How to make a cardboard ocarina

how to make a cardboard ocarina

The Art of Making Ocarinas

How to Make an Ocarina: If you're looking for a fun weekend project, how about make your own ocarina and then learn how to play your favorite songs on it? Check out these awesome posts that teach you how to make an ocarina. Place the template, printed-side-up, on a mat cutting board. Hold a steel ruler against the solid lines and use a craft knife to cut along all the solid lines in the template, including the rectangles marked "A" and "B." Do not cut the dotted lines.

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Learn more An ocarina is an ancient, flute-like wind instrument used by many cultures around the world. It's tricky to master how to make a cardboard ocarina hand ocarina, but once you do, you can move from basic whistling to simple songs and more. To make an ocarina with your hands, put your hands out in front of you with your palms facing each other and fingertips pointing upwards. Bring your palms together and turn your left hand so the heel is against the fleshy part of your right hand.

Then, wrap your hands around each other and line up your thumbs to form a slight hole. You should hear a whistle that sounds like a hooting owl or a wooden train, but it might take a bit of practice to get it just right! To find out how to make different pitches with your ocarina, keep reading!

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Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Author Info Last Updated: April 15, Part 1 of Put your hands out in front of you.

Hold your hands apart with your fingertips pointing towards the ceiling and your palms facing each other. Your thumbs should be pointing up as well. Essentially, it should look like you were just praying, then took your hands apart from each other. Bring your palms together as you turn your left hand. Move your hands toward each other as if clapping. As you do so, turn your left hand so that your fingers are pointing forward rather than up at the ceiling.

When your hands touch, the heel of your left hand the firm part below the palm should be against the fleshy part of your right thumb. These directions assume you're right-handed. If you're a leftie, it may be easier to reverse the references to the hands in this step as well as the following hands i. Wrap your hands around each other. Now, bend what causes joint pain in menopause fingers so that each hand is holding the other.

The fingers of your right hand should curl in the space between your left thumb and index finger. What is the main cause of house fires fingers of your left hand should curl around the side of your right pinkie little finger. Line up your thumbs. Without taking your hands apart, adjust your thumbs so that the insides of both knuckles what is a roman number each other.

Your thumbnails should be aligned next to your right index finger. There should now be a thin gap between your thumbs just a few millimeters wide. This is the sound hole it's where you're blow air into the ocarina and also where the whistling noise will come out. Put your lips up to your knuckles. Part your lips slightly as if to say "Oooh".

Place your lips so that the small "o" formed between them lines up just below your knuckles. In other words, your top lip should rest against your thumbs' knuckles and your bottom lip should be over the top half of the slit between your thumbs.

Blow a steady stream of air into the very top part of the slit between your thumbs. In other words, you want to blow right below your thumbs' knuckles. You should hear a whistle that sounds a little like a hooting owl or a wooden train whistle if you did it right.

Blow noiselessly as if trying to get an empty bottle to whistle. Make minor adjustments until you can whistle consistently. It can be pretty difficult to get your hand ocarina to work, especially if this is your first time. If you're just getting the dry, pitch-less sound of rushing air, you're probably making one of a few common mistakes.

See below: The "seal" around your ocarina may not be tight enough. Try adjusting the shape of your hands to what did people eat in the 1700s gaps around the edges.

You don't have to squeeze tight just make sure you aren't letting any air out. The noise hole may not be quite the right shape. Try moving your thumbs closer together to make the hole a little narrower. You may not be blowing in the right place.

Try moving your lips up and down slightly or widening the "o" formed by your lips. Remember, you want to blow into the top half of the slit between your thumbs. Part 2 of Try lifting your right hand fingers.

Letting air out of your ocarina through points other than the sound hole will affect the pitch of the whistle. A controlled way to do this is to lift the four fingers on your right hand up and down, mimicking the motions a flute player would make. Lift a maximum of two fingers at once the more ways there are for air to escape, the harder it is to get pitches.

Note that this is difficult to do without causing your whistle to turn into an undesirable "rushing air" noise. You'll need to keep a good seal between your hands, lift your finger only slightly, and support the note with plenty of air. It can take as long to learn how to do this as it takes to learn how to make the whistle in the first place.

Try changing the space between your hands. The pitch you hear when you get a whistle out of a hand ocarina is the air between your hands vibrating. Creating a bigger or smaller space by changing the shape of your hands will let more or less air in, affecting the pitch. Just be careful to keep a tight seal between your hands so air can't leak out. Making a bigger space moving your hands apart will produce a lower-pitched sound.

Making a smaller space moving your hands together will produce a higher-pitched sound. Try altering the posture of your lips. Changing the way you blow can also change the pitch of the note your ocarina makes. Try making a smaller "o" with your lips for a higher pitch or how to make a cardboard ocarina larger "o" for a lower pitch. Experienced harmonica players use a technique called a "draw bend" to change notes' pitches.

You can get a similar effect by pulling your tongue to the back of your mouth as you blow to "bend" the tone of your note downwards. This takes practice! Well, yes, but remember to keep all the gaps closed. It may take a lot of practice, sometimes even people who are very good at it are not able to do this!

Not Helpful 6 Helpful Not Helpful 26 Helpful You might have too much air coming through. Remember, when it's your first whistle, you want to seal up every little crack. Not Helpful 30 Helpful By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Don't get discouraged if you can't do it at first. This is something that takes some people just a few minutes and others days or weeks. Helpful 67 Not Helpful Have clean, dry hands. Wetness can affect the ability of the air to reverberate between your hands and produce a pitch.

It can also affect the seal between your hands.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Mar 11, first mark a 1/2" wide path on the plug. then use a chisel or sandpaper or a file and file the side that you drew flat (indicated by the red lines), it should be 1/32" deep. then about 1/2" down carve a deeper ramp as indicated by the blue lines and red arrows. then sand with to make is smooth. Ask Question. Mar 23, If you have an excess amount of toilet paper tubes (or just 2), what better way to spend your time at home than to make some music!In this video I will show. The Art of Making Ocarinas A few years ago, Gil and Jeanne Chappell gave me the 5-hole ocarina on the right for Christmas. They bought it at the Kansas City Renaissance was made by a company called Windsong.I enjoyed playing it a lot, and wanted to try others.

Ever since "Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time" came out, everyone associates ocarinas with Zelda and there fore, anyone interested in ocarinas is considered a die-hard Zelda fanatic!! There is alot more to Ocarinas than Zelda you know. And you will learn a little about the history of the Ocarina but that is besides the point Well, obviously you need clay to make a clay ocarina.

It is possible to make it out of wood but that will come some other time when i have the time, money and patience Ocarinas have been around since the stone age. Aztecs used them for ritual purposes. I made a simple, carrot shaped mold and with this, you just wrap the clay around and seal it up. The mold can be made by taking a large chunk of clay and rolling it out on a slant to make it a sort of "Carrot" shape.

Take a hunk of that Clay and flatten it out about and inch longer than your "Carrot" mold. It must be at least 1cm thick too. You have to make it wide enough to wrap around the mold and have a bit extra. While the main chamber of the ocarina is firming up around the mold, We are going to make the mouthpiece. Roll out a piece of clay how ever long you want to make the mouthpiece. Take a "slot stick" i just use a Popsicle stick with the end cut off and force it through the mouthpiece like in the picture.

Shape it however you want. Ocarinas arent just made of clay. They can be made of wood, metal, plastic, or just about anything that can be molded and will hold its shape. Look closely and notice the grooves put in the edge of the body halves.

These help to grip the wet "slip" clay and make a proper seal. Slip is a muddy clay mixture. To make it, just put a bunch of small clay pieces in a bowl and fill it up with water just over the clay. Let it sit for a day or so. Put the slip on the grooved edges of the body and then smush the two halves together!!

In medival times, ocarinas were made of wood and shaped like a stone. They were called Pendant ocarinas. We are making a Sweet Potato Ocarina. Place the mouth piece up to the bottom of the ocarina. This is the outline for the voicing or voice box.

The voicing is what makes the noise. Put the popsicle stick into the mouthpiece and put the mouthpiece into the hole with the popsicle stick in it.

This slant makes noise when air is blown onto it. There is a chart on making the holes at green vurdigo Green vurdigo has instructions on making ocarinas without a mold if you don't have a mold.

After it is dried out may take a few days depending on the size of it It makes it really shiny and it is quite interesting. Believe it or not, Ocarinas are on Wikipedia. There are multi-chambered ocarinas that make a polyphonic noise. The bass and tenor drones work at the same time as the chanter. Question 2 years ago. Answer 23 days ago. Reply 11 years ago on Step It does if you cut the voicing correctly, If you follow all of the steps you should have a working instrument.

Cool, if it takes a few days to dry then i dont have the patience for this but ill make this eventually, im not very paitent. I never actually played ocarina of time but i hav phantom hourglass and i can play the original on this website but i cant save, yesterday i spent from 8 in the morning to 9 at night playin but somethin went rong with the computer and i lost ALL that stuff i did, i was so mad i almost fainted.

Reply 9 years ago on Step I dont even remember posting that Phantom Hourglass comment but yeah I used to always go on and on so things Im talking about make sense, but I dont really do that anymore, for example Reply 3 months ago. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Reply 10 years ago on Step Use it like glue. Slip is just thinner clay to attach one piece to another. Also, remember to kid of rough up the surfaces that are to be glued together. This doesnt really work.

Im using the correct methods and items but after taking the mould from the clay, every thing just flops and doesn't work. Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. I think you didn't let the clay harden enough.

Reply 5 years ago. Actually, oven bake clay is amazing! Reply 8 months ago. Introduction: Make a Clay Ocarina. By FunkNattidelic Follow. More by the author:. Cut the mold in half lengthwise and pull the mold out of the ocarina body. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Light Up Plaque by kaitlyn. Answer Upvote. ZaRue gusabbott Answer 23 days ago.

Reply Upvote. CalebP1 6 years ago on Introduction. GreatbassClarinet trustingGuide Reply 8 months ago.


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