How to create a bitly

how to create a bitly

Short links, big results

To sign up for a Bitly account, visit our website at You'll see the options to "Log in", "Sign up" or "Get a Quote". To create an account: Go to Click Sign up. You'll have the option to sign up for a Free account or a paid plan, or contact us for more customized pricing. To create a link in Bitly: Log in to your Bitly account. Click You can also hit the letter "b" on your keyboard as a shortcut. If you have a paid subscription, you will have the option to select a custom domain to brand your link. By default, links will be created using the "" domain.

If you shorten a lot of URLs, then why not make them a little more personal? If you use the popular bitly URL shortener, you can do just that. And, of course, being able to set up your own short URL. You can either sign up for a new account or log in to bitly with your Twitter or Facebook account. A domain name how to create a bitly just a web address — like www.

One like myshortendurl. Think shorter. For example, technology news network ZD Net uses the domain zd. One of the best sites at which to search for a domain name is Domainr.

Domainr not only tells you whether or not the domain is available, but also a list of registrars from which you can buy the domain. Why is that important? Not all registrars charge the same amount. Log into your bitly account. Then, click Settings. This takes you to the Account Settings page. Find the section labeled Custom Short Domain.

Click the Add a Custom Short Domain link. This takes you to the Custom Domain Settings page. Type your short domain in the field, and then click Add. This takes you to the verification page. Go to the website of the firm with which you registered the domain. Log in and go how to set up the super nintendo your account settings.

Then, go to the DNS management settings for your domain. Click the Verify button. It can take anywhere from an hour to a day. Skip to content? Adding the Domain to bitly So you have your bitly account and you have your new domain name. Now what? Add it to bitly. Finally, go back to the domain verification page on bitly. Photo credit: shuttermom. Next Post Next Friday Fun!

Create a Branded Short Link

Sep 08,  · With Bitly, creating fully customized links is a breeze. Replace the random string of letters and numbers that appear after the forward slash to add a custom call-to-action, like “Start Now.” You can also edit your links later, in the All Links section. Redirect a link. Jun 01,  · In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use the world's most powerful link shortening service as well as customize your own short links so that they're easy t. Aug 04,  · IP address: (bitly’s IP address) Save the settings. Finally, go back to the domain verification page on bitly. Click the Verify button. The change won’t be immediate. It can take anywhere from an hour to a day. But once everything takes effect, the next time you shorten a URL with bitly it will use your custom short URL.

A link or URL we use URL and link interchangeably in this article seems like such a simple tool in the complex, fast-changing world of the Internet, but it is a fundamental building block of the digital world. If anything, its role has become more critical as we have evolved from simple web pages to mobile applications to involved online experiences.

A link, when doing its job well, brings you seamlessly from one channel to another. From app to app. From one activity into another. When managed correctly, the link can grow your business, optimize investment and build better customer experiences. So how do you manage your links correctly? With a link management platform that transforms your links from unwieldy, unreadable pieces of code, to shortened URLs packed with power. A redirect is the most efficient and search engine-friendly method for webpage redirection.

Custom branded domains: If you have multiple custom branded domains, you can decide which one to use for the link. Title: Add a title to every new Bitly links to make sure that your links are organized and searchable. The Back-Half: You can customize the back-half of every Bitly link to reflect the landing page, campaign, brand, product, and more. This is where you can view all of the data behind your customized Bitly links.

You can take a comprehensive look at how different URLs have performed, giving you insight into which one did the best over time. Shortened URLs can help you track customer touchpoints from start to finish. By measuring engagement on each of these touchpoints, you can build a view of how your customers are interacting with your brand as they browse, research, engage, and buy.

That lets you personalize your outreach and target your next campaign, so you can see how each channel is performing, from start-to-finish. Begin creating short links today. Create a Bitly account. Businesses at every stage of their growth rely on our branded short links and powerful analytics to optimize their communication strategies. By submitting my email, I consent to Bitly emailing me marketing communications.

I may opt out at any time. Log in Sign up Get a Quote. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. As you can see, the link is much more manageable to share across channels, plus now you are able to easily measure link performance.

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