How to change the filter on a samsung refrigerator

how to change the filter on a samsung refrigerator

How to Change the Water Filter in a Samsung Twin-Door Refrigerator

It takes a fresh water filter to get fresh, filtered water. Let us show you how to replace the water filter every six months. The Samsung refrigerator's water filter reset light will let you know when those six months are up, and should be reset after changing the filter. Dec 11,  · To change your Samsung refrigerator filter, locate the filter housing in your refrigerator, cut off the water supply and remove the old filter. Then insert the new one, reconnect the water supply, flush through and set reminders for the next change. Enjoy your clean water!

Have you been ignoring the Change Water Filter Indicator on your Samsung refrigerator for a bit too long? Follow these easy step-by-step instructions on how to change a Samsung refrigerator water filter. A clean water filter on your Samsung french door, four flex, or side-by-side refrigerator can make a huge difference in your water quality. Plus, maintaining a what is nz minimum wage water filter prevents how to fund an ira buildup that can lead to a water dispenser or ice maker repair problem down the road.

Samsung has made it simple to change your water filter without technical expertise. Here are step-by-step instructions to get you started. We recommend purchasing the Samsung Factory Water Filter. Avoid the knock-off brands, if possible. They may be cheaper, but the quality is not comparable. For future purchases, we recommend joining the Amazon Subscribe and Save program. Schedule your water filter to automatically ship every five months so you never have to worry about an outdated filter again!

Refrigerator water filters are model number specific, meaning you have to have the correct filter for your refrigerator—not just any water filter will do. Once you install the water filter, it cannot be returned. Most Samsung french door, four flex, and side-by-side refrigerators use water filter part number DAB pictured belowbut use the refrigerator model number to verify the correct filter for your product before making the purchase. Samsung Water filters are good for gallons or 6 months, whichever comes first.

See more specs below:. Your Samsung water filter will come with a new water filter, instructions manual, and filter expiration date reminder stickers.

The water filter on a Samsung side-by-side refrigerator is located in the fresh food side on the right-hand side of the bottom drawer. To prepare the filter for installation, simply remove the plastic wrapper and unscrew the top cap. A prepared filter will look like this…. To install the water filter, turn the filter knob to the left-hand side. You should be able to remove the filter without turning off the water supply. You may hear a pressure noise when the filter locks in place; this is normal.

Count 6 months ahead and place the correct sticker on the filter handle to remember when the filter needs to be replaced, as pictured below. Run 1 gallon of water through the filter. You may hear some air in the lines for seconds.

This is normal. Need help with your Samsung refrigerator water dispenser or ice maker? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Step-by-Step: How to Change the Water Filter on a Samsung Refrigerator Samsung has made it simple to change your water filter without technical expertise.

You can also what does a crown mean on a coat of arms local stores like Lowes, Home Depot, or an appliance parts store near you. Step 2: Verify you have the right part! See more specs below: Your Samsung water filter will come with a new water filter, instructions manual, and filter expiration date reminder stickers.

The water filter location depends on your Samsung refrigerator configuration. Step 4: Prepare the Filter for Installation To prepare the filter for installation, simply remove the plastic wrapper and unscrew the top cap. A prepared filter will look like this… Step 5: Install the Samsung Water Filter To install the water filter, turn the filter knob to the left-hand side. Step 6: Purge 1 Gallon of Water Run 1 gallon of water through the filter.

Discard the water. Now your water dispenser is ready for use! Share this post. He has more than 25 years experience in the appliance repair industry.

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How to Change the Water Filter on a Samsung Refrigerator

Sep 10,  · *Water filter location may vary by modelLearn how to replace the water filter on your Samsung French Door RefrigeratorBuy The Samsung Refrigerator Water Filt. Jul 22,  · Shut off the water source to your refrigerator, most likely under your kitchen sink. Locate the filter compartment in the bottom right-hand section of the door's interior. Remove the vegetable bin if necessary for access. To remove old filter, grasp the ridge on the outward surface.

I have dabbled in home improvement projects and like giving advice to others on what not to do. Ah, the dreaded "dead filter" icon—a glaring red symbol disfiguring the elegant face of your Samsung refrigerator.

You could ignore it; it won't hurt the refrigerator. But, who knows what could be swimming around inside that kludged filter? Besides, the thing is like a chipped tooth; you just can't ignore it. If you are like me, you might feel a little intimidated by the prospect of changing the filter. Fear not.

I'll show you how. So, if you have another model, the details may differ a bit. Although, some things, like the advisability of shutting off the water to the unit first, are universal. First, the replacement filter. You may find one as nearby as your local home-improvement store.

But you won't find the best deal there. I think that the absolute best prices are at specialty sites, but I went with Amazon. I saved more by buying a three-pack. You need to know the part number. You are looking at the bottom of the right-hand refrigerator section of the unit, with the door open. The vegetable bin at the very bottom has been removed and you are looking at the top of the filter facing you on the lower right.

That's where they hide the thing. Find your water shut-off valve and shut the water off. Remember to shut off the water. That blurry, blobby thing in the middle of the photo above is a shut-off valve.

Look for yours. This one is under my kitchen sink, and that's a popular location. But look for likely candidates, turn them off, and check whether the water dispenser is still doing its thing. If not, you are clear for take-off. If worse comes to worst, you can always turn the water off at the meter.

This is easy but may require a special tool. Removing the old filter and installing the new one is easy. Removing the filter is—as the kids say—crazy simple. Just grasp the ridge on the outward surface. It should be vertical, which is the 'locked' position. Turn one-quarter turn counter-clockwise so the top moves to the left , and pull it out. The instructions note that hard water may leave deposits that make the filter hard to turn or remove. The recommended remedy: Use more force. To install the new filter, simply reverse the steps.

Let the water run for 30 seconds to remove air and impurities. Once you've installed the new filter and replaced the vegetable bin , there's just one major step. Run the water dispenser for 30 seconds or more the official video below says five minutes to purge any air or impurities that may have gotten into the system. In my case, quite a lot of air got in there, spraying me with water when I first ran the dispenser. Better you than your dinner guest! Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

I have a filter that I can't budge, it won't turn or come out, tried several times with force. We've had the refrigerator awhile and usually change out the filter when the water starts to taste funny. We have replaced the ice machine motor at one time a few years ago because it stopped making ice.

Hi, Angela--yes, the light is supposed to stay on. But it should turn blue when the filter is replaced and the lines purged, from the red color indicating the need for a filter change. I don't know why you haven't seen the indicator turn red. Have you had the refrigerator long? I'm guessing 'yes' since you say that it's the same model--and that model is no longer anything close to new.

And do you change the filter regardless? Do you have any other reason for concern about the water quality, or the operation of the frig? If so, there are quite a few options for having the water tested that you could pursue. I noticed in your success photo, the filter light was still on? Is it supposed to still stay on? I have the same model refrigerator but my filter light has never turned red Perhaps you don't, if it's never caused you problems.

To be honest, I never checked the necessity of that step, assuming that not doing so created the danger of leakage.

But perhaps there's a check valve built in to the fixture that renders that unnecessary. But I'm curious; if you've already done this many times, what prompted you to read an article on how to it? Why must I shut off the water source to the dispenser? I've changed it many times and never knew to do that. Well, that's a new one on me, Doris.

If it is truly 'hot'--not just warmish--then you may have a really serious problem, and I'd find a repair shop, fast. For instance, there is a 'showroom mode' that does that; it may also be possible that the temperature was reset too high. Consult your manual on settings; if you don't have a paper copy, you should be able to download it from the Samsung website. There's a label on the frig giving the model number; use that to make sure you have the right manual. Say, a half hour? I don't believe there's any separate refrigeration for the water; I think it works off the main coils that cool the refrigerator itself.

If that's right, then after a half hour, you'll probably notice that the main part of the frig isn't cooling, either. That is, you'll notice it's warming up. If you can't identify a problem with settings, as in step 1, then you'll likely have to call a repair shop.

The short answer is, I can't tell for sure. First question: is the cartridge now leaking water? If not, that's clearly hopeful. If it is, then obviously it's now bad and needs to be replaced. Second thing: either way, turn off the water, and see if you can remove the filter--by which I mean 'remove it in one piece. If it comes out, but in two pieces, then you need a new filter, of course, but at least you know where you are.

And hopefully, you'll have no trouble with the reinstall. On the other hand, if it doesn't want to come out--I'm imagining a scenario here where the exterior part of the filter just spins--then you have the choice of attempting to remove the bits separately, DIY style, or calling a repair shop.

I hesitate to recommend the first option, as there's considerable potential downside. Third thing: if the filter does come out in one piece, give it a good inspection to see if you can spot any damage. Look carefully, and think hard about what you see. If you have another filter handy, you may want to compare the two. So if there's 1 no leakage, 2 the filter comes out OK, 3 looks all right under inspection, and 4 goes back in OK and locks in place as it is supposed to do , then I'd say you've dodged the bullet on this little incident.

Thanks for the reply. He still hasn't tried anything because he's waiting for "Dad" to come down and take care of it! I thought the same, some type of narrow tweezers or long nose vice grips. Possibly a stiff wire bent in to a minnie hook on the end. I'll report the results when I do it. Thanks again. Hi, Al. My guess would be that the filter isn't seated correctly. I'd try removing and then reinstalling it.

You should be able to feel it click into place. If you're sure it's installed correctly and is fully seated in place, and there's still no flow, reinstall the old filter to see if that restores the flow. If it does, then you have good reason to believe that there's a problem with the new filter itself.

One last caveat: allow time for any air in the filter and tubing to be expelled. But it's also possible that something else has coincidentally gone wrong at the same time--it does happen sometimes, and when it does it can be pretty crazy-making.


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