How to become a subway franchise

how to become a subway franchise

Own A Franchise

Become a part of the SUBWAY® family by owning a restaurant franchise. View available SUBWAY® franchises for sale and learn about the next steps to owning your future! Subway®franchise owners possess an entrepreneurial spirit and are committed to building a successful business. If you're a hard worker, are disciplined and understand the art and science of being a confident leader, let us help make your dream of business ownership a reality. Becoming a franchise owner. From application to opening day. Apply Now.

Are you also self-driven and self-sufficient? Are you ready to be involved in the day-to-day operations? Can you assess a situation and make a decision independently? Are you interested in building something to pass on to your family? All Rights Reserved. In-Store Pickup. Curbside Pickup. Location Delivery. To find out more about the cookies on our website, please see our Cookie Policy. Allow Do Not Allow. Back Nutrition. Back Catering. Back Responsibility. How to get a creditcard you're a hard worker, are disciplined and understand the art and science of being a confident leader, let us help make your dream of business ownership a reality.

Becoming a franchise owner From application to opening day. Close Modal X. Do you have what it takes? Can you model strong work ethic? Will you inspire your team to work together? Can you resolve issues on your own within a set of guidelines and rules? Do you like to spend time interacting with guests and employees?

Do you take measured risks with confidence? Do you have a personal code of ethics? In your opinion, is the guest always right? Back to Top. Order how you want, where you want. What else do you wanna know? Get Email Deals. Select your order type : In-Store Pickup.


To get started, a Subway franchise costs $15, for the franchise fee (in the USA and Canada). The total investment is estimated between $,$, in the USA and $,$, in Canada. Subway franchisees pay % every week (8% royalties, % advertising). Total Investment $, - $, Oct 18,  · The first step to owning a franchise is completing the Subway franchise application on the company’s website. You’ll be required to fill out financial information including your liabilities (loans, mortgages and debts) and your individual net worth. They’ll also ask you about your income streams and your business and restaurant experience. Aside from being a proven business with a low start-up cost, SUBWAY® is continually ranked the #1 Franchise*. Find out how SUBWAY® is the right fit for you. Attend a Seminar. Franchising FAQs. Your Next Steps. You like what you see, but now want to get started. Learn the .

Whether you simply have a passion for foot-long sandwiches or you are looking to become your own boss, a Subway franchise offers a lot of freedom without any of the headaches of starting your own restaurant from scratch. You can fill out this form online. Pay a visit to the bank and explore your options for a business loan.

Subway also works with companies that provide financing for new franchisees, so inquire about their finance programs. Choosing a location is a very important part of having a successful Subway franchise. Subway has a site selection team that helps you determine the best location.

They even have local development agents who specialize in each area. You have two options: You can buy a plot of land and build your Subway, or you can lease one.

Subway claims that its objective is to help you secure the best location at the best price with your landlord. Unlike launching a new restaurant, Subway has procedures for ordering food and equipment.

It sure beats finding your own wholesaler. This exam evaluates your general skills related to workplace employment and performance. Each week, franchisees are responsible for paying the company Some of this goes toward franchise royalties, and the rest goes toward advertising, but this is a good thing. You can avoid all the headaches with launching a franchise from scratch by simply buying an already-existing Subway franchise. Subway has an online map of restaurants for sale in your area that can help you pick which restaurant would best suit your needs.

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