How to make writing easier

how to make writing easier

How to Make Writing Easy: One Nifty Tip to Sneak Past Perfection

Jun 02,  · How Writing Habits Make Writing Easier Great Writers Share Common Traits. If you’ve read my recent guest posts, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with Susan Find a Way to Loosen Up. James’ “chalk toss” was as much a part of his warm-up . Nov 22,  · To make writing easy, we need to let go of perfectionism. The good news is that I've found a way to sneak past perfectionism. And I've made a video about it for you. I've used this trick for both non-fiction and fiction.

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You may unsubscribe from these communications at any hoe. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Written by Ginny Mineo ginnymineo. If you want some tips for making content creation much less painful, download the guide here. Take it from someone who tends to write a lot -- writing is hard. You've got to be focused, motivated, coherent, creative, concise, ruthless, and meticulous -- all at once.

Just thinking about buddy the elf what is your favorite color that makes me feel some writer's block creep in, but most of us know that if we can master juggling all of those traits at once, we'll do an excellent job.

To help defend against writer's block or just general anxiety about writing so you can create quality contentit's really important to ma,e a few tricks up your sleeves. Some tricks can be super personal to you and your working style.

For example, I tend to write best when this Songza playlist is onbut I definitely don't expect everyone to like it as well in fact, one of the tips below advocates for listening to something quite different. Regardless, it's helpful to hear what other people do to make writing easier on themselves so you can figure out if those tricks work for you too.

We compiled a list of hacks from some of our teammates and partners to for you to try as you please, taken from our collection, Content Hacks: 34 Tips and Tricks for Planning and Creating Content. Hopefully, they'll help you get through that pesky writer's block on days it definitely needs to stay away. Instead, I use a 'working title' -- one that's reflective of what I'm writing about, but not yet as eye-catching as it could be.

Because even if I create an outline before I start writing, the final product always strays at least a little bit from the original plan. Not worrying about the title until I know I can craft one that accurately reflects the finished piece allows me to stay focused on the hard part -- actually writing! I like to create an outline for my ebooks, and then treat each chapter as a separate blog post. I use outsourced writing services like Zerys to commission those blogs and then edit them to create the complete ebook.

Using this method, you get several weeks worth of blogs posts AND an ebook to boot! The process is simple and makes ebook creation quick and easy. Editor's Note: You don't always have to outsource this process -- if you want how to prune an apple tree in the fall write and combine the posts into an ebook yourself, check out this guide.

Writkng all, if you enjoy a particular artist or genre of music, it stands to reason that listening hpw that artist or genre while you write will put you in a good jake. I pay too much attention to the lyrics. I start singing along. The best way to start is to first analyze your most popular blog posts from the past and then create similar posts.

Test out a few ideas by writing new posts about similar themes. Finally, designate a day of the week for your new blogging theme and let the new ideas flow! Then look at the title of that page. They almost always get it right. For example, if you're not sure how to write a movie title, looking it up on Wikipedia shows you that the title should be how to make writing easier. Editor's Note: if you want to develop your writinv company style guide, click here.

Services like rev. And because the webinar presentation already has graphics, you can lay out and design the new piece more easily, too. Enjoy a nice cocktail? You're in luck. If you're suffering from writer's block, there's nothing like the confidence 2 alcoholic beverages gives you to get the words free-flowing.

Just be sure to invest in a talented, sober editor. As Hemingway said, 'Write drunk, edit sober. What other tips and tricks do you have wrkting writing? Share your favorites with us in the comments. Originally published Jan 7, AM, updated July 16 Logo - Full Color. Contact Sales. Marketing Hub Marketing automation software. Service Hub Customer service software. CMS Hub Content management system software.

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When my husband and I lived in Baltimore, we shared an office on the third floor of our foot-wide row house. I read everything I write out loud. Yet it is productive. Because the more spoken your writing sounds, the easier it is for a reader to digest your ideas.

Now, for the record: I am a strict grammarian. I wear t-shirts with grammar jokes on them. First, know what it is. Go back and edit them out. They sound artificial when you read them. Stick to one idea per sentence. That will help keep your sentences shorter. And shorter sentences are easier to digest. Even one-word sentences — which you probably learned in school are not sentences — can be effective.

They can help you emphasize your point and break up a page, too. As I said up front, I always read my copy aloud as I write. I suggest you do the same. You need to hear the sounds. When you find passages like that, go back and fiddle. Join the Club! So I am not suggesting that you cloak your good thoughts in bad English. Or, um, smart guy. Related Content. Untethered: How to be a Mobile Freelancer.

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