How to host a book club

how to host a book club

Getting Started: How to Start a Book Club

Jun 23, †∑ If you and several friends are already interested in forming a book club, congratulations! Your book club is already well on its way. When prospective members contact you for more information, explain the purpose of the book club and the number of members you're looking for. Interview them briefly about the types of books they like to read, and why they're interested in joining a book . New Way: Rotate Through Each Member's Pick Keeping the book club rooted in a genre (historical fiction, chick lit) or a subject matter (politics, religion, ecology) seems like a great way to gather a group of people with similar interests and provide them with engaging material. But Iíve found that itís .

Book club parties are a good way to get friends together and have great discussion over appetizers, drinks, or brunch. Whether your book club is a few close friends or a larger group, hosting a book club party still takes some amount of planning. Food, seating arrangements, and discussion questions are just some of the things that should be taken into what a leader means to me when you're the host.

On the next slides, see our tips for hosting a party, designing the invitations, choosing the book, and picking a what is the best documentary ever theme.

When choosing book club booksit's important to make sure they're ones most everyone can agree on. At the very first meeting, come up with a list of 20 books based on suggestions from each group member and distribute it to everyone.

The host of the next book club will pick one from the list. To get ideas for your book list, look up book reviews for books on bestseller lists, or see if your local library has a list of recommendations. Editor's Tip: After the book is chosen, go online and look for discussion questions. Sometimes, the book publisher includes them at the end of the book or has a link to resources online.

If there are no ready-made discussion questions, ask everyone to come up with at least one or two talking points before the next meeting. There are several options for choosing the first host and subsequent hosts for a book club party.

The same person can host every time and have different people bring appetizers and small dishes for each meeting, or a different person can host every time. At the first meeting, put everyone's name on a slip of paper and put it in a bowl to choose the next host at random; the person drawn will host the next meeting and get to choose the next book.

The host can decide whether to have the book club party at her house or at a separate venue, such as a restaurant or a coffee shop. Editor's Tip: If you decide to host the next meeting at a restaurant, be sure to call ahead and make a reservation, especially if the venue has a private meeting room that you can reserve. Mark the date of the next book club party as what is the shape of the ebola virus as your spot in the current book with this fun bookmark invitation.

Type the party information host's address, date and time of the party, and what people should bring in a column and print on cardstock. Cut around the text to make a strip perfect for a bookmark and cut two slits in the top and bottom of the strip. Thread a separate strip of patterned paper through the slits, and tie colorful ribbon at the top what words can be made with the letters finish the bookmark invitation.

Place it in a larger envelope to mail or simply hand out to group members. To keep conversation and discussion about the book flowing, have everyone switch their cell phones to silent mode -- or turn them off completely -- and put them in a basket in the center of the table. This simple step before you get started will help everyone get engaged in the book discussion. There's nothing better than having a book club discussion over a few glasses of wine with your closest friends.

Easy appetizers work best for this book club party theme, so we've chosen a few of our favorite cheesy bites to get you started. Plus, check out our tips on how to pair wine and cheese -- and get a free guide to print. Get our free guide to pairing wine and cheese. See our complete guide to white wine. See our complete guide to red wine. Baked Mozzarella and Tomato-Basil Antipasti. Goat Cheese-Olive Bites.

See more warm and cheesy appetizer recipes. To make the list seem more manageable, break it up into segments with books each. Four-Cheese Pimiento Dip. Parmesan Pastry Spirals. Avocado Pesto-Stuffed Tomatoes. See more quick and easy party food recipes. If breakfast or brunch with your girlfriends is a favorite weekend activity, why not include a book discussion?

Meet at someone's house or a restaurant for a monthly brunch and book discussion. Make it a potluck-style gathering and have everyone bring their favorite breakfast food. See our suggestions for delicious brunch recipes, below. Don't forget the mimosas! Ham, Asparagus, and Cheese Strata.

Sweet Potato Hash with Spicy Hollandaise. Cornmeal-Blueberry Scones. See more of our best brunch recipes. How to Host a Book Club Party. Updated January 03, Save Pin FB ellipsis More. You've gathered your closest friends and chosen your favorite books -- now it's your turn to host the next book club meeting. Whether your book club meets weekly or monthly or somewhere in betweenwe have the best tips and tricks for when it's your turn to host, including themed meetings, recipes, and more.

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1. Figure Out Who Youíre Inviting To Your Book Club

Take The Hyphen-Book Club, created by author Emma Gannon. She uses a dedicated Instagram account to host her monthly book club. Author Lindsey Kelk has created the I . Sep 17, †∑ Determine if employees are interested in a book club. Send out an email to gauge employees' interest in reading a book on their own time and then meeting at lunch once a week to discuss the book. Sometimes organization leaders and other employees may have a book in mind to suggest. (Perhaps an employee recently read a book they'd recommend.). Mar 07, †∑ Write down important page numbers (or bookmark in your e-reader). If there are parts of the book that made an impact on you or that you think may come up in the discussion, write down the page numbers so that you can access the passages easily .

Open your book and your laptop, your virtual book club awaits. Books have long been an outlet for those in the search of escape. Find yourself transported to a new world through the words on a page, or gain some comfort and solace between the covers of your favourite work of fiction.

Book clubs are a fantastic way to discover new reading material, support authors and to maintain connections with loved ones. With social distancing looking set to stick around for a while, are you wondering how book clubs will continue to run? The new normal now comes in the form of virtual book clubs. All you need is an internet connection to take part. Many platforms are free and easy to use and can accommodate large numbers too.

Skype and Google Hangouts are also great options for a simple group call. You could even try Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp if those platforms are more familiar to you. When looking for inspiration for your book choices, discussion topics or format, social media is a great source, with the many books clubs that have sprung up among large groups of strangers. She uses a dedicated Instagram account to host her monthly book club. And Anna James, host of the The Bookwanderers Club , creates a great example of how to harness the power of YouTube to create a book club.

The Book Next up is your reading material. As libraries and bookshops are closed, and mail deliveries are delayed, you may need to be flexible when choosing your book. Pick a book that is available to buy as an e-book or available as a digital loan from your local library.

You could also find an independent bookstore that is still taking orders, making sure they have enough copies in stock. Take the temperature of your club to see what they want to get out of it. Is your group looking to tackle the classics together, or have a favourite genre they love to read? Try giving one person each meeting the opportunity to choose the book based on these loose guidelines. Take notes while reading and highlight any interesting quotes or topics that resonate with you that can be discussed further with your group.

This is the digital age, so feel free to seed some thoughts before the chat via whatever communication method suits you, like a quote posted in your facebook group or in the email reminding everyone of the date and time. And do be sure to send out those reminders! For my book club, it was just a case of which tech served the purpose best.

The most important thing is to know what your book club is and honour that. I would suggest investing in some nice visuals and graphics, have a brand identity, and just experiment! Feeling inspired to start your own virtual book club? Just remember, the most important thing right now is to have fun. Enjoy spending time engaging in interesting discussions with like minded book lovers, while supporting authors that you love.

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