How to make bubble gum at home without gum base

how to make bubble gum at home without gum base

Gum Base By The Pound

Nov 03,  · Kitchen Scientist Dan Kohler shows how to make your own homemade bubble gum. As he shares his recipe, Dan also reveals the fascinating history behind bubble. Here's an easy preparation for a natural beeswax-based chewing gum that you can make at home in a single afternoon: Place 6 oz of beeswax into a double boiler (or a bowl set on top of a pot filled with about an inch of water) and turn the stove to medium high. Melt the wax until it .

We offer gum base by the pound, at a discount, just for folks like you. Each pound contains enough gum base to make 8 batches of chewing gum 30 — 50 pieces of gum per batch. If so, you may wish to purchase larger quantities of gum base pellets!

You can buy gum base by the pound, at a discount! Each pound contains enough gum base to make 8 batches of chewing gum. An enclosed letter will explain what quantities of each you will need. Some folks even like to chew the gum base plain! It has a subtly, woodsy flavor and no nutritional value.

It can be a great tool for those on restricted diets or trying to quit smoking. Instead of chicle, this gum base is now made with natural rubber. It also now contains soy. As a result, it is not recommended for those with soy or latex sensitivities. Contains natural rubber and soy. Not suitable for those with latex and soy sensitivities.

Some ingredients processed in facilities that also process milk, egg, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, and how to make a cheap backyard pond. Make Your Own Candy Kits.

Refill Kit to Make Gum. Make Your Own Gummies Kit. Make Your Own Chocolate Kit. Candy Kit Combo. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Add to wishlist. Gum Base By The Pound. Gum Base By The Pound quantity. Happy chewing!

Additional information. Note Contains natural rubber and soy. Nutritional Facts. This product has no nutritional value. Good to know.

Glee Gum contains NO artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, or sweeteners e. All Glee Gum is vegetarian, Non-GMO Project Verified, certified kosher, additive free, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, egg free, yeast free, nut free, and peanut free. Soy is present in the facility. You may also like…. Quick View. Add to cart. Related products. Search for:.

Step 1: Supply List

Nov 08,  · What can be better than chewing gum? Homemade chewing gum, of course! Sam and Sue try out a really cool gum making kit. It has everything you need: gum base, Author: SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science. Jan 05,  · Skip the stores and make your own homemade bubble gum. We made traditional pink bubble gum with strawberry flavor, but you can get creative with many differe. The gum making was for the most part successful, a bit of the gum base makes quite a bit of gum. It was extremely messy so be prepared to get gum everywhere. Remember getting gum stuck in your hair? it's like that but with a huge glob. A note on flavoring: flavors had a difficult time sticking to the gum, most flavors last about a minute.

Chewing gum has been around in commercial form for over a century. Even as far back at 5, years ago the act of chewing tree sap has been common in the americas. This instructable will show you how to make chewing gum using chicle base and flavorings to make your own exciting gums. We will cover sugared and sugar free gum using stevia. For this instructable you will need the following: - Chicle Base From Glee Gum Quick warning, Chicle is latex, if you have a latex allergy, please do not do this.

The gum base comes in little pellets and must be melted to be used. You could do this in the microwave but i opted for a makeshift double boiler using a pot and an old jar. A word of caution, the chicle base is VERY sticky, the jar i used to heat it up i ended up throwing away along with the utensil i used to stir.

It will ruin things, do not tread lightly. After about 20 minutes the gum base begins to melt and gets very sticky. One the gum base is nice and gooey, take it off the flame and scoop in onto a powered sugared surface. If you are going sugar free, use cornstarch. Knead the gum around till it becomes nice a loose like taffy, if it sticks to your hands too much add more powdered sugar. Next you want to add your sweetener. If you are using stevia, add to taste and fold it in. Again pull and knead the gum to warm it up and mix the sugars around.

Adding the flavorings is tricky, you don't want to over do it but using a dropper or a steady hand just pour flavorings into the gum. You can chew a little bit of the gum to see when you get the taste to your liking. For the mint gum i added spearmint extract, same for liquorice. If you want it more sour add more!

Once you get to gum to the proper tastes to your liking, it's time to flatten it out and cut it. After you cut it into squares you can put it into bowls to serve, wrap in little wax paper wrappers or put into ziplock bags. The wax paper wrappers are cute, i would have put mine in an old altoids container but there were none at Instructables HQ I made a batch of spearmint, sour apple, and liquorice.

The gum making was for the most part successful, a bit of the gum base makes quite a bit of gum. It was extremely messy so be prepared to get gum everywhere. Remember getting gum stuck in your hair? A note on flavoring: flavors had a difficult time sticking to the gum, most flavors last about a minute.

Mint gum on the other hand lasted for about 30 minutes. Stevia was a good flavoring agent and successfully made a sugar free all natural gum. Some people who tried the stevia batch complained about the bitter aftertaste. The gum all over the jar and spoon i used to the point where it would have been a pain to try to clean them both. I ended up throwing them both away. If the gum gets on tools you want to save, put them in the freezer for a bit then you can scrape it off. Please post any tips you have had from making your own gum!

Feel free to experiment with flavor combinations as well! Question 10 months ago on Step 2. Great but consider a warning that chicle is latex rubber and most likely a real hazard to those with a latex allergy. That includes while it's being heated.

Most chewing gums are synthetic these days. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Thanks for the warning, i knew that. That could be why some kinds of gum don't get along with me, I guess Does anyone know which gums contain chicle? I guess I can't eat them. Reply 3 years ago. All I know is that I got really excited about a gum that has no artificial sweeteners Nearly everything including doublemint does now and it proved to be chicle!

I was sick and highly disappointed. Thank you so very much for the info. The comics were always cool. Or are you referring to the big chewy pieces? Thanks again. Pay attention to the "chicle is latex" warning.

Constant over-exposure to latex could cause you develop a latex sensitivity. So, chewing a lot of this homemade gum could possibly cause an allergy to develop, in some people. Consider this, most people aren't born with an allergy to poison ivy.

They develop it later in life due to exposure to it. This is also true for other substances. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Chicle isn't latex. It is a natural gum base from the sapodilla tree. Latex is from the H. But no, chicle isn't latex and it won't cause anyone to become allergic to latex even with repeated exposure. By the way, chicle was the gum base used by Wrigley for many years until it became cheaper to use synthetic rubber. To the comment cornstarch is a sugar. Wow that is simplifying things a bit.

Cornstarch is a complex carbohydrate yes a form of long chains of sugar which it takes a long time for the body to breakdown. Thus it does not cause a glucose spike, that which is the most detrimental to diabetics. To just lump it as a sugar," so stay away", is lame. Dietary fiber is also a sugar an extremely complex carbohydrate that the body cannot convert to glucose so no sugar to the bloodstream at all. Hey I noticed a lot of you were talking about the lack of choices in flavors and I just happened to find a site earlier.

It's candyflavor. Good Luck. Introduction: How to Make Chewing Gum. By frenzy My personal site Follow. More by the author:. About: I'm a full stack web developer focusing on security and privacy. More About frenzy ». Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Answer Upvote. Reply Upvote. AlexanderV90 shortone Reply 3 years ago. Glee gum claims to be the only brand in the US to still use real chicle.

MsViv 1aminstructable Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. It's the only kind of gum I can chew. OriannaK 4 years ago. DavidK 5 years ago. How do you make it "softer" it definitely seems very tough to chew. Honestinwilkesbarre 8 years ago on Introduction.

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