Gears of war glitches how to

gears of war glitches how to

Boom Shield

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This article should be Gearsfied to fit within the style of Gearspedia. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and How to edit a page. Bearing the Locust insignia, it consisted of a central oval-shaped body with four retractable plates. The Boom Shield protected the user from head-on damage caused by bullets and explosions.

The shield itself was highly resistant to damage, capable of taking direct hits from the Boomshot Grenade Launcherthe Booshka Grenade Launchergeara Bolo Grenades without any loss of usability. The Boom Shield was mainly used and dropped by Maulersbut Drones and Gears are capable of using the shield as well.

Maulers, Drones and Gears will crouch behind the shield as a form of mobile cover, reducing exposure to damage, albeit severely limiting movement speed. While the Mauler can use an explosive flail in conjunction with the shield, Drones and Gears are limited to using only pistols, such as the Gorgon Burst Pistolthe Snub Pistol and the Boltok Pistol. Users can still use melee attacks and obtain ammo.

Boom Shields can be dropped by switching weapons in the inventory away from the pistol. Boom Shields also protect the user against Razorhail. A player will automatically lift the shield when in Razorhail; however, the player cannot use any weapon while using the shield against Razorhail.

The Boom Shield has yo unique execution when a player presses 'Y' near a downed enemy. The shield also allows use of a pistol's zoom capability. Boom Shields are not limited to use as personal shields; they can be planted into the what are the effects of emotional abuse, creating cover for any player.

Players can take cover on both sides of the Boom Shield at the same time. Unlike regular cover, players can move over the Boom Shield even if a player is taking cover on the other side. However, Boom Shields planted into the ground can be kicked down, even if a player is taking cover behind it.

Possessing a Boom Shield does not make any character impervious to all damage. Shield users are vulnerable from the sides, back, and the feet, which are not protected in any way from gunfire. Mortars are capable of bypassing the Boom Shield by raining down bombshells from above. Bolo Grenades can kill shield users if they explode behind the user. The One-Shot heavy sniper platform can penetrate clean gear the shield and eliminate the threat s behind it. Players also suffer sar decrease in mobility as their walking and turning speed decreases, and are incapable of performing combat rolls or moving into or over cover.

However, players still retain the ability to Roadie Runthough at a reduced speed. The shields that the Mauler Elite 's use act as guns in a sense.

Whenever the player is shot at, the player can aim at the enemies and kill them with the enemy's own bullets. A common tactic in Horde mode is to collect Boom Shields from dead Maulers and use them to block entrances into the player's safe zone.

Boom Shields must be picked up at the beginning of every round to prevent it from disappearing, although it does not have to be replanted into the ground to prevent it from disappearing.

Due to a glittches, the Boom Shield can now be kicked down no matter which direction it is facing. It is advised to plant them with small spaces in between the shield and cover or another shield. This allows the smaller enemies to slip through to be killed by aar while the Boomers are rendered immobile in front of the shields. However, the Mauler is able to harm or kill players with its flail, regardless of the presence of a Boom Shield or not.

The Boomers are only rendered immobile and can still attack with an explosive flail or any ranged weapon. The Mauler wields the Waf Shield and an explosive flail.

A good strategy with the Boomshield Only possible if you're glitchse locally or if you have a Mic would to be have an ally stand behind the Mauler; this will reduce the damage that he takes and allows them to advance more easily, while retaining the ability to shoot. If you are glitchees on health however, it's good to hold the shield down and stand next to cover. The Boom Shield is the cause of many glitches. As of Title Update 2, the barrier glitch has been fixed.

As of Title Update 3, the glitch enabling players to wield a two-handed weapon with the Boom Shield has also been fixed, as well as the balcony glitch on Day One. However, the Blood Drive glitch may still work. In Horde mode, you can use the shield to block enemies like Boomers or Bloodmounts from getting into your location. The down side is that you can't get ammo and you need to pick it up after every wave or it vanishes. There is also a very useful glitch with the Boom Shield on the map Day One.

If you obtain a Boom Shield and then go to the balcony above the arcade, then you can plant it on one of the balconies corners that have no cover geare jump over it to get off the balcony.

This glitch is a useful way as an escape route. It is possible for a player to wield the Boom Shield with a weapon other than pistols. Note that years sniper scope and the Hammerburst scope can not be used with the Boom Shield, as it will not zoom, and the aim will not be calibrated. This can be especially useful as it lures enemies to attack you, but they will not be dealing any damage because they cannot see the shield.

This is extremely hated by gamers, who usually file a complaint after the match. However, this glitch is widely accepted by players in Horde mode, since you are not facing players but AI. Some how to draw a daisy players have been known to teach newer players to use this glitch in Horde as it will not only give the squad an advantage but will also increase the survivability of someone who's new to Horde.

Players are still advised to avoid using this glitch in matchmaking and keep it isolated to Horde mode. In Gears of War: Judgment ; it is possible to pick up a how to use caps lock, or a how to recover old email password, and wield two-handed weapons, to make up for the inability of having a sidearm as a third weapon being removed. Special melees, like the chainsaw and bayonet, are disabled, and two-handed weapon accuracy decreases.

Second zoom gow two handed weapons Longshot, Hammerburst, etc. During matchmaking, the doors at the rear of Pavilion are usually closed, creating fair gameplay as well as a safe place to spawn. The door glitch involves getting the Boom Shield from the middle spawn point and placing ohw directly in lf of the door. You can then mantle over the shield, through the door, and into the enemy spawn point. This is extremely useful and extremely annoying in gametypes like Guardian.

A new glitch has arisen with Title Update 3. Players who pick up a Boom Shield may encounter a glitch in which they pick up a second shield after dropping or planting the first into the ground. This second Boom Shield stays attached to the player's left arm, and can be seen by others. The player can use other weapons with this second shield attached, but it does not act as a shield.

It does not block damage, but bullets will still make the deflection noises when they hit the second Boom Shield. The second shield does get in the way of a player's aim by blocking a portion of the zoom screen. If a player picks up a Mulcher or Mortar and drops it, they cannot pick it back up. The shield will randomly disappear in battle.

Currently, it is unknown of how to get rid of the second Boom Shield glitch other than glitcnes dying, as well as what causes the glitch and why and when it disappears. However, this only works in custom matches.

You can also use this glitch on Fuel Station as well as in a custom match if you place the shield in between the fence at the top of the lift. You can use it like the balcony glitch on Day One, However, if not placed right, this can lead to a quick death. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Jan 02, Earlier today I was in a master Horde game. However when I loaded in the game the difficulty was set to Beginner but the modifiers were set to Master. I leveled my Architect from level So theres definitely an exploit here people are abusing. I tried asking the Host to explain themselves but they basically said its a glitch and was not explaining how its done. Does anyone know how this. 6/17/10 AM. WonderHowTo. The runaway chainsaw family of glitches for Gears of War 2 enable the player to chainsaw a target to death instantly, without having to wait through the tedious process of watching their victim being sawed in half vertically. This video will teach you how to use the glitch in multiplayer, whether hosting or not.

This article should be Gearsfied to fit within the style of Gearspedia. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and How to edit a page.

While holding the Left-Stick in the direction of the inter-switchable wall, press A. While in the process of pressing A, guide the Left-Stick downward a quarter-circle. If you perform the glitch correctly, you player will seem to be walking, at the speed of running.

Some people refer to this stance as looking like a bull or crab, earning the nicknames "roadie running" or "crab walking". When one crab walks, they can run in any direction and fire any weapon without stopping, thus making killing or downing people extremely easy. Caution: While you are crab walking you will be susceptible to becoming stuck on the wall you performed the original glitch upon. To cancel the glitch, simply press B melee , or A dive. Although diving will cause your player to become stuck on the nearest wall, as well.

In order for you to attempt at this glitch, the weapon you wish to slide must be near a wall. Your player will pick up the weapon while "sliding" on that wall. Caution: While performing this glitch, you are still sesceptible to attack since you are out of cover your character is standing up while picking up the weapon.

Weapon Slide Two - The more effective "weapon slide" of Gears Of War 1, you won't need to be in cover of a wall to perform this glitch at first. Unfortunately, you still need a wall to slide into.

If performed correctly, your character will run into cover of the wall, while picking up your weapon of choice. To other characters, you will seem to ignore the weapon completely.

This "weapon slide" is much more useful, since your character never goes through the motions of picking up the weapon on other character screeens. Chainsaw Glitch - This one is easy. Then after roll in any direction. You know you got this glitch right if you chainsaw someone and you start walking and then when you roll, blood will start spewing out of your chainsaw.

Kung-Fu Flip - This glitch is very hard. Then, Hop over the wall. You know you have the first part because if you try to hop over a wall and then flick down your character will hop halfway over the wall.

The second part is after you mastered the flicking down part you have to press B and then A. Press A quickly after B. You know you have preformed the glitch when your character does a back roll in the air. Invisible Man Glitch - This glitch is very simple yet pointless. While holding L push down on the right control stick and press B at the same time. If your character suddenly disappears and there are floating weapons where your character is supposed to be you did the glitch right.

But other people don't see you invisible on there screen. Shotgun Chainsaw Glitch - For this glitch you need to swap any weapon for your shotgun. When you do that take out your chainsaw gun and press B and X at the same time over a shotgun. You'll swap your chainsaw gun with your shotgun and your shotgun will be held up like it is when you hold B with a Lancer. Keep holding B until You find someone when you do walk into them and it will show them in the animation of being chainsawed but they wont die.

But after and anytime you want switch to a different weapon and they will blowup into guts and die from you. Wall-sniping Corner Sniping - This Glitch will help a lot when it comes to sniping. This is basically when you Snipe around a corner without showing your head. This is generally frowned upon in Sniping Matches and is a cheap tactic.

Skydive - To do this one you have to be on the left side of a car on gridlock. The car is white and has a back to it. Anyway, to do this pull your pistol out and take cover on that side of the car. Then Hold B and press A three times quickly. After if your body is running in place then you got the glitch. Wait two minutes and fifteen seconds. Then after press B and roll backwards and your body should launch in the air. Chainsaw Yourself - Before you pick up a weapon, hit B then while you are meleeing press X to pick up a lancer.

As you are halfway through a melee attack you will chainsaw yourself. You will not die but blood will appear to fly out of you. Levitation - To do this glitch you need to be crabwalking. Then you need to go in a corner and role to the side Depending on witch side the wall is on For example. On Gridlock in the middle tower there is a corner by the stairs. While crabwalking go in the coner and roll to the left or right. If your character looks like they're on cover but flying in the air then you got the glitch.

To do this you have to down a teammate with a lancer and revive them as soon as they go down. Then on their screen there person is downed but sliding and your screen is blood red. It will be easier to execute if the game is some what laggy. To do the jetpack, have the "surfer" move to a spot in which he can mount up onto higher ground back of trucks, and other such places and reapeatedly tap a, and they will start to float upwards.

In Execution, it's possible to do this glitch with a friend and be able to glitch onto tall buildings. Fire Fly Glitch - To do this glitch you have to be in a player match. The map needs to be War Machine and there as to be a hammer of dawn swapped at any weapon. Pick up the hammer of dawn and stand near the trokia turret. Press X and RT at the same time. When you get off the turret you should here a noise a Hammer of dawn makes when it doesn't have a signal. Then after, switch to any of your guns and it will shoot very rapidly.

But on your screen you can't see it, and no one can see it unless you shoot one bullet. Super Jump - This glitch is pretty hard. When you are crabwalking sometimes you get stuck in your own glitch and you cant move. To do the long jump you need to get stuck in a crabwalk and take cover on a wall that you can jump over. Super Crabwalk - In order to do this glitch, you must start the skydive glitch.

After you melee and do the back roll, wait a split-second, and mount back into the position you were at. If done correctly you will be mounted in cover while falling down from the sky.

Just tap forward and A and your character will be in the glitch when they hit the ground. Note that you wont be able to move in the air after you jump out of cover. The easiest spot to do this at, is the back of the truck in gridlock, mainly because you don't need to forcemount onto the cover to start skydiving.

Ride the Train -To do this glitch you need to force mount on top of the bars above the train tracks. Walk through walls"Flank" this glitch allows you to walk through a wall only on the map Pavilion. The wall beside of where you spawn in a Multiplayer match, the walls or doors are sealed.

By getting the boomshield, you can take the boomshield, set it on the outside of the wall, and take cover in front of it. Fall Through the Level: Note that this only works in levels with open backed trucks like Gridlock and Clocktower.

Take cover behind an open backed truck and shoot a straight line down the middle of the truck with your lancer, than get an active reload while stepping up into the truck. If it works, you should fall through the level and keep going for about 3 minutes.

When you're finished falling Gridlock Only You will teleport you and your team to the planters nearest the truck or you will die. Roadie-Run Glitch: This glitch required a bit of time. When you spawn in Gridlock , go to the planters and step diagonally from the first second or third planter. Then, Aim near the far corner of the planter and chainsaw jump to it.

Once you're floating above the ground and on the wall in cover, look over to the small planters closer to the water and press to switch to that cover. You won't switch to the cover but you will duck instead. When this happens you have done it right. Next hold down the movement button to get off the wall and note that it will take a little while. Once you get off the wall stay away from the small planters near the water and don't go for cover or dive or any action at all.

Once all of these steps have been completed you will be able to run, duck and shoot at the same time. Stuck: This glitch is easily performed using only 2 people. Get into one of the houses in the map River Gears Of War 2 that has an open ceiling. Get one on the edge of the highest point on the edge in it. The other person should be following and throw a smoke grenade at the character which will push or throw him off outside the building, he will then be stuck way out is unknown.

Quick barrier: This is'nt really much of a glitch, more like a flaw. This accures in hord at around the higher waves. You must be at hail and go to the dead end on the 2nd floor where the torque bow usually is.


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