flair the tube. Aluminum CNC machined with ferrule brass washers, some thread t. In this video, I show you guys how to fix a common problem on many old Chevy trucks that your mechanic can charge you a fortune to fix. This job isn't the e. Thought I would make a video on removing a transmission line from a chevy, this particular truck was an 08 Silverado but almost all chevy and Cadillac are th.

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