How to make a wool diaper cover from a sweater

how to make a wool diaper cover from a sweater

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May 07,  · Make Pocket-Warmers. Like a heated beanbag on the go, you can cut square-shaped bands from a sweater arm, stitch up the sides, and . Use any color of sweater to make it and then embellish with Easter eggs or whatever you want. It only takes one sweater per basket and doesn’t take long at all to complete. The project recommends wool sweaters, but it looks as if you could use any knit material to do it. Tutorial: resweater. Cozy iPod/Smartphone case.

Who says you have to say goodbye to a favorite old sweater? Breathe new life into it with these fun, creative, DIY projects. If your favorite sweater has sadly reached the end of its life, do not despair!

There are ways to reinvent it and breathe new life into its cozy, fuzzy warmth. Here are some ideas for repurposing old sweaters that are perfect for cold, wintry days. Use a sweater with an existing hem around the waist, and cut your mittens at the bottom of the sweater so that the hem will keep them snug around your wrist.

Wool would be the warmest material to use. See instructions here. Similar to the mittens, use the existing hem of the sweater as the edge of a hat, which will keep it snug to your head. Depending on how high you cut, you can make one that fits close what can i put on a sunburn slouches.

If you love cuddling up inside a sweater, why not on top of one? Turn an old sweater into a pillowcase for your bedroom or sofa. Decorate with buttons if you want, or make an envelope-style case. Knitted cozies are all the rage these days, as they help how to make backlit canvas art beverages hot in glass or ceramic mugs, not to mention feeling wonderful on the hands.

Cut a strip of old sweater and attach with Velcro or a button to a Mason jar or coffee mug. Anyone who reaches for their phone in the winter knows how useful fingerless gloves can be.

Cut fro, sleeves from an old sweater to whatever height you want, and make a hole for your thumbs. Cut a wide band from the upper sleeve of an old sweater that goes partway down your calf and fold over the extra material over the woool. This is a scarf that has a pocket at either end where you can keep your w warm and stash a cellphone or Kleenex.

Cut a scarf out of an old sweater, starting from the pocket on one side, up and around the back, and down around the other pocket. A bum warmer is essentially a miniskirt that adds an extra layer to otherwise not-very-warm pants in wintertime. If a sweater can keep your upper body warm, why not put that ability to work on your lower body, too? Easy as pie — cut a strip from an old sweater with a pattern you love and stitch it up to make a stretchy, comfy headband. Make it narrow to hold back hair and look stylish, what is chernobyl nuclear accident make it wide to double as a hat and keep your head warm in cold weather.

Turn it into an asymmetrical wrap and continue to stay warm. A cowl is a wide scarf that attaches to the other end and drapes over your shoulders like a shawl. It is an attractive and practical accessory in cold weather. Wool covers are a great option for absorption and breathability when using cloth diapers, but they can be expensive.

Making your own from old sweaters is more economical and pretty straightforward with some basic idaper skills. This has to be my favorite upcycling idea! Turn an old sweater into snug boots by shaping and sewing the fabric over some old shoes.

Check it out here. Like a heated beanbag on the go, you can cut square-shaped swester from a sweater arm, stitch up the sides, and fill with dried beans, lentils, buckwheat or pie weights. Toss it in the microwave for a minute until hot, then put in your pocket before heading out into the snow. I use a larger version of this in bed, made of buckwheat and dried lavender. Katherine Martinko. Senior Writer. Katherine Martinko is a writer and expert in sustainable living. Twitter Twitter. Updated May 07, Share Twitter Pinterest Email.

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There's nothing cozier than tucking your chin into the sweater's knit neck when the wind's whipping wildly. Nordstrom has lots of options—from cropped and fitted to roomy and oversized. Wear an incomparably soft cashmere style solo or tuck a light cotton turtleneck under a heavier knit for maximum warmth and rich texture. A diaper /?da?p?(r)/ (American and Canadian English) or a nappy (Australian English, British English, and Hiberno-English) is a type of underwear that allows the wearer to urinate or defecate without using a toilet, by absorbing or containing waste products to prevent soiling of outer clothing or the external diapers become wet or soiled, they require changing, generally by. Shop for women's, men's and kids' fashion, beauty and home essentials online! We offer quality styles at the best price and in a sustainable way.

Have I mentioned how much I love to upcycle? You know, when you take something that has served its original purpose and then use it to create something amazing and new? The entire concept just thrills me. With that in mind, I have found 50 amazing ways that you can repurpose your old unused sweaters. You know you were just planning to throw those old sweaters out. Speaking of scarves be sure to take a look at these 26 infinity scarves you could easily DIY in an afternoon.

Even if you only have a few minutes, you are sure to find something that you can turn that old sweater into to give it new life. You will need to sew a bit, but not a lot and this is a great project even for beginners. If you have a large enough sweater, you could make matching mittens for the kids or use their old sweaters to make their own special pairs. Tutorial: thediydish.

This cute little sweater cat is the perfect way to recycle old sweaters, especially if you have a little one around. In fact, this is a great project to share with the little ones. They can help create the sweet little kitty. Tutorial: thesewingloftblog. This snowy day hat is sure to be a huge hit, especially with teenagers. It has those long braided strings on the sides that are so popular in hats today.

You can add decorations to make it more customized or just go with the plain pattern. Add a contrasting color to the inside to make it really interesting.

Tutorial: seekatesew. You use a felted sweater — preferably in red if you have it but you could do these in any color. You just cut the pattern out and stuff and then sew. These would also make really adorable Christmas tree decorations in red and green.

Tutorial: twokitties. This DIY sweater wreath is the perfect winter accessory for your front door. You literally use your old sweater to cover a foam wreath form. Depending on the length, you may be able to completely cover the form with just the sleeves, or if not you can cut the material to cover and then stitch it up on the back side of the wreath form.

Add whatever embellishments you want — like buttons from the sweater itself maybe. Tutorial: bystephanielynn. This sweater skirt is made completely out of that old sweater that you never wear anymore. The pencil skirt design is great and you can do this with however many sweaters you have on hand. You could create an entire new wardrobe of skirts in no time! Tutorial: pearlsandscissors.

If you have more than one sweater to reuse — in this case about five or six — you can create a lovely throw that is perfect for those cold winter days. Or, make this and give it as a wonderful gift to someone special. Tutorial: womansday. Keep your hands toasty this winter and reuse that sweater at the same time with these DIY pocket warmers. You just stick your hands in your pockets and the warmers keep them toasty. I like this idea of using an old sweater instead of purchasing new felt material — upcycling and all that.

These are also great for gifts, or you could just keep a bowl of them by the front door for anyone who needs to head out into the cold. Tutorial: fleecefun. I absolutely love the idea of turning old sweater sleeves into warm fingerless gloves. For this one, you just cut the sleeves off your sweater and do a bit of sewing to make the gloves fit, well…like a glove. You can also add embellishments as you wish. Tutorial: creativityinpieces.

This is another way that you can turn those old sweaters into knit hats. It looks like an expensive beanie that you would purchase in a department store, but it costs nothing but just a bit of time.

Tutorial: craftstylish. I have to say, I love the look of boot socks sticking out from the tops of my boots. You can use the body to make a skirt that will match your boot socks. Tutorial: infarrantlycreative.

Recycling things is one of my favorite pastimes and this recycled sweater Easter basket is certainly at the top of my to do list for this spring. Use any color of sweater to make it and then embellish with Easter eggs or whatever you want. The project recommends wool sweaters, but it looks as if you could use any knit material to do it. Tutorial: resweater. This iPod cozy is a great way to use up the sleeves of sweaters if you are using the body for another project.

You could also create this for iPads or other tablets by simply making your pieces larger. There is very little sewing required and you can simply add a snap or Velcro closure to the top to keep it all safe inside. This is a great homemade gift idea for anyone who likes to protect their little gadgets. Tutorial: housewrenstudio. These dip dyed mittens are a great project for winter. Whether you need new mittens or you just want something to do with that old sweater, these are fun to make and very stylish.

You just cut out the pattern from your sweater and sew. These are great mittens for girls or you could do them in another color — aside from pink — and leave off the heart if you want to make them for boys. Tutorial: blog. My little dogs love wearing sweaters in the winter. You take your old sweater and turn it into a brand new one for your little doggie.

These fingerless gloves are a bit different as they have actual finger holes but no material on the fingers. Tutorial: nancyscouture. This flower sweater pillow is so amazing and so unique.

You cut the sweater into strips and use the strips to create a beautiful flower on an old throw pillow. This one may take a bit of time but it will be worth it when you see the finished result. You could do several of these and use them to decorate the bed — do them in different colors for an amazing couch decoration.

Tutorial: fingerprintsonthefridge. You can also do these in different sizes based on what you need. Tutorial: trulymyrtle. Your pets really do deserve the best; like this pet bed that you can make from an old sweater. Big chunky sweaters may be best for this one — at least your little doggies will think so as it will give them a lot of fluff in their bed. You cut the sweater into strips and then use the strips and a large crochet hook to create the bed.

This sweater purse will look like you paid a lot for it at the department store. This is a large purse and it will give you plenty of room to carry all your essentials.

Tutorial: lemonsqueezyhome. Cut the sleeves off those old sweaters and use them to create these lovely sweater vases. This is an easy project. You just snip off the sleeves and then shape them by cutting and sewing. Then just slip them over an old vase or even an empty soda bottle — glass of course. These are so easy and when you make a few of them, you get the perfect winter display for your vases.

Tutorial: thegirlbythesea. If you typically give out wine as gifts, this bottle wrap is the perfect complement to those bottles. Using the sleeve of an old sweater, you can create this beautiful wine bottle wrap that is perfect for winter time wine giving.

Just snip the sleeve and then tie it up with ribbon or twine. You could even create a little pom pom from yarn to really dress up that bottle. Tutorial: warmhotchocolate. That sweater that you no longer wear would make the perfect dress for your little girl. Add some embellishments of some sort to really customize it. Tutorial: makeit-loveit. You can repurpose those old sweaters and recover an old chair at the same time. You just cut your sweaters into patches and use them to create this amazing cover.

Then decorate however you want. Slip covers are really expensive but this gives you the same effect without spending anything.


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