How to install windows xp on pen drive

how to install windows xp on pen drive

How to Install Windows XP via Pen Drive Ė Tutorial

Dear sunil,and all other users, XP or Vista canít be installed on pen drive because XP doesnít allows to install in pen it can be installed from pen drive to Hard ctcwd.coming system canít be installed to removable donít expect for a soultion there are boot cdís,which completely boot xp with all. Once completed, you can start installing Windows XP. It is a pretty easy to install the Windows XP operating system from that USB drive. Just boot your computer from that USB stick. To do that follow the steps below. Related: How to Install Windows 8 from USB Stick. How to Install Windows XP from USB Flash Drive. Step 2.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. How to install and boot Windows on an external USB hard drive. Thread starter nobardin Start date Nov 20, Please read this guide from start to finish before doing anything 1 Does your computer support booting from USB?

Usually, if it's an option in your BIOS boot how to make my name in graffiti menu, the answer to this is yes. If it's not there then the answer is probably no. However, proceed and see what happens. Confirm that Bios is set to start from CD Insert your original Windows XP CD into the drive Start the installation, and proceed to the section where you are allowed to pick a hard drive Insrall it goes beyond the partition selection, your drive is already fine for booting Windows XP.

If not seems to be the cases with many of the Frive USB HDDs for exampleyou will get an error like "Windows is unable to find your drive, partition, data etc bla". This is usually not a big problem. All you need to do is "properly" format the drive with the NTFS file system. After this, the wundows are recognized as valid installation devices by the Windows XP installer.

There has been no success reported in using the FAT32 file system for such purposes. This program is meant to be ran from a cmd window. Next you will want to unpack the. Repeat this process until you have done it for USB. INF 6 Editing the files This is the main job. Use a simple Texteditor Notepad is the one you want to use. The find uitlity Ctrl F Will be your best friend through this process.

Also take your time with editing the files. There is no harm in being sure you have completed each step correctly. In this file, we will change the way Windows treats USB devices during system setup -- the default is to only treat them as input devices during installation -- we will change this to include mass storage driver support which needs to be loaded into the installer much earlier in order to work.

First, move the following bolded entries from [InputDevicesSupport. Load] to the [BootBusExtenders. Load] sectionexactly as shown here. Note: Delete the bolded lines from [InputDevicesSupport. Load] after you have moved them to [BootBusExtenders. Load] [BootBusExtenders. Convieniently, the txtsetup. Insert the following in the [HiveInfs. Fresh] section: Make sure the entries are lined up [HiveInfs.

We are done with it. INFand change the vrive [Files] section yes there are 2 sections called [Files] to look like this: hw d1,usbboot. INF 6-C usb. AddService] and [CommonClassParent. AddService] druve to resemble the ones below: [StandardHub.

INF Make a how to make the robot from party rock anthem of one of the. I said a copy on your desktop Then copy and paste the text below into it. Save the file, and move it to the folder where your edited files are. Also note: the spaces in the text below are fine Code:.

Failure to disconnect any other hard drives may cause installation problems as well as corruption of the Master Boot Record MBR of the other hard drives.

Reactions: TechforHire. Hi Thanks for a great Guide. But when Windows has copied instalp files to the external disk before the real install of Windows and reboots for the first time, its stop before any Windows Logo appear, I have change the Boot Order but no results. Just "Disk Boot Error" and the lamp on the harddrive goes out. Any idea? Reactions: cakeP. Marky B. Sorry to bump the topic.

Now when I go to boot settings and try to boot from CD it just continues to load into my other operating system and not the disk. It's just your Bios needs to be setup to boot from CD as first option By the way, this being a Guide, and located in the Guides and Tutorials forum, means you will get little support here.

Best to create a New Thread on the actual support forums, for any technical support. Didnt work for me, I maybe did something wrong. Wont try again am giving up on the great IDEA. I get value in. By the way my original xp disk has SP3. Line 3 error snead said:. Click to expand I'm going round in circles. It came installed with a poor version of Linux that can't do much. Windows Updates Does How to install windows xp on pen drive Updates run smoothly?

The problem with the above tutorial is the file "asms" files become unavailable which is the actual boot-codes saying it is a genuine CD. So the above may work for some, it just depends on the version of XP CD as the newer what does google know about me have more security. Like mine. Bye-Bye Linux, you will not be missed. It was a nightmare and the above tutorial never worked so I went down another route.

PeToUSB - used to format the memory stick you want to use. This is what instalk the memory stick to become a boot pne the same as a floppy disk from the olden days. Without this, or not done right, then you will never get the stick to boot.

I used a 1. You need to know a bit of DOS commands and how to use the installl line in windows to change directorys etc, FDISK, plus a few others, but it all went smoothly. SIF in Section 6A and then got stuck on this bit Next, we also have to write several keys into the registry. Thanks in advance. I have tried what you are trying and it doesn't work, too much variables to go windiws If you want use this one which we at uni all use and it's simple to do without all this changing and editing of files which is not needed.

I've even included the little programs that you need so you don't have a head-ache trying to find them. Hey stealthmode and others in a proces to install windows xp sp3 from a usb stick i tried many, many things but i'm always stuck on the BSOD 0xB.

What diifers with this method, i'm not an expert is the bootsect. No luck. Dell optiplex GX An SFF machine with no cd. Installation with What does shall mean in legal terms is no option.

I managed to install a laptop with usb so my hopes are on this method. In all other cases i get the error before the splash screen. Hi there, you are doing something different to what I thought so my mistake for assuming differnetly but i'll try to help as i'm sure will others. Are you trying to install the xp sp3 from a usb device onto an already installed ntfs partion with windows xp on already and instapl The error code as you may know is telling you you have an inaccessible boot device which will not then get to the splash screen.

Again read this, still confused, your dell, has it no OS and you're trying to install xp with service pack 3. Also why the grub as this is linux? Need more info before I start to look at the problem.

The error code as you may know is telling you you have an inaccessible boot device. I need to know exactly what you are trying to do here wondows it's still not clear.

You have a dell with a clear HDD that has been formatted with fat

How To Prepare Windows XP Bootable USB Stick

Aug 06, †∑ Now copy the XPís ISO file (Win_XP_*.iso) to the folder SARDU/ISO. SARDU USB Windows Installer. 3. Now run SARDU software, go to the Windows Tab, and check the Windows Installer ISO file. 4. Now click on Search USB and choose the Drive from that list. SARDU - Select USB, and Hit on Create. 5. Then click onto the USB Button to install the. To install Windows XP using USB pen drive you firstly have to create a bootable pen drive which contains all system files and executable files needed for Windows XP Installation. Now to create a bootable USB pen drive you can use a number of free software which helps us to create or make a bootable or startup USB flash drive. For newer versions of Windows (read as Vista or Windows 7), Microsoft has a tool that will allow you to install it via USB. But, as for creating an actual Windows installation on a USB Thumb Drive, I'm not sure if that's practical. Especially with the more recent versions, as Author: Makeuseof.

In the era of Windows 10, the demand of Windows XP is too high. XP supports at very low ended PC and performs well. So, in different sectors and studios, there is still a demand of Windows XP. Later versions of Windows e. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. But, this tool does not have a support for Windows XP. When you copy every file of the installer CD and paste it to a USB drive, and then restart your PC, the same thing does not happen to you.

The free app also supports the creation of Windows 7,8. The process of installing the OS to the new PC is very simple if you have the proper boot device configuration in your PC.

The key may vary due to different motherboard configuration. Before installing Windows XP on your PC, you need to create new partition on your Windows hard drive or you need to edit the existing partition table. But, create, delete or edit of a hard drive partition using Windows XP is not simple like Windows 7 and later ones.

Later, the text based setup and GUI setup can be seen. So, you can get a complete guide of installing Windows XP here with an image representation. At the time of installing Windows XP, you may notice the error message with a blue screen. This may occur due to the following reasons:.

When an error occurs, try to trace the root cause for the error and know what type of error that is. But, in case of Windows XP, you need to use a different technique. And this procedure requires a fully functional Windows XP operating system. So far, I try to cover two best methods along with associated steps, problems and solutions to install Windows XP to your PC.

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