How to become a gym leader in pokemon diamond

how to become a gym leader in pokemon diamond

What Does it Take to be a Pokemon Gym Leader?

Diamond/Pearl Gym leaders& Elite Four. Diamond/Pearl. Gym leaders& Elite Four. Following the tried-and-tested Pokemon formula, in Diamond/Pearl you battle your way through 8 gyms, each specialising in a particular type. Following that you take on the Elite Four and the Champion. Well, you know what you have to do: Raise a team of Pokemon capable of defeating the eight regional Gym Leaders to gain access to the Elite Four. Beat them and the Champion, and you will be Pokemon master. Maybe you didnít want to be Pokemon master. Maybe you wanted to be a Gym Leader instead, guarding the gates to the Elite ctcwd.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Congratulations on being appointed to defend the Little Cup City Gym! Though you may see yourself as a fearsome warrior prepared to safeguard the reputation of the Little Cup City Gym, you don't even know the first thing to becoming a satisfactory, much less an exceptional, How to pull a mane on horse Leader.

That's where we step in. We will begin with a lesson on combat within the confines of Little Cup City. Considering your lack of Gym Leader knowledge, as well as the abundance of inexperienced trainers who will be challenging you, perhaps a Normal-type team would suit you best.

Overheat Fletchling is near essential to a Normal-type Gym Leader team, as both Pawniard and Magnemite can have a field day against this sort of team. This set functions as a fantastic lure for opposing Steel-types and still poses a threat to any team thanks to Swords Dance and Gale Wings Acrobatics.

U-turn allows Fletchling to pivot out of unfavorable matchups and into another Normal-type with the appropriate coverage move for the situation.

Mixed attacking Fletchling results in a rather intricate EV spread and nature, as to not diminish any of its attacking power nor Speed. Aipom provides a Normal-type Gym Leader with a solid means of revenging foes, as well as breaking down any opposing walls.

Obviously, this is quite the feat for a Normal-type team. Due to Fletchling's and Aipom's inability to switch into a plethora of strong attackers, Porygon serves as a fantastic blanket check to some of Little Cup City's most fearsome attackers.

An offensively oriented set suits this Normal-type offense quite well, as a Download-boasted Tri Attack can severely dent any potential switch-in. Psychic nails Gastly, Croagunk, and Foongus, among others. Taillow completes one of the fearsome "Bird Spam" cores alongside Fletchling, busting through the various checks the two have in common with LO-boosted Brave Birds and Boombursts. Scrappy Boomburst allows Taillow to easily combat Gastly, which is otherwise quite troublesome for a Normal-type team should it be allowed to set up a Substitute.

Pursuit can net damage on any foes trying to escape a Boomburst, namely Gastly and Abra. Heat Wave puts a solid dent in opposing Steel-types, most notably Pawniard, Magnemite, and Ferroseed. If you thought Porygon was a good blanket check, Lickitung is going to blow your mind. Though it may appear odd that Lickitung doesn't carry any STAB moves, its main purpose is to hit the things it needs to super effectively. The EVs and nature maximize Zigzagoon's Attack, as well as fill out its bulk in order to potentially set up a Belly Drum on some not-so-free turns.

Thief is necessary for nabbing Ghost-types, which are immune to Extreme Speed, as well as plucking an item off of a foe after Zigzagoon consumes its Berry Juice. CasedVictory's Gym Leader Tip: It is essential to utilize this team aggressively, taking advantage of an opponent's attempt to conserve their Normal-type answers to overwhelm them.

You'll be rewarded for playing in a ballsy manner. Should any further questions arise regarding this topic, consult Old Man Macle, who resides amongst the lilypads with his family of Poliwags.

Although one's battling capabilities are important, a Gym Leader's style and flair are essential to maintaining an image of dominance and authority. Luckily for you, our team of expert fashionistas has designed an appropriate image for the team above, as well as the respective Gym's Badge.

Scrap those Ralph Lauren polo shirts and toss those Gucci belts in the trash. THIS is high fashion, especially when paired with the behemoth that is the aforementioned Normal-type team. Gaze upon those comfy, easy-to-wear shorts. Look at how they showcase those dazzling calf muscles you've so passionately honed within your How to buy byd stock. The shades of blue found in the hat, shorts, and shoes truly make the indigo in your eyes sparkle.

This stylish combination of clothing is the epitome of both fresh and formidable. But what Gym Badge could possibly match this outfit oh-so perfectly? How about this design, which we've entitled "Click X". Masquerading as a prize, this Gym Badge will simply remind your opponent that they got extremely lucky in defeating you and there are seven more Gym Leaders ahead waiting to crush their challengers' spirits. They should probably just forfeit now, right?

Following one's attire, a Gym Leader must speak to challengers in an appropriate manner and interact with them prior to and during the match in a suitable fashion. As a Gym Leader, it is only fitting how to make a new long distance relationship work you continually remind your opponent how inferior they are in comparison to yourself.

How to stop tattle telling example:. Imagine being Canadian and slightly overweight. Imagine you've been trying to grow out a sweet handlebar mustache to impress that new girl at work.

How much do these comments sting? This is the type of dominance you need to assert over your opponent throughout a challenge. Remind them who daddy is. You read the article; conclude it yourself. Problem solving's a nifty skill to have. Art by Ssensenh. Privacy Policy.

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Like most Pokemon Games, you must defeat eight Pokemon Gyms in order to face the Pokemon League in Pokemon Diamond. Pokemon Diamond Gym Leaders: First Gym: The first gym is found in Oreburgh City. The Gym Leader is Roark, a Rock-Type Pokemon User. Roark - Level 12 Geodude, Level 12 Onix, and Level 14 Cranidos. The gym operates around a system in which you have to find a path to the leader by altering the water levels, by pressing different coloured buttons. Green= No Water, Orange= Medium Water, and Blue= Top Level Water. Crasher Wake has a Quagsire, Floatzel and Gyarados in the battle, with Floatzel being at the highest level (Level 30). For Pokemon Diamond Version on the DS, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do you get to the 8th gym leader?".

Maybe you wanted to be a Gym Leader instead, guarding the gates to the Elite Four. Brock chose a poor place to erect his gym. Only poor Charmander and Pikachu have trouble getting past Onix and Geodude.

In the anime, he leaves his gym in the care of his father to adventure with Ash. It sounds like he just inherited it. Along with her sisters, Misty guards the Cascade Badge. She too leaves her post to venture with Ash. They never say how they earned their ranks as Gym Leaders, but it seems to be another family ordeal. Misty, like Brock, is still just a kid. How the hell did they get put in charge of gyms?

In the anime, Sabrina is a sadistic telekinetic who shrinks Ash and friends down to doll size. How does that happen? Blaine is a loony scientist with a Riddler-like personality.

Also, he was one of the leading Rocket scientists in their efforts to clone Mew. Giovanni is the long-mysterious eighth Gym Leader of Kanto. So, to become a Gym Leader, you either have to inherit it from a family member or take it by force as a member of a crime syndicate. Whichever is easier. Glen Miller received his B. His work has appeared in the issue of The Ohio River Review as well as on humor website Cracked. Glen has experience writing, editing, and workshopping short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, essays, articles, plays, screenplays, and novellas.

He is currently a weekly contributor to Unrealitymag. Glen currently lives in Evansville, IN, with his pet computer. Actually you can take it by force, but no need to be a part of an evil organization, also you can build a new gym, thus becoming the leader right off the bat. I will play your game Glen Miller.

My favorite is probably Sabrina. In the manga you had to go through an exam process to become a gym leader one of which was a timed battle. Red was originally going to become a gym leader and was taking the exam but left in the middle of it thus letting Blue take and pass the exam. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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