How to be a good step mom

how to be a good step mom

11 Hard Truths About Being A Stepmom

Aug 02, †∑ 2. There cannot be two sets of rules Ė daddy rules and wicked stepmother rules Ė you and your spouse should communicate regularly and have a united set of family rules that everyone lives by. 3. Do not try to compete with them- Reviews: Dec 17, †∑ Being a stepmom is hard. If youíre wondering how to be a good stepmom and avoid being some sort of Disney villain in your step childís mind, youíre starting from a good place. Know that you have a long road ahead of you, and it is going to be full of twists and turns. Most stepmoms have a lot of conflicting feelings about their role.

One minute you are cool, the next you are unfriended or simply disregarded. Here are 5 tips that can help. You may be branded as the questionable adult in the room with little to no parental power. Did you b up the marriage? Being a stepmom is one of the most challenging roles a woman can take on. So how do you survive being a stepmom and what are some ways to be successful and have a positive effect ve the children that you are now helping to nurture and raise?

Stepmoms can be an integral and important part of the family ecosystem. They are in a unique position to boost the family with a focused, supportive, loving additional adult in the life stepp a child. The exposure to conflict and parents acrimony is tough enough on how to get rid of a bruse adding another angry adult can be devastating and immensely confusing to a child.

Stepmoms can either add to that inflammatory and damaging brawl or can be the extinguisher that dampens the flame and settles the discord. I should know, I was a bonus mom to two little girls who have grown into two beautiful, accomplished and courageous women.

My husband and I are the proud parents of a blended family which includes stepchildren, adopted how to be a good step mom and biological children. At the end of hw day, we raised 6 amazing children and even better we are grandparents to 12, one more due any day now. Where are you on the coParenting journey? On May 27, blended familychild wellbeingstepmomsstepparents. About Hon. Sherrill Ellsworth RET. Judge Sherrill Hwo. After 20 years on the bench and more than 30 years in the field, she has earned a reputation for being a straightforward, no-nonsense, fair judicial officer.

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Invest in your marriage.

Nov 21, †∑ When you continue to do things that fill your cup, naturally youíre in a better mental state. Straight up, you need to be mentally strong to thrive amongst the extra stress that comes with being a stepmom. Thatís not my opinion. Thatís a fact.

There are weird looks. Automatic judgements. Clear tension. People get uncomfortable. For all the unsuspecting woman out there that chose to be stepmoms, you are in a tough role! There are so many times that stepmoms have to take a backseat or need to step back for the good of the kids.

Stepmoms easily become the target for all kinds of problems and issues that we may not even be responsible for. The real truth is, your husband will never understand fully, unless he is a stepdad himself. Stepmom, someone, somewhere, somehow, will always be upset or unhappy about something going on in your blended family.

Usually the people most upset are not even step-parents themselves. Figures, right? This is one of the biggest mistakes I made as a new stepmom. Taking care of them, making sure their needs are met, spending quality time with them. It is perfectly acceptable to tell your husband that he needs to take care of the kids one evening while you go out with your girlfriends. Get connected with other stepmoms! This will be a lifesaver. I promise the feelings you are having other stepmoms have too!

They may not understand perfectly, but they do love you and can be a great support for your family. This stepmom advice often gets a lot of push back. In fact, I think I pushed back on it myself as a new stepmom. You want to be a part of your family. It will do nothing except frustrate you. Let them continue. Sure, they may fight over every little thing, but guess what? This is one situation where you can sit back and enjoy some peace. This is an added responsibility that can eventually frustrate you.

In a blended family, there will always be something to argue about. Like I said before, someone is bound to be unhappy about something. Did you get an angry text from the ex? Will responding really make anything better? Or should you just ignore it for the best interest of the family? If you really do need to have this battle, take a pause before you respond. Responding quickly is often from the point of anger and you may say something you regret. Even if you think she is completely out there and has no basis in reality, try to put yourself in her shoes.

Bio mom is still a real person with real feelings. Allow your stepkids to decide how much they want you in their lives. Stepkids are in a tough spot. They deal with constant change and transition between two homes. Even visits likely change a lot, depending on the custody agreement. Rules are often different at each place. People are different. Give them a break. Treat them well, but let them come to you.

Give yourself some grace. Let go of trying to control every little thing. Make the best choice you can and if you make a mistake, then you learn for the future. Support and take care of your family in the best way you can. Each blended family is very uniquely different, so what works for you may not work for someone else. Search for:. Step-parenting is HARD!

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click the link, I may receive compensation at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. HERE is my full disclosure. Invest in your marriage. My answer? Who cares. Take time for self care. The problem is that you forget about YOU.

Find a good support system. Choose your battles wisely. If you can, wait a day or two until you are calmer, then have the discussion. Be confident. You know what works best. Be uniquely you. You might also enjoy: updated on February 7, February 7, Read More.


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