How to eat chinese new year rice cake

how to eat chinese new year rice cake

Chinese New Year Cake (Sticky Rice Cake ??)

Nian gao is a traditional food eaten during Chinese New Year. People believed it carries auspicious meaning. Nian gao is a homonym for "higher year." The Chinese word ? (nian), meaning "sticky", is identical in sound to ?, meaning "year". The word ? (gao), meaning "cake" is identical in sound to ?, meaning "high or tall". Feb 19,  · One popular dessert eaten during Chinese New Years is 'Nian Gao (??). One of the reasons it's eaten during this time is because the words "Nian Gao (??)", meaning "sticky cake," sounds just like the words ??, which means something along the lines of "growing taller every year."Similar to "a pinch to grow an inch," this is just used to wish the person good health in the New Year%(10).

Please chonese your inbox sometimes Junk Box and confirm your subscription! Then, add our email address to your contact list to ensure you will receive our recipes, tips, and giveaways! Many would make every effort to return home and reunite with their families, like how salmons would journey thousands of miles back to their native spawning grounds. My dad often told us how during the tough days when he was a kid, Chinese New Year was the only time they got to eat meat.

Pro Tip 2: How to motion capture at home can move forward to prepare other ingredients while the sugar melt on the stovetop.

While the sugar is melting on the stovetop, sift g glutinous rice flour, g wheat starch, and a pinch of salt through a fine mesh strainer into a large mixing bowl. Mix well with a hpw spatula. Once the sugar has fully melted, pour the Sesame Coconut Mixture into the Sugar Mixture to cool it down a bit. Mix well. Pour all the hot Coconut Sugar Mixture into the large mixing bowl filled with dry ingredients and mix well with a silicone spatula.

After testing pouring in intervals vs. Important Step: take a bit of time to break up ysar lumps by pitching them against the mixing bowl with a silicone spatula.

Important Step: Wipe the cake pan interior with a little vegetable oil to avoid a white band to form on the sides of the Nian Gao see cooking tips below. Pro Tip: this method allows minimal condensation drip onto the cake, yet uses a shorter cooking time than Method 2 covering the Nian Gao with aluminum how to eat chinese new year rice cake. When the water begins to boil, place the cake pan on the trivet with a foil sling right away.

Open the lid carefully, check the doneness by sticking a chopstick in the center of the Nian Gao. Nothing should stick to the chopstick if it is done. Once the Nian Gao has cooled to room temperature, place it in the refrigerator for at least 4 — 8 hours ricr cutting into it. All Our Pressure Cooker Recipes. This means that if you decide to purchase items or services on Amazon through our links on Pressure Cook Recipes to Amazon, Amazon cwke send a small commission to us at no additional costs to you.

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Servings 6 - Total Time 1 hr. Fine Mesh Strainer. Silicone Spatula. Fat Daddio's 7 x 3 inch Cake Pan removable bottom. To speed up the process, break down the sugar pieces once the water starts to warm. Prepare Dry Ingredients: Sift g glutinous rice flour, g wheat starch, and a pinch of salt through a fine mesh strainer into a large mixing bowl. Create Nian Gao Batter: Pour the hot Coconut Sugar Mixture into the large mixing bowl filled with dry ingredients and mix well with a silicone spatula.

Remove Lumps in Batter: There should be lots of lumps in the batter. Break up the lumps by pitching them against the mixing bowl with a silicone spatula. Another yezr to smooth out the lumps is to run the mixture through a fine mesh strainer. Pour Batter into Cake Pan: Wipe the cake pan interior with a little vegetable oil.

Pour the Nian Gao Batter into the cake pan through a fine mesh strainer. Method 2 for ultra-smooth surface: Pour 1 cup ml of cold water in the pressure cooker. Tightly wrap the cake pan with aluminum foil. Place the cake pan on top of a trivet. Test Doneness: Open the lid carefully, check neew doneness by sticking a chopstick in the center of the Chinese New Year Cake.

Place a red date over the hole for decoration. Chill the Nian Gao Chinese New Year Cake : Once the Nian Gao has cooled to room temperature, place it in the refrigerator for at least 4 — 8 hours before cutting into it. Calories: kcal. Course: Dessert, Snack. Cuisine: Asian, Chinese.

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Nian Gao Recipe (Chinese New Year Cake) ??

This cake sounds divine! I haven't quite had anything like this and would love to try it! This is very interesting. I always want to know how to make CNY cake. Thanks for sharing the recipe. My family loves it very much.

We also like it fried with a little egg. I think we used to call this tikoy in the Philippines - it was delicious - we usually sprinkle as well with sugar We use to eat it warm coated with shredded coconut This cake sounds delicious and is so different than anything I've prepared before I am so intrigued. Cannot wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing this fabulous recipe! I've always wondered how they were made Can you use regular rice flour for this recipe?

Also is that coconut milk or cream? Thanks so much! Happy new year!!! LeeYong my email is rolfmester yahoo. I used to have the recipe for this, but lost it over the years.

Btw, can I substitute the coconut cream with something else or not use it altogether? My bf's mom is allergic to coconut.. We just bought ours. We usually pan-fry them coated with egg.

Looks really good! I have gotta try too but I will have to skip the coconut milk and I prefer it plain. I suppose i can substitute with water? Hi Christine, You have so many amazing dessert recipes! I haven't had chinese new year cake for since I've never had them fried with egg- my mum usually just fried them for us.

But it tastes great anyway! Next time, I'll definitely try the egg- it looks so good! Love the photo of the whole cake, with the background Looks yummy. Happy Chinese New Year. Love your recipes. Any suggestion for a substitute? Or is glutinous rice flour enough?

Anonymous You can skip the wheat flour if you can't any. The texture would be a bit different. It's fine for the taste though.

Hello Christine, I tried your recipe yesterday! I used regular wheat flour other than the traditional chinese one , it tastes really good! But the surface of the cake looks horrible. It is because of the steaming water dripping to the cake? Ellen Did your cake surface look smooth before putting in the wok to steam?

It could be the water condensed on the surface. Brush a bit of oil at the back of a teaspoon, the use it the smooth the surface of your cake before steaming next time. To prevent water condensed on the surface, place a wax paper on top. Hope the tips help. Made some yesterday, and it's delicious! Thx for this recipe! It was so easy to make, this one's a keeper! The less water contained in the cake, the harder it becomes after chilled in fridge. Yet, if your cake was chilled for a longer time, it would become hard too.

I've made this today, but after 2hours of steaming, I still can taste raw flour and the inside of the cake is still more pale than the outer side. My cake is only 1 inch thick.. I'm confused, is it cooked enough? Normally, it should be cooked through.

I'm also confused by what you said here. I really would like to try making it, thanks :. I made it today and wish the recipe was in ounces and not grams. I used whole wheat pastry flour in place of whole wheat flour. It tasted good but had to make another cake because the 5 inch round was too small.

Charisse : Oh well, guess the texture problem was not because of the cooking time. Just wondering if you're sure the measurements were correct, or added the right flours or not. Hi Christine, I enjoy your recipes very much especially the chiffon cakes. I'm curious if the sticky rice cake can be baked in the oven. Would it come out dry? I'd like to make several and the oven allows me to do more than just a wok.

Thank you Christine! Hi Doris, Thanks for your love of my recipes. This traditional sticky rice cake can't be baked in an oven. It only can be steamed in a wok or steamer.

Hi Christine, Thank you very much for your recipe! It was delicious! I always have problem to take the cake out from the pan I did grease the pan. Would it be better to line the pan with baking paper? Thanks for your reply in advance! Doris T. Hi Doris, Yes, line your pan with a piece of paper. It'll help a lot. Hi Christine, I am thinking to use Palm sugar instead of brown sugar.

What do you think? Hi Christine! I will definitely be trying your recipe for CNY this year : As traveling is not possible now I am really missing home. Do you have any suggestions for substituting wheat starch? I would second this request! I miss the times I ate this in HK. Thank you and take care! Cheers, Karen. Hi Karen, Thanks for dropping by.

As for your question about wheat starch, you might replace it with glutinous rice flour or corn starch. Keep safe and happy cooking. Method : Use a saucepan to bring 1 cup of water to boil. Add brown sugar and cook until completely dissolved. Stir in coconut cream and oil. Drain syrup through a fine sieve to make the mixture smoother. Let cool.


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