How to calculate pediatric dosing

how to calculate pediatric dosing

Pediatric Dosage Calculations

Safe pediatric dosages can be calculated from adult doses based on childís weight in kilograms. It is important to note whether the dosage starts from the daily dose or the dose per administration. Child dose by weight = (mg/day) = Adult Dose in mg/kg or mg/kg/day x Child Weight in kg. Step 1. Calculate the dose in mg: 18 kg ? mg/kg/day = mg/day Step 2. Divide the dose by the frequency: mg/day ? 1 (daily) = mg/dose Step 3. Convert the mg dose to mL.

Chemotherapeutic drugs are calculatd dosed according to body surface area, which requires an extra verification step BSA calculation prior to dosing. Medications are available in multiple concentrations, therefore orders written in "mL" rather than "mg" are not acceptable and require further clarification.

Dosing also varies by indication, therefore diagnostic information is helpful when calculating doses. The following examples are typically encountered when dosing medication in children. Example 1. Calculate the dose of amoxicillin suspension in mLs for otitis media for a 1-yr-old child weighing 22 lb. Example 2. Calculate the dose of ceftriaxone in mLs for meningitis for a 5-yr-old weighing 18 kg.

Example 3. Calculate the dose pediartic vincristine in mLs for a 4-yr-old with leukemia weighing 37 how to calculate pediatric dosing and is 97 cm tall.

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Pediatric Dosage Calculations Pediatric Dosage Calculations Most drugs in children are dosed according to body weight (mg/kg) or body surface area (BSA) (mg/m2). Care must be taken to properly convert body weig ht from pounds to kilograms (1 kg= lb) before calculating doses based on body weight. Nov 05, †∑ Calculating Dosage Using Body Weight Method For example, if a dosage range of 10 t0 30mg/kg of body weight is a safe dosage range and the child weighs 20 kg, Solve for X by dividing each side of the equation by 1 (canceling the units that are Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. Calculate the dose of amoxicillin suspension in mLs for otitis media for a 1-yr-old child weighing 22 lb. The dose required is 40 mg/kg/day divided BID and the suspension comes in a concentration of mg/5 mL. Example 2. Calculate the dose of ceftriaxone in .

This pediatric dose calculator is also able to compute the quantity of solution to be administered both daily and per dose , given the pediatric dosage required.

To embed this calculator, please copy this code and insert it into your desired page:. Then you can click on the Print button to open a PDF in a separate window with the inputs and results. You can further save the PDF or print it. There are several methods available for estimating pediatric dosages, the most commonly used being dosing according to body weight or body surface area BSA.

The following table summarizes the main administration frequencies, as commonly found on prescriptions:. Children tend to me more at risk of medication overdose, toxic reactions, morbidity and mortality given that their physiological processes e.

Typically, hepatic and renal function in young infants presents a slower metabolism and excretion. Once an adolescent attains a weight of 50 kg appx lbs or greater, standard adult dosage may be prescribed. It is important to note whether the dosage starts from the daily dose or the dose per administration.

Child doses calculated by weight in some cases may lead to underdosage, whereas, dosages calculated by BSA give a higher value, and a better quality study. After the age of 1 year, organ growth and physiological function conform more accurately to BSA than body weight. Chemotherapeutic drugs are commonly dosed according to body surface area, method which requires an extra verification step BSA calculation prior to dosing. This rule is not to be used in nfants and some consideration must be taken for growth variability at any given age.

Therefore, for this method, the weight of the child is considered in lbs not kilograms. Nursing pharmacology and therapeutics. Breslow K. The pediatric radiopharmaceutical dose. Radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine Practice. Radiopharmaceuticals in pediatrics.

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