How to make knit bias tape

how to make knit bias tape

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Apr 01,  · I chose to use Lion Brand Jeans yarn in the color Top Stitch for the Cosmos Textured Wrap. The Jeans yarn is a fave of mine (used it for My Comfiest Knit Cardigan, Vintage Jeans Crochet Top, and the Santa Monica Bias Wrap) as it’s really soft, easy to work with, and it has amazing drape. It’s perfect for this shawl that will be worn on the skin in the warmer months. For those who are unfamiliar with neoprene, this material is often used to create scuba-diving and surfing wetsuits or laptop slip covers due to the fact that it maintains its flexibility over a wide variety of temperatures and it displays an enormous amount of chemical stability.

It features a variety of stitches to take you on a journey through textures as you knit! The size is also completely customizable. Read on! How to use dragon souls to unlock shouts year when I shared the crocheted Summertide Wrap PatternI had several requests to make a knit version. The Summertide Wrap featured a variety of textures with a soft yarn and an airy fabric.

Both shawls are perfect for the spring and summer months and can be enjoyed year round, actually! Fun right? How do we knit this shawl? All of the stitches used are simple and include the garter stitch, stockinette, seed stitches, and drop stitches. As written, it has a generous width like the ever popular blanket scarf.

However, you can simply cast on fewer stitches to make it thinner. All you need to remember is to cast on with an even stitch count. Description: Soft, light, and full of interest, this textured wrap is a beautiful accessory for your spring and summer wardrobe. Take a journey through textures that will keep you interested while making a super comfortable, beautiful wrap. Materials: US Size 11, 8. Notes: This wrap is knit as a basic rectangle. It uses circular needles in order to hold all of the stitches comfortably.

Knit flat as you would on regular, straight needles. You can easily make the wrap wider or narrower by casting on more or fewer stitches while keeping an even number. To make it longer, simply knit for more rows while following the stitch pattern. Easy peasy! Seed Stitch Row 1 K1, p1; repeat across the row. Right Side Row 2 P1, k1; repeat across the row.

Drop Stitch Rows 13 — 15 Knit each st across the row. Rows 18 — 22 Repeat rows1 more time. Garter Stitch Rows 23 — 32 Knit each st across the row. Stockinette Row 33 Knit each st across the row. Row 34 Purl each st across the row.

Next, repeat rows 1 — 38, 5 more times a total of 6 timesor until wrap reaches your desired length. Feel free to let me know if you make one over on my Facebook Page in the comments, or on Instagram mamainastitch mamainastitch. Lake Isle Wrap Knitting Pattern.

Merlot Alpaca Wrap Knitting Pattern. Honeycombs Summer Scarf Knitting Pattern. Another gorgeous pattern! My to-do list just grew by one! Thanks for the lovely pattern and for your generosity, Jessica. Heading over to buy the kit!

The never ending lists we keep. So happy you like the pattern and kit, Judy! Thanks so much! I hate seaming especially larger garments like pullovers. Any of my top patterns can be worked in the round, but as written, they are all currently worked flat! Thanks for asking about it and for the sweet compliment. This wrap looks interesting with its mixture of easy patterns. It looks much more complicated to knit than it is. I love it!

My husband and I are waiting for our turn to get the vaccine here in Stockholm, Sweden. We are happy to live close to a beautiful lake and several beautiful old mansions. So glad to hear that you were able how to make pennis longer visit your family in Santa Fe.

Your daughter must be very happy. I miss my relatives very much. I need some guidance on the Cosmos Textured wrap as to row Where does the first asterisk belong? I see the asterisk at the end of the instructions, but fail to see where the repeat starts and I am a beginner knitter. I look forward to many more of your beautiful creations. Hi Linda! Great question and good catch! Thank you!! I am having a hard time finding the Jeans yarn.

I have everything except yarn. Where could I buy it retail or what would be a good substitute? Your email address will not be published. Comments Another gorgeous pattern! Thank you. Love your patterns! Thanks for making them available and for teaming up with Lion Brand! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your how to make knit bias tape address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

Ahhh the Summertide Wrap! Over the weekend, we had to say goodbye to our Spring makes! Follow on Instagram. We use cookies to improve our website. If you continue using this site, we will assume that you're happy with it. Learn more.

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Oct 26,  · How to make a bias bound deluxe fleece blanket. For a bias bound blanket, you’ll want 3 packages of extra wide double fold bias tape (3 yards per package). OR you can make your own bias tape. Each fold of the bias tape should be 1/2 inch wide. For this blanket, you’ll want thread that matches your bias tape in both the top and bobbin. 7 Make simple Cut flowers. This is my absolute favourite way to make flowers when in a hurry. You simply need to cut out some circles to make this flower. You need a lot of these circle if you want a fluffy flower. Chiffon, artificial silk, velvet, organza or knit and any other fabric you have as scarp can be used to make . Free Click & Collect in most stores* Free UK Delivery at ?25* Large Items UK Delivery ? Free UK Next Day Delivery over ?

This is not a replacement for PPE. The best thing we can do right now to lessen the curve and strain on our health care system is to Stay Home. Print it, share it with friends, pass it around.

Or save the pattern image below to your phone. It would be a shame to make masks for donation with a limited size range. Lots of sizing options! And very comfy.

FAQs: ————————. But it can help your germs from spreading to others, since you or I can be asymptomatic. But a homemade mask is not the same as medical PPE. Be informed and follow what our health professionals are recommending. Wash your hands before sewing. Do not make masks if you are feeling sick. It works best to untie from your neck first, and pull the mask up and over your head, then place the mask in a bag.

You may use a fabric bag or pillowcase for this, so when you get home you can wash everything together. If you wore gloves to the store, pull those off from the inside out and place them in the bag also.

Throw away the gloves if they are disposable. There is a size chart on the 1-page pattern, or see the image below! If you are making a mask for personal use, then ear elastic is fine. If you are making a mask to donate, I recommend fabric ties.

They are more comfortable and fit a wider range of sizes. Elastic has been hard to find…so make a mask with ties! Knits just stretch well and make for a variety of sizing. And they hold up better after washing and drying. Watch how I make knit ties in my video. You can still use it for ties! The best kind of knits that will roll up have a bit of spandex in them. Just look at the raw edge of the fabric. Cut a piece off and try tugging on it. Watch more in my detailed video here. You can make ties out of cotton fabric too!

Just fold it over by hand. Watch my easy video here! The pleats allow the mask to expand and shape around your face. Yes, this mask style works very well over an N95 mask or similar grade. To make the mask mold around your nose better, you may insert a pipe cleaner, floral wire, twist tie, or small piece of flat bendable metal to the top inside of the mask before forming the pleats.

Topstitch next to it to hold it in place. OR, you may sew a small piece of bias tape to the outside of the mask — insert the metal piece into the bias tape instead so that it can be removed before washing. Ideally, after each use you would wash the fabric mask, dispose of the filter, and insert a new filter for the next use.

I am just doing a quick topstitch on the two opening areas. I do this when the mask is flat, before pleating. It is papery on one side, and has a slight plastic film on the other side. If you are using interfacing, I would NOT fuse it to the fabric, but just cut it to be inserted as the disposable filter between washings. Some even just use an additional layer of fabric in lieu of another option. Please Note: I have not tried all these options. This is just info I have heard from others.

Cut a piece that is about 7 x 4 inches for the adult size mask in this pattern. Fold it in half lengthwise, and trim the ends so they angle and curve in very approximate —see my photo below. Wash the mask in a washing machine, and then dry. If you have worn your mask to the grocery store, I would take the take the mask off when you get to your car. Place it in a bag, so you are not spreading germs into your car. When you arrive home, wash the mask. To make washing easy, one option is to place the mask in the fabric bag or pillowcase after wearing it, and throw the whole bag in the washing machine.

I have a video for making a simple drawstring bag here. Throw the whole bag and included items in the washing machine together. I have a simple knit fabric headband video here. You can find that on my Instagram post here. I recommend making masks for family, friends, grocery store workers, postal workers, and asking around in your community to see who is in need.

Call a local hospital, ask friends who work in the medical community. And search online. There are tons of groups who have organized ways to give masks. Please check with a donation center before sewing large quantities of masks, to confirm they will accept your style of mask.

They may have specifics about the style of mask they prefer. You can refer to my info at the beginning of this post.

I first made my masks with elastic behind the head, and you can definitely do that. As elastic became scarce for most people, I switched to using fabric ties, which is why all my info here is pointed at that method. I actually prefer ties now, to elastic. If you would like to use elastic behind the head, I used these sizes the elastics are two different lengths for the Top and Bottom elastics. If you have made these sizes, please let me know and I will updated this info. These are not meant to replace real medical supplies nor the N95 masks that are used in medical settings.

I have read that doctors and other medical staff need extra supplies and masks. Or these masks can be used in situations where a simple surgical mask is typically worn, to reserve other masks for COVID medical staff. This tutorial, design, or any product created therefrom is intended to be used for educational purposes only and is not intended to be used to create a medical or similar device.

This tutorial, design, or any product created therefrom is not intended, nor has it been tested, to reduce or eliminate the transmission of any respiratory or airborne pathogen, allergen, or any type of particle or droplet, and on that basis, should not be used for any such purpose. Dana Made, Inc. Any user of this tutorial, design, or any product created therefrom for anything other than educational purposes assumes the risk of serious injury or death.

For information on how to reduce the transmission of pathogens, please consult a qualified and competent health care professional. I will be sharing about that later in my instagram feed. We are out of elastic too. We are using elastic headbands. One headband makes two ear loops.

I found paracord to use when I ran out of elastic I make a channel on the sides where I feed the paracord thru. Thanks for the pattern. I am over 65 with a wonky immune system so will definitely be wearing a mask when I have to pick up my groceries for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for this post! Click here. Thank you very much for posting the elastic lengths for the over the head mask type for kids…and for different ages. I very much appreciate this information. If you place the elastic behind the ears instead of over the head, you will be able to use less elastic.

I have heard from my medical workers that it is uncomfortable behind the ears, with prolonged wear. But you can definitely sew the ear kind as well! I would use 7. My daughter asked for some headbands with buttons sewn on them. They will attach the elastic to the buttons instead of around the ears.

Ive made headbands for her office. There are videos online for these. Thanks for all of the useful information. Oh, BTW, I understand the pleats should go down. Anyone heard differently?


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